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The Honeymoon

After the dance, Ian and I said goodbye to all our friends and family and went to our hotel room where we made love the rest of the night. I was finally Mrs. Ian Grant and I couldn’t be any happier than right now in my life. The day and evening were perfect and Ian surprised me yet again with his dance routine and I just can’t get over all he has done for me over the past year that we’ve been back together.

The next morning, we went to my parents to open our gifts. We had our wedding party and friends from school there with us and had another catered lunch for everyone before we finally headed off to our honeymoon on a cruise in the Caribbean Sea.

“Be safe, but have a lot of fun,” Mom said as she gave me a hug. “Call me when you get to Florida before you board the ship.”

“I will Mom, I love you,” I said with another hug. I gave my dad a hug and said goodbye to Stacy, Jake and the kids. They were going to be flying back to Chicago later this afternoon.

Ian hugged his parents and Aiden and took my hand as he led me to his car. We had left our gifts and our wedding clothes with my parents as they were going to take it all to our apartment while we were gone for the next week.

We made our way back to Bismarck to the airport to board our plane to Florida. I can now add another stamp or more to my passport as we plan to visit several islands in the Caribbean once we leave the Florida port. I guess that’s if we make it out of our room and even off the boat, I think to myself with a smirk.

I’m not sure how much time has passed once we took off as I must have fallen asleep and now Ian is waking me up as we land in Miami. “What time is it?” I ask him.

“About 10 or so,” he replied with a yawn. I was about to question why the flight was longer than I planned, but I remembered the two hour time difference. “Let’s head to the hotel and then we can grab something to eat,” Ian continues.

We are staying in Miami for the night and then catching the ship in Ft. Lauderdale after seeing what the city has to offer. We will be out to sea until Saturday, stopping at two ports in the Dominican Republic and Turks & Caicos. We then plan to fly home later Saturday afternoon, relax on Sunday and return to work on Monday. I can’t wait as we have so much planned and we are doing it all together!

We checked into our hotel and stopped in the restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat before retreating to our room. “I am stuffed,” I said as we walked to our room.

“You wouldn’t have been if you didn’t eat half of my food,” Ian teased me.

“I’m sorry,” I laughed. “I didn’t think I was that hungry when I just ordered a sandwich. But your fries looked so good… and that piece of chocolate cake; I couldn’t keep my hands off your plate.”

“Well since I’m still a little hungry, I may just have my own dessert once we get settled in the room,” Ian winks at me and I roll my eyes as my face turns red knowing exactly what he means.

We enter the room and I take in the beauty of the room and the view. Even though it is very late, the city is still bright and alive as the lights of the clubs and cars light up the room from the big window. We are not too far from the ocean and you can see it in the distance…it is beautiful.

I hear Ian setting the bags down behind me as I stand in front of the window debating on closing the curtains or continuing to admire the city below. I suddenly feel his arms snake around my waist as he begins kissing my neck in the soft spot below my ear that he knows me shiver and want more of him.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it,” I ask quietly.

“Hmmmm,” he moans into my neck. Here we go again, I giggle.

I lay my head back on his shoulder as he continues to kiss and nibble on ear lobe and my neck as he hands begin to explore on their own and I can’t help but let out a low moan as his thumb gently glides over my breasts.

“Close the curtains baby,” I whisper as other hand begins to slide under my shirt. He reaches over and slides the curtains shut but doesn’t stop marking my neck and caressing my body.

Once the curtains are closed, he moves us closer to the bed and turns me around to face him. He continues to kiss along my jaw line and cups my face in his hands and presses his lips to mine and I immediately open my mouth and he takes that moment to press his tongue against mine.

This kiss continues to deepen and my hands wrap into his hair and I hear him moan when I give a little pull to the hair wrapped around my fingers and I do it again. “Fuck baby, that feels…so good,” he struggles to get his words out between kisses.

I feel his hands slide down my back and he begins to pull my shirt up and over my head. I reach down and pull his off as well and run my fingers over his shoulders and back as he grabs my ass and pushes me onto the bed. Before he lays me down, I feel him unclasp my bra and he pulls it off of me as my back hits the bed.

