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Bachelorette Party

It was the Saturday before our wedding when several of our friends and a few family members started making their way to Bismarck. Stacy, Jake and the kids arrived just before lunch and spent the afternoon at our place until their hotel allowed them to check-in. Jodi, Nikki and Bethany and their dates all arrived that afternoon along with some of Ian’s friends and had checked into the hotel.

We met up with everyone downtown for dinner to introduce each other and catch up. Sean, Shelby, Craig, Marci, Ricky and Angie met up with us as well as Vicky. Mom and Dad watched Stacy’s kids so they could enjoy the night out.

As dinner was ending, I stopped the waitress to ask for our bills and she told me all the meals were taken care of. When I asked who paid for it, she said she didn’t know. I just shook my head and looked at Jake who gave me a small wink and smile. I mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him and he nodded his head.

“OK, now that dinner is done, it’s time I take my man Ian here and all the guys out for one hell of a wild night,” Craig announced to everyone clapping Ian on the back. Craig helped Aiden plan the Bachelor Party.

All the guys stood up hooting and hollering as they dragged Ian away from me. “Don’t have too much fun without us girls,” I said blowing Ian a kiss.

The girls and I headed out to a local dance club not too far from the restaurant we were at. As we gathered at a table, Stacy grabbed a small veil from a bag she brought in and put in on my head and through a sash over my shoulder that read “Bride-To-Be”.

She then laid out several other little headbands and beads for the other girls to wear and all grabbed something to put on. “Now we can get this party started,” Stacy said. All the girls whistled and agreed.

Vicky went and purchased a round of drinks and while we waited for them to come to the table, she brought back shots for all. “Congratulations to my little cousin for finally landing the man of her dreams,” Vicky said.

“Congrats…woo hoo…cheers…to Sarah!” the girls all shouted as we took the shot together.

“So, I know it is often customary for the bride-to-be to have to go on a little scavenger hunt during her bachelorette party, but seeing that she had to do that just to get engaged, I thought we would reverse the roles tonight,” Stacy said pulling out a bunch of cards out of her bag. “The Bride’s Final Fling Before the Ring is the name of the game.”

“And I was looking forward to Sarah making a fool out of herself,” Nikki said before I threw a necklace at her that was still sitting on the table.

“On these cards I am passing out, there are twenty challenges that need to be completed. There are ten of us, not including Sarah, here tonight, so we each need to complete two challenges. Take a look now and let me know which ones you want to attempt, I will take the last two challenges that no one picks,” Stacy explained to everyone.

“So what am I supposed to be doing?” I asked her.

“You are going come with us as we each attempt these challenges and let loose for one night,” she said with a smile. “If you want to, you can do the challenges as well,” she winked.

“We also have a surprise for you later tonight,” Shelby added with a smirk. I just rolled my eyes.

As Stacy read through the challenges, each girl chose two to complete. I couldn’t help but turn a little red listening to some of the challenges that needed to be completed.

Just as they finished sorting it all out, our drinks finally arrived at the table. Immediately, Jodi moved over to me and held up her glass.

“I have known Sarah for a few years now, but I will never forget our time overseas after our freshman year of college. Of course I had to listen to you and Bethany go on and on about your recent break-ups then dealing with Nikki’s meltdown…”

“Hey,” Nikki interrupted, while Bethany and I just laughed.

“But I will always cherish the times we had as we toured Europe and experiencing the world together. I was there when you put your life back together and I admit I was a little nervous for you when you first told me you and Ian got back together. I do see how much he loves you when you two are together and I am so happy for you Sarah. Cheers to Sarah and Ian!”

Everyone again yelled out and we took a drink. Challenge Number 1: “Make a toast to the Bachelorette” is completed. “Thank you Jodi for that wonderful toast,” I said giving her a hug.

After that, everything went crazy. The girls scattered trying to work on their challenges. I just leaned against our table watching them with a smile on my face. I didn’t know who to follow at that point and decided I would let them bring their challenge to me if possible.

As I was getting ready to walk around to see what they were up to, Angie came up to me dragging a guy behind her and she told me to sit down.

“OK Marvin, take the floor,” Angie said to the man she brought over.

