The four Horsemen: walk with Death

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*1000 years later*


The forest was quiet around me. How many years now that I left society to live in the forest? Who was the last person I saw? I knew the answer to the last question. Payne. He was the last here. The presence of Pestilence was the only one I tolerated.

I ruffled my light grey fur and started to march towards the lake. I could use some water. At least, water could not die.

The animals scattered around me and gained their retreats. That was no surprise. They felt Death all over me.

My claws sank into the dirt and worms died as I got annoyed. I was tired of it. It did not bother me to be a wolf. I actually enjoyed it more than being human. People do not prob wolves to talk and I can live quietly in the forest. It was definitely a plus for me. However, I was tired of things dying around me.

The lake was unbothered just like me. It was the perfect mirror of my soul except that mine had maybe more ripples. I killed more as Death than I ever did as Desmond.

A smile appeared on my snout. It has been a long time since I called myself that. I looked at my reflection and saw a wild wolf. I had not bothered to comb my fur in a long time.

I leaned into the water to drink when I heard footsteps behind me. Were humans in the forest? That could be bad. I turned around to look at the intruder and saw to my surprise the Moon Goddess.

She had not changed a bit since the last time I saw her. She was wearing one of her white fluid gowns and her long black hair were flowing softly around her head. Her silver eyes were on me as I bowed my head.

"Desmond." She said. That made me stiff. The last time she used my real name, she cursed me. What would she say now? "It's time. A thousand years have passed since our last encounter. You are now free of the curse."

I felt my human side resurface. It never really left me but I just lost the ability to see my body. It felt weird after all this time.

The Moon Goddess smiled at me as I regained my footing and came closer. She put her warm hand on my head and said.

"Since you are free now. I would suggest to go to America, more precisely Montana. I have a gift there for you."

A gift? What could that be? I looked at her quizzically but she just stepped away and vanished just like she appeared. I reflected on her words and thought why not. It's not like I have anything to do here. Although, there was one thing I wanted to do before going. Time to go back to the city.

*a year later*


"Switchin' the positions for you."

I was singing along the radio in my car as I drove through my territory at night. Nothing could happen to me on our lands so I was not paying attention to my surroundings. I was too focused on the song. I loved Ariana Grande and I intended to live my passion to the fullest.

I was drumming on the wheel and singing like a crazy teenager and I felt good. I had meetings all day for the pack and I had finally some time to relax so I would embrace it.

The road curved and so did the car when I saw a big furry thing.

"Holy shit!"

I shot for the breaks but too late. The car hit the furry monster and sent it flying. I immediately unbuckled and ran to see who I did hit. This furry thing could only be a pack member and I ran over them. You're the best Alpha there is Casey, driving your pack members over. Way to go. I chastised myself as I walked to the light grey fur lying on the ground.

"I'm so sorry! Are you all right? I didn't see you there."

I walked closer and the smell of blood hit me but another scent much sweeter hit me at the same time. Panic surged through me as I recognised the meaning behind this sweet scent. Oh no....

I leaned over and touched the stranger. The tingles shot right through my body making the wolf grunt. I startled and started checking him up for wounds but I saw only cuts that were already healing.

"I'm so sorry! Please let me help you."

I helped him sit up and our eyes met. Icy blues against hazel green. Mate. My wolf was doing the happy dance in my head and a smile naturally graced my lips while the other wolf remained stern. He had to be feeling it too though. Why was he not reacting?

I put my hand on his huge head and he half closed his eyes to enjoy it. That is when his size finally hit me. He was much bigger than any werewolf I had ever seen and I was an Alpha which made me the top dog normally. Who was this guy? How did he end up here? He was not a pack member that was for sure.

"Do you mind shifting big guy? That way I can see how much damage I did. I'll bring you to my pack doctor and it would be easier if you're not in wolf form. You would never fit inside my car like this." I chuckled and the wolf seemed perplexed but he finally obliged.

The familiar crack of bones and skin remodelling made me anxious for the first time. What would my mate look like? I was like a kid on Christmas day. I could not wait to see him.

Where the beautiful light grey wolf stood, was now a tall man. He had tattoos all over his arms and chest and I could see that they were running on his back as well. He was heavily muscled as if he had trained his whole life. His muscles were toned and defined. He looked like a Greek God gym addict. I could not help to run my tongue on my lips. He was gorgeous from the v on his lower belly to his six-pack and muscled pec.

I lifted my gaze higher to meet icy blue eyes and a face that transpired calmness. I just ran him over and the man did not seemed fazed at all.

I stood up and looked into his icy lakes and they told me nothing. He was looking at me and I knew my face was a mess. I was blushing like crazy and I wanted badly to put my nose in his neck. Moon Goddess, did he have to be so hot?

I was at a loss for words and the stranger did not seem to mind. He was maybe feeling the same thing but it was hard to tell. I breathed out and finally took my head out of my uterus to say.

"I'm Cassandra by the way. Are you... All right?"

What I really wanted to say was are you going to kiss me or what? But now was not the time.

"I'm fine." He answered with a deep voice that made my pussy drip. Damn. I never felt that flustered with a male before.

"Let's go to my pack so we can make sure of this."

He seemed hesitant and he finally lifted his gaze back to me.

"I'm not sure it's a good idea." He said.

Why the hell not?

"Why? I ran you over so the least I can do is to make sure you're ok."

He offered me a small smile and I swear that I could have fainted right there. I was overly dramatic tonight.

"You're kind." He said coming closer. "I'm not sure I deserve your kindness."

"Well don't you... Don't you feel it?"

He looked at me quizzically and I put my hand on his forearm feeling the tingles shot right through my body to my core. He still seemed unfazed but there was no denying that he felt it too. His icy blues were definitely warmer.

"I do but... I'm still not sure that it's a good idea."

"The Moon Goddess wants it so and we can't go around her wishes. You... You don't like me?"

I saw for the first time a real emotion cross his face. Shock. He was shocked that I could say that. He shook his head and met my gaze.

"You're the one who's not going to like me. I'm a Lycan and my name is Death."

Death? A Lycan? As in... The four cursed generals of the Moon Goddess? They're real?

"You're fucking kidding me."
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