A Lover's Con (BWWM)

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Evita had been sitting on the ground for hours as she held a gun in her hand and wicked thoughts in her mind as she started pacing around the room completely distraught. "I needed you Caro! Don't you understand that none of this would have occurred had you not said those words! Those words I yearned for so long ago!" Caro looked at Evita with blood coming down his face moaning and groaning. "What!" Evita had looked at him as she grabbed his face sharply then kissed him. "I love you."

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Evita had always been the shy and quiet girl who never really talked to other kids because they would taunt and tease her because most people thought she was a mute. She has always kept to herself and never really dealt with the outside world for she knew she was different her taste of style was different from her friend Kelly and Mia.

Her mother Ava had left to pursue her dreams of being a model and her father John had another life somewhere else with another family.

Evita woke up from her slumber after another night of working late at Dunnar Printing Company, an internship for the college she has always wanted to attend since she was a young girl in South borough, Massachusetts.

Her mother always seen her carry around a notebook and pen seeing what it is she can write down and why.

That was years ago...

Years that no one could ever give back and ever since then Evita just blocks out any feelings that she’s had towards anyone since the sudden departure of Ava and John

Evita had finished writing in her diary as looked at her clock then went into the bathroom stripped down and got inside.

As Evita took a shower she wanted nothing more at this moment right now than to feel the temperature from the water hit her body just right as she squeezed Jasmine and Vanilla Kissed body wash onto the towel as she started to exfoliate all over her body from the top of her head to the souls of her feet. She lived for the moment when she could feel the hot water devour her skin with its heavenly warm embrace.

As the effects from the hot water started to wear off Evita had turned the water off as she dried her bundles then wrapped her body in a towel as she stepped out then went downstairs as she brushed her teeth then grabbed a piece of bread from the toaster and spread cream cheese and on top with black pepper as she began to eat. She soon started oiling up her body and getting dressed in a black skirt and knee-highs with a white button-down blouse and flats as she put her hair back in a slick low ponytail as she finished eating then grabbed her phone charger, lip balm, and other necessities that she would need throughout the day and tidied up and left out the front door.

Once she unlocked her Kia Soul.

Evita placed anything she held in her hands inside as she buckled up then backed out the driveway she started humming to Footloose by Kenny Loggins as she made her way to Dunnar Printing Company.

She knew this was going to be a long day indeed but she was willing to go for it every step of the way.

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