“Could you, Would you, Ain’t you gonna, If I ask you you, would you want to Be my baby tonight. Yeah, take a chance, slow dance, Make a little romance Honey, it’ll be alright. Girl, you got me wishin’ We were huggin’ and kissin’ And holdin’ each other tight. So, could you, Would you, Ain’t you gonna If I ask you, would you want to Be my baby tonight…” Marvin started singing to me while holding my hand.

I turned beet red and put my other hand over my face to hide my embarrassment as he was belting out the song. When he finished, I gave him a hug and thanked him for serenading me, completing Challenge Number 12: “Find a guy to serenade the bride.” Stacy was videoing the entire thing.

I was then pulled out to the dance floor by Shelby and we started dancing to the music on the center of the dance floor. I noticed Shelby watching other dancers and after spotting a guy trying to line dance, she started doing the same thing, mistakes and all. I finally said to myself, “Let’s have some fun,” and I joined in the dance.

Shelby checked off Challenge Number 4: “Copy a Stranger’s Dancing” while Ashley, a date of one of Ian’s friends, brought me a drink in the middle of the dance floor. I took it and took a big swig and we all continued dancing.

I noticed that Bethany was getting pretty close to a guy while we were dancing when suddenly, I heard him let out a “Hey” and turned around and gave Bethany a weird look. Bethany pulled her hands up and said, “Sorry.” He walked away, but I knew that she must have given him a nice pinch completing Challenge Number 8: “Pinch a guy’s butt.”

I just shook my head and laughed when she looked over at me with a smile. As a new song started, Marci came up to dance by me and started singing along with the music very loudly and I have to add, a little off-key. Stacy turned on the camera right away and recorded the entire song and then checked off Challenge Number 5: “Sing at the top of your lungs in the middle of the dance floor.”

After several songs, we finally went back to the table where I set down my empty glass. A minute or two later, Ashley came back with another drink for me and put it in my hand. It finally dawned on me, that she had Challenge Number 20: “Make sure the future MRS. always has a drink in her hand!” I reminded myself to drink slower as I didn’t know how much I could handle in one night.

As the night continued on, the girls completed challenge after challenge. Number 2: “Get a picture with a cop” (Vicky); Number 3: “Buy the bride-to-be a shot (Lucy); Number 7: “Get someone to buy you a shot” (Stacy); Number 6: “Build a man’s privates from objects found at the bar” (Nikki). By now, everyone completed at least one of their challenges.

The more I drank the funnier all these challenges had become. I was no longer embarrassed by what my friends were doing and I was getting into it myself. I even went with Stacy up to the bar when she spotted a bald man and we both gave his head a kiss completing Challenge Number 9: “Kiss a bald man’s head.” At first, he looked taken aback, but when we waved goodbye, he gave us a smile and waved back.

“Are you having a good time?” Stacy asked me as we walked back to the table.

“I’m having a blast,” I said as I wrapped my arm around hers as we stumbled our way to our group. “Thank you for this Stacy, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to hang with tonight!”

As we were approaching the group, I noticed Ashley talking to a group of guys at the table next to us. She was asking them about their “Sex Number,” and I almost fell to the floor when she told them that hers was at least 24 or 25 and all their mouths opened in shock.

“Hey Sarah, these guys don’t believe that I’ve been with at least 24 or 25 partners. How many are you up to these days?” Ashley asked me while she handed me a drink that one of the guys was holding before she took it from him.

“Oh God, I think I’m up to 21 or 22 myself,” I replied while Stacy was trying not to laugh too hard. Yes, we definitely were getting a little drunk. I started walking away pulling Ashley along with us while they guys just stared after us. Challenge 19: Triple your sex “number” and tell a stranger” was completed.

When we got back to table, we were still laughing hysterically when Stacy sat down and asked, “Have you really been with seven or eight different guys?”

“Unfortunately, yes, I have,” I answered her. “I really only cared about four of them and that includes Ian, but I only really ever wanted just the one.”

“I’ve had one, just one. Well unless you count …”

“No, you don’t count who you are thinking of. And there is nothing wrong with just one, especially when he is the best thing that has ever happened to you.” I gave her hug. I didn’t want to ruin the mood by thinking about her past.

Before we could dwell on our ‘numbers’ anymore, I heard Nikki holler to the guys we just left. “Hey guys! Any of you have a condom I can have?” She was not ashamed at all to ask that question.

