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Summer break was finally here, and I couldn’t wait for that final bell to ring letting us go. I went to my locker and cleaned everything out, said goodbye to my friends and ran to my car.

I stopped to grab lunch from a local restaurant and went home. I was shocked to see my father’s car in the driveway, but I parked my car and went inside the house.

I didn’t see him downstairs, so I threw my bag by the stairs and sat down to eat lunch. After eating, I went upstairs to put my stuff away, but as I reached the top of the stairs, I heard moaning and other noises coming from my parents’ room.

I had to walk by their room to get to mine and their door was open. I tried to walk by quickly but stopped when I realized that wasn’t my mother in bed with my father.

“WHAT THE HELL, DAD?!?” I yelled, causing him to jump off the woman, and for her to cover herself up with the sheet.

I didn’t want to see anything more, so I headed to my room, but not before hearing the women say, “I thought you said she was at school?”

“She was at school, or I least I thought she was,” he commented.

I opened my door, but before I could close it, Dad was standing there in a pair of sweatpants and nothing else. “If he wasn’t my father, you could say he was pretty hot with his hair all disheveled and his buff body showing… OH MY GOD, why the hell am I thinking that? Is that what Don looks like? If so…” I shook my head to clear all those horrible thoughts out of it.

“Why aren’t you at school?” he hollered at me.

“School’s done, Dad. We only had a half day,” I replied. “What are doing here? And with that…that…”

“That is none of your business,” he interrupted me.

“Really? None of my business? You are cheating on Mom in our house and it’s none of my business?” I hollered back at him.


“Does she know about this? I know you two are never here and can’t stand each other, but you bring other women home, why?”

“AS I SAID, IT… IS… NONE… OF… YOUR… BUSINESS!” he yelled emphasizing every word.



I grabbed my cheek in stunned silence. He slapped me, he has never hit me before, Mom yes, but not me.

“Do not ever let me hear you say that again, is that understood?” he asked in a menacing tone. I nodded my head, trying to hold the tears in. “Oh…your mother is quite aware of this by the way, and I think you need to talk to her before you judge me,” he added in a cold voice, “she isn’t as innocent as she proclaims to be.” With that, he walked out of my room.

I could still my face stinging from his hand, and even though I didn’t want to cry, I felt a few tears escape my eyes when he left the room. “What is he talking about with Mom? Is she also having an affair? I know they aren’t happy together, so why not just get a divorce? It would be so much better if they did,” I thought to myself as I curled up on my bed.

I heard Dad slam his bedroom door, and I pulled my blanket over my head. I just wanted to disappear. I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later, and the house was again empty. I checked the answering machine to see if anyone called, but there were zero messages. I wasn’t really hungry, but I made a sandwich to have something in my stomach this evening.

I wanted to talk to Don, but the library was already closed for the night, and I didn’t have access to any other computer. I never wrote down his phone number to call him as I never really planned on needing it. I’ll have to remember to ask for it again when I can connect with him.

I settled on watching mindless TV until I was tired enough to go back to bed. I slept in the next morning and had no desire to get up or go anywhere, but I finally gave in to my growling stomach. I got up, threw on some shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs for breakfast. Of course, I was home alone.

I had no energy to do anything today, so I pretty much just lounged around watching TV or sleeping. Janie called me sometime during the afternoon to see if I wanted to hang out that night, but I just didn’t feel like it.

Saturday and Sunday were the same way. I honestly can’t tell you if my parents came home at all that weekend, and if they did, I was already in bed, and they left before I got up.

On Monday, I dragged myself down to the library to get online for an hour. I put my dimes into the slot and waited for it to dial up to connect to the server. Once ready to go, I logged into the chat room.

I said ‘hi’ to a few people I recognized in the room, and then heard the ping of the invite to a private room. I smiled to myself knowing that it was Don and recalled the crazy thoughts I had the other day.

JPres77: Good morning!

Don Juan: Good morning, mi amor! Someone is happy to see me today. ;)

JPres77: I’ve missed you, what can I say? :p

Don Juan: I’ve missed you, too, mi amor. Did you have a good weekend?

JPres77: No

Don Juan: I’m sorry to hear that, what can I do to cheer you up?