He leans over me and kisses me again before kissing down my jaw, my neck, my chest and pauses at my right breast where he licks and sucks on my sensitive nipple while his hand is kneading my left breast. He switches sides and continues his assault on my body as my hands continue to run over his back, arms and into his hair.

He continues kissing down my stomach and stops at the top of my pants as I feel him grab them and start to pull them off of me. I lift my hips to help him out. As soon as he gets them off, I feel him kissing my leg and moving up my calf, to my thigh and stopping at the point where my thigh meets the most sensitive part of my body and I lift my hips again to encourage him to keep going.

“Patience,” I hear him whisper as I feel his lips turn into a smile against my skin. He reaches up to pull off my panties and again I lift up and moan as I feel his breath on me.

“Please,” I call out. I try to reach for Ian to pull him closer, but he is just out the way and I feel him smile again against my leg as he continues to tease me.

“Please what?” he whispers and resumes kissing and sucking on my skin on my thighs and grips one hand on my hip and the other brushes over my stomach up to my breasts and back down.

I arch my back off of the bed and plead with him again, “I need you Ian.”

“What do you need?”

“I need you to make me come…I’m so close…” I struggle to get my words out. He knows exactly what he is doing to set me up and he has barely even touched me.

Suddenly, I feel his tongue dip into me and lick over my sensitive bud and he repeats this over and over. I moan out again and try to lift my hips, but he holds them down on the bed as he tortures me with his tongue. I grab his hair and wrap my legs around his shoulders to get him closer to me as his tongue gives me so much pleasure.

Within seconds, I feel myself climax and come all over his tongue and I hear him moan, “You taste so fucking good baby, this is the best dessert I’ve ever had.” If I wasn’t in bliss, I would have rolled my eyes at his comment, but I did smile a little at what he said.

I felt him stand back and I slip further up on to the bed as he pulled his jeans and briefs off in one swift motion. Before he could climb on top of me, I pushed him back and told him to lie down. It was my turn to pleasure him.

I began by kissing his lips, his jaw, his neck finding his sweet spot, continuing down his chest, over his stomach stopping just above his V-line. I take him in my hand and begin stroking him slowly as I hear him gasp and begin breathing heavily.

I then lick his head slowly tasting the salty liquid that is pooling at the tip. I open my mouth and take him in inch by inch until I can’t go down any further and I feel him grab the back of my head to hold me in place. I bring him in and out of my mouth and use my hand to stroke with my mouth and I feel him get close, but he stops me before he can finish and pulls me back up the bed and flips us so that he is fully on top of me.

He plants his lips on mine in another passionate kiss as he enters me in one quick thrust and I gasp in his mouth. I again wrap my hands in his hair and pull a little earning a moan from him. I rake my nails down his back as he thrusts faster and faster in me until I can take it no more and come once again. Moments later he follows and fills me up as we both breathe heavy and ride out our wave of pleasure.

When we come down from bliss, he kisses me once more before pulling out of me and lying down next to me bringing me into his chest. I reach down for the blankets and cover us up and we fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.


The next morning, we shower together before getting dressed for the day. We grab breakfast at the hotel and go back and gather our bags from the room before checking out. As part of our cruise, we set up several excursions on both land and on the ship.

Our first excursion is to the Everglades taking a tour through the swamplands and another at the Flamingo Gardens and Wildlife Sanctuary in Ft. Lauderdale. It was so beautiful and peaceful while on the tour, but we did see a few alligators which freaked me out a little, but no harm came to us. The flamingos were beautiful and the scenery was amazing…definitely not something we see up in North Dakota.

We were to board the ship around 7:00 tonight and plan on leaving port around 8:00. It was only about 3:30ish after our tours, so we decided to go to the beach. We went for a swim in the ocean and collected some sun before heading to the docks. When we get back on Saturday, I want to go to a place called Las Olas Boulevard before we head to the airport, as I heard there are a lot of shops to check out and food to try and much more.

We arrived at the docks and boarded the ship, which was much bigger than I ever expected. I couldn’t believe how many levels it had and all the amenities that it offered. I don’t think we would even need to leave the ship and not have something to do.