They started looking at each other and were actually going through their pockets to find one. I threw my head back and laughed when three of them held a condom in the air all saying, “Here,” at the same time.

Nikki walked over and grabbed them saying, “Thank you,” and came back over to the group throwing them in my lap. Challenge 16 is done.

The guys were now getting into the game and began flirting back with those of us at the table. Some of the girls used this to their advantage and started asking them to participate in additional challenges.

Marci went from guy to guy asking what color underwear he was wearing for Challenge 13 until she found one wearing black ones that were the same color as hers. To prove it, the both revealed their undergarments to both groups that were now at one table.

Angie managed to get another guy to “tattoo” her butt with his signature and made me get one as well. I honestly couldn’t believe I let a complete stranger take a marker to my ass and write his name on it. Ian was going to kill me if he took this seriously. There went Challenge 17.

The next challenge (11) was pretty easy for Jodi. She needed to find a guy with an out-of-state driver’s license and it so happened that the guy with the black underwear on also happened to be from Minnesota visiting his buddy for his Bachelor Party.

Bethany picked up on that and asked who the Groom was and just like that, she completed Challenge 14: Getting a picture with another bride or groom. She pulled me with her and together we posed for a picture that Stacy took.

There were three challenges left and all pretty risqué if you ask me. Three girls were left: Vicky, Lucy and Shelby. I really didn’t remember who chose which challenge, but it was getting very exciting. Since the group of guys seemed into it, we didn’t move out of that circle until all challenges were complete.

Shelby also reminded me of my last surprise and we needed to leave this place in less than 15 minutes to get wherever we were going on time. I was a little nervous since I was already drunk and so were all the girls. I hope wherever we were going was within walking distance.

“Alright gentlemen,” Shelby called out. “Do any of you have a scar somewhere on your body that might need a little kiss to make it feel all better?”

All of the guys raised their hands and Shelby’s eyes opened wide. After clearing her throat she said, “OK, show me yours,” she said pointing to the guy closest to her. “And you show our bride-to-be yours,” she said the guy closest to me, who happened to be the groom.

I was dreading this since I had no clue where I was about to kiss this guy, but he pulled his shirt up just enough to reveal a long scar on his lower back. I bent over and kissed it from one end to the other, while Shelby was kissing a small scar on her guy’s upper back.

When I stepped back, I was red again in the face when I saw the groom smile down at me. “I got it while in the military,” he said without me asking about it.

“Thank you for your service,” I said and gave him a salute. He just laughed at me and I could have turned and ran after I realized how stupid I must have looked just then. Ashley noticed I was without a drink again and handed me one, which I drank way too fast.

Lucy came over by me and I’m guessing she was about to complete her challenge. She went up to one of the quiet guys in the group and pulled him to the center of our ‘circle.’ She whispered something in his ear and by his reaction; he was quite shocked at whatever she said to him.

After gathering himself and gave the group a smirk and told Lucy to get on her knees on the floor. He knelt down behind her spreading her legs so he could fit in between them. He grabbed her hips and pulled her against his crotch. I heard Lucy give a little ‘yelp’ but looked up at me with a huge smile. Challenge 10: “Get a guy to show his favorite sex position” was completed.

“Is that good enough for you?” he asked her. She nodded her head and proceeded to get up off of the ground. He followed her chuckling at how red she had become.

I noticed that Vicky had gone back to the bar and when she came back she had to shots with her. “Gentlemen, I need a volunteer to have a seat right here in front my dear cousin,” she said.

It was a race of who could sit down the fastest. It was funny how involved these guys were into our game, but of course I did feel a little guilty knowing it wasn’t Ian and his friends that we were playing these games with.

After the other guys backed up, Vicky asked the winner to sit with his legs pressed together and placed one of the shot glasses up near the top of his legs by his crotch. She leaned over him and grabbed the shot glass with her mouth and lifted her head up swallowing the “Blow Job” before spitting the glass out into her hand.

As the groups were cheering and laughing, she put the second glass in the same location and pushed me towards him. I gave her a look, but I had already done a lot of stupid things, so here’s to one more. I bent over him, grabbed the glass and downed the shot quickly before handing the glass back to Vicky. Challenge 15 was complete and the Scavenger Hunt was finished.