JPres77: Are you still willing to give me your phone number? So, if I ever need to talk to you, I can?

Don Juan: Absolutely. It’s 805-555-4253. I’m glad you asked me, but why now?

JPres77: Ugghh, I hate how you know when something is going on.

Don Juan: Oh, sweetie, it’s easy to tell with you. We’ve been talking long enough that I can read between the lines.

JPres77: It’s my parents, they are crazy, and I wish I could get away from them.

Don Juan: You know, my offer to join me still stands?

JPres77: I know, but that is a little too extreme. I still don’t really know you that well.

Don Juan: Oh, mi amor, you know me so much better than you think, but I’ll be patient. Maybe if you decide to call me, we can spend more time getting to know each other.

JPres77: Maybe, but you know I can’t call you from home, my parents would freak out if they saw a long-distance call on the phone bill.

Don Juan: There are ways around that, mi amor, let me call you.

JPres77: LOL Yeah, I don’t think so. The last thing I need is for them to actually be home and answer the call.

Don Juan: OK, here is what you do: call the operator and ask to make a collect call to my number. When they ask for your name, say “Call Me Back” and I’ll hang up before accepting the call. You also hang up, and I’ll call you, but I will need your number.

JPres77: So, that would be like our secret code or something?

Don Juan: Yes, you can call it that. What do you say?

JPres77: … … I don’t know.

Don Juan: I promise I will not call unless I hear from you first.

JPres77: OK, my number is 470-555-9753.

Don Juan: Thank you, mi amor. I do hope you decide to call.

JPres77: We’ll see. :) Are you working today?

Don Juan: Of course, but I’m home most nights by five or six.

JPres77: So, that’s like eight or nine my time.

Don Juan: Yes, I believe so. Is there anything else I can do to help you feel better today?

JPres77: There is something, but I don’t think I should be asking you for it.

Don Juan: What’s that, mi amor, I can decide if I will follow through or not.

JPres77: I would love to see what you look like. *blushes*

Don Juan: :) No need to blush my dear. I can’t post one on here, but I can send to your email, if you really want to see me.

JPres77: Yeah, I’d like that. My email is the name as my handle on here Maybe I’ll figure out a way to send you a picture of me, but I don’t have access to scan a photo into the computer.

Don Juan: That’s OK, just hearing your voice would be enough for me.

JPres77: You’re making me blush again. If you send me a photo now, I’ll call you tonight or tomorrow.

Don Juan: Deal, LOL

JPres77: Deal; I have to go soon, so if I want to be able to check email, I’ll have to log out of here.

Don Juan: Picture will be on its way, mi amor. Until tonight ;)

JPres77: Bye

I logged out and waited for his email. I have no clue what I was thinking when I asked him for his picture, but I was excited to see what he looked like. I just hope the picture he sends is really of him.

I opened my email and checked the few unopened ones that were waiting for me. Just as I finished the last one, I received the alert: You’ve Got Mail. I went back to the main screen, and there was an email from someone named [email protected] “Is that his real name?” I thought.

I clicked on it to open the message and read what he wrote:

Good morning, mi amor. I am very excited to be able to talk to you tonight and I am glad you are more trusting of me. I believe we have a connection and I meant what I have said in the past about falling for you and wanting you to join me. I completely understand your hesitation, so I hope sending you this picture will help you see that I am a man of my word. Talk to you later, mi amor. 805-555-4253

Don Mickelson, Your Don Juan

At the bottom of the email was his picture, and I must admit, he is a very good-looking man. I sent the email and his picture to the printer and paid another couple of dimes to collect the paper from the machine. I closed out of everything and made sure I was logged out, before heading back home.

The rest of the day seemed to drag on in anticipation of calling him. I still had doubts and held the phone in my hands debating if I should really do it or not. I mean, it’s one thing typing online as you can write whatever you want and it not mean anything, but over the phone, it’s not that way.

I finally was ready to call the operator when I heard the backdoor open, and I quickly hung up the phone.

“Oh, you are home,” Dad huffed when he saw me sitting on the couch.

“Yeah, where else would I be?” I said, sarcastically.

