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Thanksgiving Weekend

We arrived at my parents’ place late into the evening and I let us in with the key I still had. I wasn’t sure if my parents were still awake, but they were and greeted us as we walked in.

“Sarah…Ian…good to see you home,” Mom said as she came up and gave me a hug. “How was the trip?”

“It was great Mom,” I answered. “We had a wonderful time, but I think we are both glad to be back home,” I said looking over at Ian and he nodded in agreement.

“Well we are glad you had a good time and home safely,” Dad said coming up behind Mom.

“Ian dear, you better call your mother as I know she would like to know you are here,” Mom said.

“Yes ma’am,” Ian answered and went to the kitchen to call his parents.

“You must be exhausted sweetie; why don’t you two go get settled for the night and we will talk tomorrow while we prepare dinner.”

“I am, but it was so worth it. Thanks for waiting up for us and we will see you in the morning.” I gave them both a hug and went into the kitchen to find Ian.

“Love you too Mom and we will see you tomorrow,” Ian said finishing up his phone call. “OK, I’ll tell her…bye.”

I walked over and gave him a hug and he kissed the top of my head. “Is she excited as my parents that we are home?” I asked.

“Yes she is,” he chuckled. “She says to say ‘hi’ and they will see us tomorrow.”

“Mom and Dad headed up to bed and I’m ready to do the same. We have a busy day tomorrow and I promised Mom I’d help her do the cooking.”

“I’ll grab the bag we brought in,” he said as we headed to the stairs.

After our nightly routines, I was lying in Ian’s arms about to fall asleep when he said, “I had the best time of my life with you these last couple of weeks Princess.”

“I did too Ian,” I said before giving him a kiss. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” he said kissing me one more time before we settled into sleep.

The next morning we were woken up early by my parents hollering that breakfast was ready. I guess I have been away from the farm for too long, and I forgot that they get up quite early every day of the week.

I heard Ian groan and I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss before telling him to get out of bed. I went to the bathroom and got dressed in a simple outfit as I knew I would get dirty helping make all the food and would dress up later.

Ian was getting dressed when I came back to my room and he sent me a wink when he saw me staring at his well-defined chest. I rolled my eyes and told him to meet me downstairs when he was ready.

Throughout breakfast, we talked about our trip with my parents. They filled us on things that were going on around here including a huge snowstorm that had them trapped at home for a couple of days. I guess it had been cleared up as we had no troubles getting home.

I helped Mom clean up after breakfast and she told me about we needed to do for dinner. She already had the turkey stuffed and in the oven, but we still had to make the desserts, the potatoes, the vegetables and few other side dishes that she likes.

“Ah Mom, we only have seven of us for dinner today. Why do we need all of this food?”

“Nana and Papa are joining us as well,” she answered.

“I thought they were going to Uncle Bob’s this year?” I asked.

“They were going to, but with the weather, they didn’t want to make the drive and since we are just up the road, they asked to join us.”

“Oh, OK,” I responded. “I still think this is going to be too much food.”

“Maybe, but the leftovers are still delicious,” she said with a smile.

We got started on all the dishes and set them aside until it was time to cook them. Ian’s family would be here around 1:00 or so and we planned on eating shortly after that.

While Mom and I were in the kitchen, Ian and Dad spent the morning watching the Macy’s parade and talking in the living room. I didn’t hear a lot of their conversation, but it was good to see them getting along. I know Dad wasn’t thrilled when we broke up and was leery when we got back together.

Around noon or so, I went up to get changed. I took a quick shower and put on a peach colored dress. I dried and styled my hair and put on a little make-up. As I was leaving the bathroom, I saw Ian leaning up against the door frame to my room. He looked me up and down and gave me a sexy smirk.

“It’s all yours,” I said ushering Ian into the bathroom.

I walked towards my room and instead of heading to the bathroom Ian pulled me into my room. He pushed me up against a wall and gave me a passionate kiss. “Your parents are going to be here soon,” I whispered out of breath after breaking the kiss.

“So?” he answered.

“So…you need to go get ready,” I laughed out.

“Fine,” he huffed out, “I’ll go get ready.” He grabbed his outfit he planned on wearing and headed to the bathroom. Before going in, he turned around and said, “By the way Princess, you look gorgeous.”

“Thanks babe,” I said with a blush.

I threw on a pair of shoes and headed back down to the kitchen. Mom and I got everything into the second oven or on the stove top to finish cooking before the Grants got here. It smelled so good in here and I heard my stomach rumble in hunger.