“I hate to break up the party,” Shelby said pulling me back to my feet. “But we have to get going as I don’t want my best friend to miss the biggest surprise yet of the night.”

We all said ‘bye’ to the guys, paid up our tabs, and headed outside into the now cool evening air. I stopped for a moment and closed my eyes to take a deep breath of fresh air. I was feeling a little dizzy and needed to gather what was left of my senses before I fell over.

The one thing Ian and I told each other before tonight was that we didn’t want to have any strippers at any party thrown for us. Now the hunt definitely was risky in its own way and I’m sure Ian wouldn’t have approved of it all, but I was not pleased when I saw Shelby lead us to the only strip club that we have downtown.

“Shelby, I’m not going in there,” I whined. “I told Ian that I wouldn’t have some strange guy dance all over me.”

“Sarah, I promise you, you want to go in there tonight and I won’t let some strange guy dance all over you.” She took my hand and pulled me through the doors.

We found a table that had been reserved for us right in front of the stage and I groaned as we sat down. “This is crazy Shelby, I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can,” she reassured me as she took her seat next to me. Stacy sat on my other side with a knowing smile on her face. I was tempted to ask her what was going on, but the lights went out at that moment.

Music started playing and the lights on the stage turned on spotlighting eleven guys with their backs to us dressed in black pants and white shirts with the sleeves cut off. As they started dancing to the music in a “Magic Mike” kind of way, I hid my face in my hands having a pretty good idea of who they were.

It didn’t take long before they turned around and there stood Ian front and center, Aiden, Jake and the rest of the guys on stage dancing and shaking. I caught Ian’s eyes and he just gave me a smirk when he then pulled off the shirt showing me his gorgeous abs.

They continued their sexy dance and as they turned away from us once again, they pulled their pants off in one swift move showing their buns of steel in their black bikini briefs they left on. By now the girls had pulled out a few dollar bills and Stacy shoved a handful in my hand as they moved up in front of the stage.

I stayed sitting watching them all shoving bills into their boyfriends or husband’s briefs. Ian was now dancing right in front of me shaking his junk and I finally stood up as he pulled me up onto the stage. As he continued to dance around me, I started adding the cash into his brief until he was giving me a full on lap dance in front of the entire club.

I had no words and was probably redder than a tomato at this point, but he had a huge smile on his face and kept going. Our family and friends and the rest of the club were hollering and yelling and having a blast at my expense.

As the music ended, Ian stopped kneeling on his one knee and gave me a kiss. I kissed him back and he stood up spinning me around. I whispered to him to put me down as that spin didn’t help my previous light-headedness due to all the alcohol I had. He put me back on my feet and kissed my cheek.

“Congratulations to our Bride and Groom-to-Be,” the MC announced while everyone clapped and whistled. “What do you think everyone? Should we keep these new dancers?”

More whistling and shouting ensued amongst the club-goers and I pulled Ian closer to me. I wasn’t going to be sharing him with anyone in this club.

Ian jumped off the stage and helped me down and we all walked to a more quiet area while the ‘real’ dancers got up on stage. “I can’t believe you did that,” I said to Ian.

“I can’t either,” he laughed. “I’m just glad Shelby convinced you to come in. You were running a little late and I thought she wasn’t going to get you here.”

“I didn’t want to come in, but she told me I had to and I would like what I see. She promised no dances from any strange guys, so I finally gave in.”

“I’m glad you did,” he smiled and leaned in for another kiss. “So did you like what you saw up there?”

“Absolutely!” I kissed him again. “I might need an encore when we get home.” He pulled me in for another kiss.

“I’m going to get dressed and I’ll be right back,” he said grabbing the guys and going backstage to get their clothes. I chuckled to myself knowing he would want to get home quickly after my comment.

“Thank you ladies for the wonderful night tonight,” I said to them all. “I am going to feel horrible tomorrow, but this was all worth it.”

I gave all the girls a hug as another round of shots were being brought to our table. I didn’t know if I could handle another one, but I took the glass that was handed to me. Before we could drink, the guys came back and grabbed a glass themselves.

“To Ian and Sarah,” Jake said raising his glass.

“To Ian and Sarah,” everyone repeated and we drank together.

It wasn’t long before we left and headed home or back to the hotel. I couldn’t wait to see what the next week would bring to us having all our friends together, but I knew I’d have the time of my life!

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