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Bishop Family Tree

Bishop Family Tree:

1 - Richard “Rick” and Rachel Bishop

2a - Robert “Bob” & Cindy Bishop

3a - Thomas “Tom” Bishop

3b - Victoria “Vicky” Bishop

4a - Robert “Bobby” Michael Bishop

2b - Ryan & Samantha Bishop

(David & Anne Peterson)

3a - Stacy Bishop Masterson (Jake)

4a - Hope Marie Masterson

4b - Haley Jean Masterson

4c- Kayden Jake Masterson

3b - Sarah Bishop Grant Davis (Ian-1st; Jeremy-2nd)

4a - Ian Ryan (Grant) Davis

4b - Isabelle Christine (Grant) Davis

4c - Jason Nathaniel Davis

2c - Randy & Jessie Bishop

3a - Jenny Bishop

3b - Kyle Bishop

3c - Scott Bishop

Ian’s Family:

Father – Joseph Grant

Mother – Emily Grant

Brother – Aiden Grant

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