Ian had splurged on us and we were led to a first-class suite on one of the upper decks. As we entered the room, I nearly gasped at how nice and large it was. We walked into a living/dining area that was fully furnished with a couch, a couple of chairs, a TV mounted above a small chest, a mini refrigerator, microwave and a small table with two chairs and more. It was very modern with white walls with silver accents around the room in the window treatments and trim. Several photographs lined the walls in silver frames of ocean life and the islands most beautiful places.

The bedroom held a queen size bed with two nightstands on other side of the bed and a full dresser. A closet was off to the side and housed an ironing board and iron and extra blankets. Next to the closet was the bathroom that had a walk-in shower big enough for two, a toilet, a sink with a vanity built in and another small storage closet holding towels and wash cloths as well as a variety of toiletries.

I was worried that I would feel the rocking of the ship while in the room and I prayed that I wouldn’t get seasick on this trip. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell we were on a ship while walking around the room and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Ian tipped the worker that brought our bags to the room after he asked if we needed anything before he left. Ian told him we didn’t need anything and he said to just ring the concierge and he will get whatever we need. I was really liking this first-class experience more and more.

It was nearly departure time by the time we put our clothes in the closet and dresser and put our toiletries in the bathroom that we brought with us. We headed up to the top deck to watch as we pulled away from shore and began our adventure at sea.

The lights of Ft. Lauderdale could be seen in the distance as we moved further onto the water and the breeze was just perfect as I leaned my head against Ian’s shoulder. The sun was beginning its descent into the horizon and I just enjoyed the moment with my new husband as he wrapped his arm me.

I turned around to lean against the rail while Ian stepped in front of me with his hands on the rails on either side of me. I placed my hands on his hips and he leaned in for a kiss. I know there were a lot of other people around us, but I didn’t care in that moment, it was just Ian and I.

We woke up Tuesday morning to the sun shining in the window and I rolled onto to my back to stretch before getting up for the day. Ian tried to pull me back to bed when I started climbing out of bed and I gave in when he started kissing and nibbling on my neck. After another round, or two, of love making, we finally got a shower and dressed.

We went to one of the many restaurants on the ship for a nice breakfast. Our goal was to eat at a different one for each meal we have while on the ship: five breakfasts, two lunches and four suppers. Our other two lunches will be at one of the islands we stop at. Each restaurant offered different types of food from Mexican to Italian to Oriental and an American steak house among others.

As I mentioned the ship had a lot of things to do and today and Friday would be spent on the ship. “Hey babe, what would you like to do today?” I asked Ian while finishing up breakfast.

“What do you want to do?” he asks back.

“There is so much to choose from, I don’t know where to start,” I nearly whine and Ian shakes his head at me with a small smile on his face.

“You created a list last night of a bunch of things, what catches your eye the most?” he asks again. “Remember we have today and Friday, so let’s split it down the middle,” he says after I pull out the list and he sees about six or seven things on it.

“OK, let’s go visit the Art Gallery, attend a musical and maybe go to one of the dance clubs tonight,” I offer. “Oh, and we can spend some time at the pool, which looks huge from the pictures,” I add.

“What does that leave for Friday?” Ian asks.

“Ummm, the spa, going on a sea walk and watching a movie under the stars,” I tell him. “There are other clubs we can go to other nights as I see they have some bands, a magician and comedians performing at some of them.”

“Sounds like we have a plan,” Ian says as he takes my hand in his. “As long as I’m with you, I really don’t care what we do,” he adds.

We decided to go to the gallery first, and we kind of got lost trying to get there. We finally reached it after Ian teased me about my map following skills…or lack thereof. It’s not like he was really any better, I teased him back. The gallery was filled with modern art including photographs, paintings, sculptures and even some living art, which was really cool to see. The work was done by a variety of artists and each piece had a description and story about it. We spent a couple of hours going through the entire thing. I don’t know how much Ian actually looked at the artwork as I kept catching him watching me as I looked around in awe.

The musical wasn’t going on until this afternoon, so we decided to go to the pool at the backside of the shop. I swear this pool was an Olympic size pool, but I know it couldn’t possibly be that big. There were quite of few people in the pool, but it wasn’t overcrowded which we liked. Ian found us a couple of pool chairs and I took my clothes off leaving my suit underneath. I pulled out the sunscreen and asked Ian to put some on my shoulders and back; I did the same to him. We went for a swim and then lay in the sun while we each read a book that we brought along. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

Every now and then, I would stare at Ian or he at me and we could feel the tension getting thick between us. It finally got the point that Ian quickly packed everything up and without getting redressed, pulled me with him back to our room where we spent some time in the woes of passion. While lying in his arms, my stomach rumbled and we decided we should probably grab some lunch before the musical. We settled on Mexican food and I enjoyed a wonderful rainbow margarita along with my meal.