“Have you already eaten?” he asked, and I scrunched up my eyebrows. He never has dinner with me.

“Yeah, I ate a couple hours ago. There might be some leftovers in the fridge,” I commented, knowing I left some pizza in the fridge that I made earlier.

“Have you talked to your mother?” he asked, pausing in the doorway.

“No, your secret is safe with me,” I retorted.

“It’s not a secret,” he replied with a smirk. “I just wanted you hear from her what she has been doing behind my back, so you can stop judging me.”

“What is there to judge, Dad? Why should I care what either of you are doing or who you are doing?” I chuckled. “I honestly don’t know why you two are still married. You haven’t gotten along in years, and if you say it’s because of me, that is bullshit, Dad. I would be much better off if the you two were divorced,” I let it all out.

“You really feel that way?” he asked, confused.

“Yes, I do,” I answered.

“Huh, then I guess I don’t need to hide the fact that I’m moving out any longer,” he commented, and I raised my eyebrows.


“I am happy with Jessie, and I plan on moving in with her.”

“Jessie?” I asked.

“The woman you caught me with the other day.”

“Oh,” I sighed.

“I have already been to a lawyer, and we are working on filing divorce papers. That’s also why I wanted to know if you saw your mother, I need to tell her.”

“Yeah, well I don’t know what to say. I haven’t seen in several days.”

“Doesn’t surprise me,” he mumbled.

“What does that mean, Dad?”

“Nothing, just talk to her,” he said, and walked back into the kitchen.

I gave up on my phone call and sat in silence for several minutes. I heard Dad making food in the kitchen, but I had no plans to join him. I went up to my room and laid on my bed. I shouldn’t be upset over the news because I’ve been asking for a long time for this to happen, but now that I hear him say it, I have mixed feelings.

The next day came and still I didn’t see Mom and Dad had left early for work as usual. I ate breakfast, washed the dishes, and sat and watched TV again all day. Nothing excited happened, but as the day went on, I felt myself growing antsy with the need to finally call Don.

So, as eight o’clock rolled around, and no one else was home, I went to my room and brought the phone from the hallway into my room, just in case. I pressed ‘0’ to call the operator and I followed the instructions Don gave me. After hanging up, I felt my heartbeat speed up, and I questioned my decision.


“Hello?” I answered the phone.

“Hello, mi amor,” I heard a deep, yet sexy voice respond.

“Hi,” I said again with a giggle, and I heard him chuckle in the background.

“How are you this evening?” Don asked.

“I’m OK, and yourself?”

“I’m great, now that I’m talking to you,” he answered smoothly.

“Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t call last night like I promised, but…”

“No worries, my dear. I hoped you would have, but…”

“You really didn’t think I would, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. I could sense your hesitancy yesterday, and I told you I would be patient.”

“Yes, you did. The reason I didn’t call, was ’cause my dad showed up and gave me some interesting news. I actually had the phone in my hand, ready to call, but hung up before I could make the call,” I rambled on.

“Good news or bad news?”

“I don’t know. He told me he is finally going to get a divorce from my mom,” I said with little emotion.

“Isn’t that what you’ve wanted? You’ve said several times that it would be easier,” he commented.

“It is and it will be easier this way, but I guess hearing it out loud from him, makes it feel weird,” I replied.

“I can see how that would you feel indifferent. How does your mother feel about it all?”

“I really don’t know; she hasn’t been home in several days. Dad says I need to talk to her to find out why. I guess I just have to wait,” I answered. “OK, I didn’t call you to talk about my problems, so let’s talk about something else.”

I could hear him chuckle again, “Sounds good to me, but first I have to ask you something… Now that you know my name is really Don, will you finally tell me your real name?”

I sat there for a minute without saying anything. I could hear Don breathing, so I know he was still there. “It’s Jackie,” I finally replied.

“Well, it’s nice to officially meet you, Jackie.”

“You as well, Don Mickelson,” I replied with a giggle.

We continued to talk for the next hour or so. I told him more about myself and he did the same. Of course, I was holding his picture as he talked and imagined that he was here with me. After finally hanging up, I got into my pajamas and crawled into bed. I can’t tell you how many times I dreamed about Don and his sexy voice.

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