“I heard that,” Ian said as he came into the kitchen.

“I can’t help it, it smells so good in here and we haven’t eaten since breakfast,” I laughed.

“It does smell delicious in here,” he agreed and came over for a hug.

“I hope you and your family are hungry, because there is a lot of food in here,” I said.

“Oh, I think we can help eat it all, or at least most of it,” he chuckled.

We walked into the living room as we heard the doorbell ring. Dad answered the door and welcomed the Grants to our home. After taking their coats, he ushered them into the living room.

“Ian…Sarah…it’s good to see you,” Emily said coming up and giving us both hugs.

“Hey Mom, Dad, Aiden,” Ian greeted his family. Aiden is Ian’s younger brother who was home from college. He is a few years younger than us.

“Dinner will be ready shortly,” I said, “Please have a seat in here while we wait.”

“Where is Sam?” Emily asked.

“She is getting ready and should be back down in a minute,” I answered.

“I appreciate her hosting us today. I offered to help with the food, but she insisted on making it all herself.”

“I had some help, didn’t I Sarah?” Mom said as she came into the room. I nodded. “It’s good to see you Emily…Joe.”

“You too Sam,” Emily said as they gave each other a hug.

Nana and Papa joined us just before I heard the timers going off in the kitchen, so Mom and I went and grabbed all the food and started bringing to the table as they were ready. Dad came in to grab the turkey and we all gathered around for a quick prayer before he carved it.

After handing the food around the table everyone began talking with each other and sharing stories from the past. Other conversation came back to our trip that we just returned from and we told the family about some of the places we stopped and things we saw while on the road.

Aiden talked about school and his future plans, which Ian expressed how proud of his brother he was. Aiden wasn’t sure he would continue on to college after graduating high school, but decided to after taking a year off.

We called up Stacy and Jake and wished them a Happy Thanksgiving and told them we miss them. They informed us that they would be flying in for Christmas next month, which made me really excited.

As it has been our family tradition, my Papa began by giving thanks for our growing family and his wife, my Nana. We all took a turn going around the table telling what we are thankful for.

My Nana went next echoing my Papa; followed by Ian who was thankful for our second chance and having both of our families together again. I went next and gave thanks for Ian and our successful new careers. My mom and dad went after us, and lastly, Ian’s brother and his parents.

The majority of the thanks involved Ian and I getting back together and bringing our families together once again after so many years. It was great to see how well our families enjoyed each other’s company and the awkwardness that we have seen the last few years is now gone.

After dinner, Mom, Emily and I cleaned up while the guys went back to the living room to watch football. While I took a moment to step back and look around the house, Mom came up next to me and wrapped her arm around my waist.

“Here’s to a first of many holidays together,” she whispered. I smiled and put my head on her shoulder.


We spent one more night at my parents’ place since it was late when everyone left and we didn’t want to drive back home with the new fallen snow on the ground. After breakfast the next morning, we gathered up our belongings and Ian loaded up the car while I said ‘goodbye’ to my parents.

When we arrived in Bismarck, we stopped at the grocery store since we knew we didn’t have much at the apartment since we were gone for two weeks. We picked up enough food to make meals for the next week and some extra junk food to snack on.

We got home and brought all the groceries and our luggage up to the apartment and put everything away. The nice thing about living in an apartment, we didn’t have to worry about snow removal, so our parking spot was cleared out and the sidewalks were already shoveled.

We spent the afternoon watching TV, binge watching “NCIS” which has become one of our favorite shows to watch together. Next thing you know, it’s quite late and we missed dinner. Even though we just went shopping, we decided on ordering a pizza and watched one last episode before heading to bed.

I went and took a quick shower while Ian was cleaning up in the living room. I threw on one of his t-shirts and crawled into bed as he came into the room. He walked into the bathroom after telling me he’ll be out quickly.

I was almost asleep when I felt him crawl into the bed and pull me close. He kissed the top of my head as I wrapped my arm around his torso and rested my head on his chest. It felt so good to be back in our own bed and I fell asleep very quickly.

I woke up the next morning before Ian and decided to go make us breakfast. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of pans and pulled the bacon, eggs and bread out of the fridge. I started the bacon first and put some bread into the toaster.

While I was beginning the eggs, I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist from behind and a kiss on my head. “Good morning babe, it smells good in here,” he whispered in my ear before kissing right below it.