We arrived at the theatre with about ten minutes to spare and took our seats. We saw Legally Blonde: the Musical which actually pretty good. I had seen all the movies before and really enjoyed them. The musical followed pretty closely to the first movie and I laughed quite a bit.

We then walked around the ship and visited with some people that we met from time to time. We had supper at an Italian restaurant with a bottle of wine and ended the night at one of the dance clubs. We danced and drank until well into the night before returning to our suite where we made love yet again before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

We had to be up really early on Wednesday as we were docking by 8:00 in the morning in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic and we had set up a few excursions to go on throughout the day. We only had about nine hours to do everything we wanted before having to be back on the ship by five.

We visited Ocean World and saw a lot of animals that live in the waters around the island as well as plant life and things found in the sea including shipwrecks and more. After lunch we went shopping in the plaza and picked up some souvenirs and then went snorkeling in the cove for a few hours before returning to the ship. We saw a few turtles, a lot of tropical fish and even a shark or two, but not the real dangerous kinds we were told.

As we re-boarded the ship, a group of people were gathered on the deck and we joined them to see a group of dolphins swimming near the ship. I grabbed onto Ian’s arm to make sure he could see this and then pulled out my phone to take pictures. I absolutely love dolphins, so this made my day complete.

We went to dinner at the steakhouse before going to a comedy show in another club. There were about four or five comedians that performed and each pretty good…some were pretty clean while others were much more explicit. Ian spent more time laughing at me when I would get all red after some of the jokes. I guess he saw or heard more of this in the city than I was used to.

Thursday morning was another early morning as we were stopping in Grand Turk on the islands of Turk and Caicos. Our trips planned for the day weren’t very time consuming, so we were able to do a little more in our time. We started with an island tour in a tram…the island was gorgeous and I almost wish we could spend the night here. We then spent some time at the beach before going on a Snuba Adventure. This was a snorkeling/scuba dive…we got to see a sunken ship along with similar sea life as before.

We decided to eat at the oriental restaurant for supper before catching a magic show in another small theatre on the ship. After the show, we went another dance club and stayed until late into the night since we could sleep in the next morning.

The trip has been so fun yet very relaxing and I’m so glad I shared this experience with Ian. This was the best honeymoon any woman could ask for. He really did want me to enjoy it and agreed to everything I wanted to do and didn’t complain one bit. I kept asking if there anything he wanted to do, but he always answered with “whatever you want to do is fine with me.”

We woke up late Friday morning, ordered room service and ate breakfast in bed. After getting showered and dressed, we decided to go on the Sea Walk first and then go back to the pool for awhile. After lunch, we made appointments to go to the spa for a couples massage. As we walked around the ship once again, we spotted another group of dolphins swimming alongside the ship and stopped to watch them. I took a lot more pictures, including some selfies of us standing along the railing with the ocean to our backs.

We ate dinner at a Caribbean themed restaurant which served some of the best sea food I have ever eaten. Ian and I each ordered different things and shared our food so we could try everything. I kind of felt a little guilty eating some of it after enjoying the sea life during our underwater adventures.

We ended the night watching a movie under the stars. I big screen was set up and chairs were set out for people to watch from. We watched a romantic comedy, Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. I loved watching it as I cuddled with Ian. We went to back to our suite after the movie and spent one last night in bliss before our trip came to an end on Saturday morning.

After arriving back in Ft. Lauderdale, we went to Las Olas Boulevard and did more shopping and sampling of food. We didn’t need to eat lunch as there was so much to try throughout our time there. After several hours of walking around and buying a new carry-on bag for all the new things we purchased, we boarded our transport to go back to Miami, went to the airport and finally flew home.

I really do not want to back to work on Monday…can we have a little more time to ourselves, I thought with a smile after spending Sunday putting all our gifts and luggage away, doing laundry and beginning writing our Thank You cards.

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