Sugar and Spice (WMBW)

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Leina wanted more than just a simple late night fling. So with the help of a dating website and app. Who will be the one to capture her heart?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Another day...Still haven’t quite gotten to the point of feeling rich.

Especially with these dadgum flats that make blisters on my toes and peels my heels.

I can’t take much more of this..

The facade only works for a couple of times before you just be ready to lose your head.

“Atwood Enterprise.”

This place of business is starting to take a complete toll on me.

Rubbing my temple and eyes as I looked at the computer screen which had a new case.

“Dustin Chambers,March 20th,1983 slated family over Life Insurance Policies!”

My mind kept racing as I scrolled down the computer screen and seen a picture of what is presumed to be a six year old girl who bad been slain.

My heart could do nothing but stop as I kept scrolling and looking at the words that were as of they jumped off the screen.

“Tied her body up gagged her and hogtied her on the bed stabbed her 141 times and mutilated her body.”

I felt sick to my stomach looking at these worse jumping off the screen.

My mind went haywire that was until my best friend, Verona called I quickly stood up and made my way over to the Exit sign as I stepped out and pressed the green button.


“Girl,don’t tell me your still at that low-down dirty job with Frank.”

“Frank is not all that bad hey whatever happened to Richard.”

“From coffee?”

“Yes sweetie I’m telling you that seeking website is the bomb you should try it out.”

“I’ll think about it.”

I hung up... I need a break moreless a vacation call me a workaholic if you will.

Grabbing my papers and case files then making my way out the door only merely escaping Frank’s clutches of working overtime.

I looked at my clock and it read 8:55 pm. Dam I need to have better time management.

Starting my car then backing out the parking lot as turned onto highway 34 and headed straight out.

Shortly, I got out the car and looked at my house painted blue and white.

Lord give me strength.

I unlocked the door then kicked off my six inch heels and proceeded to take a nice long hot shower lasting 15 minutes.

Once shower was over I made way to the bedroom then grabbed my laptop as I looked up seeking website then made a profile then looked at men’s profiles as I contemplated on what to do next I decided to just give it a rest and I’ll deal with it in the morning..

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