“Good morning,” I replied. “How many eggs do you want?”

“I’ll take two over easy, please,” he answered while swiping a piece of bacon off the plate.

“Hey,” I said and slapped his hand. He just laughed at me and shoved the piece of bacon in his mouth. “Help me with the toast please. Needs to be buttered and a couple of more slices put on.”

He kissed me on the cheek and moved over to the toaster while I finished up the eggs and put them on a couple of plates. I put a few pieces of bacon on my plate and grabbed the two slices of toast that were done. Shortly, after Ian joined me at the table.

After eating and cleaning up, we went back to watching more “NCIS” on Netflix. It was nice to just cuddle and not do anything today. We had one more day off before going back to work and I wanted to enjoy every minute I could with Ian.

Mid-afternoon, Ian received a call from the station telling him that they needed him right away. He told me he had to go and would call me as soon as he knew what was going on and when he’d be home for dinner.

I decided to take a nap and fell asleep on the couch. A couple of hours later, I heard my phone alert me of a text message. I opened up the screen and saw there were a few texts from Ian.

“Hey Princess…I had a case just outside of town that I had to go investigate.”

“I’m not sure when I’ll be home, so go ahead and grab something to eat. I’ll eat when I get home.”

“Love you and be home as soon as I can.”

I sent him a quick message back, “Love you too, and be safe.”

I decided to just make a sandwich for dinner and ate at the kitchen island. After cleaning up, I went and took a long, hot bath and turned on some music. After running out of hot water, I finally got out and threw on another of Ian’s t-shirts and crawled into bed.

I played around on my phone for a little while, but I was getting tired. I sent one last text telling Ian that I was going to bed. I plugged my phone in, turned out the light and went to sleep.

I was woken up by the sound of someone moving around the room and when I turned over, the bathroom light clicked on just outside of the bedroom door. I knew it was Ian, so I rolled back over.

A little while later, I felt him climb into bed and he kissed me on the cheek. “Is everything OK?” I asked quietly still half asleep.

“Unfortunately not for everyone,” he whispered back. “Sorry it’s so late, but we wanted to close the case before we left for the night.”

“Did you?”

“Yes, we did. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and was quite sad,” he answered before kissing me again.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said with a yawn.

“I love you Princess, in case I haven’t told you yet today.”

“I love you too babe.”

“Go back to sleep, we still have one more day together before we go back to work.”

I rolled over onto my side and Ian pulled me back against his chest and spooned me. I put my arm over his holding me and cuddled as close as I could before letting myself fall back to sleep.

Ian woke up before me this morning and I heard him out in the kitchen. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and tamed my wild hair before heading to the kitchen. Ian was over the stove making pancakes.

“You’re up early,” I said as I came up behind him putting my hands on his shoulders before sliding them around his torso.

“I couldn’t stay asleep, so I decided to get up. I hope I didn’t wake you,” he replied.

“You didn’t.”

“Can you grab a couple of plates and forks?” he asked me.

“Sure can,” I answered and proceeded to grab plates, forks and the syrup bottle.

We ate together and I asked him, “What are the plans for today?”

“I don’t really know; is there something you want to do?”

“Not really; I kind of enjoy just sitting around with you. I’m going to miss this once we go back to work tomorrow.”

“Me too,” he chuckled. “How about one more day of binge watching Netflix?” he suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” I chuckled back.

We spent the morning and early afternoon watching TV. At some point, we started kissing and necking on the couch and couldn’t hold back any longer. We removed our lower garments and had a wild round of love making right there on the couch.

Ian then picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where we continued for another couple of rounds. It seems we can’t get enough of each other and I loved every minute of it.

While lying next to him, I said, “I had an amazing time with you these last couple of weeks Ian. I really needed this break and feel so much better than I have in a very long time.”

“I had an amazing time with you as well Princess,” he said as he rolled onto his side and brushed his fingers over my cheek. “Thank you for taking the trip with me.”

“You are so very welcome babe,” I said with a smile. I turned my head and kissed his hand that was still by my face.

“I love you Sarah; I love you so much,” he said with so much passion in his voice.

“I love you too,” I said before lifting my head to meet his as our lips met for a heated kiss.

We spent the rest of the day in bed with a quick break for supper. We set our alarms for the next morning and settled into bed for a wonderful night sleep in each other’s arms. “I hope Mom is right; this is just the beginning with many more years to come,” I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

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