The Silver Dragon MC Series: My Presidents Sister: Book 1

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I had just graduated from college. I passed the nursing exam and will start working in the nursing home a block form the house. I was watching my presidents sister. I noticed something was wrong with her. She was walking slow and bent over a bit. I saw the side of her right cheek had a bandage on it. As I watched her I noticed after she picked up a box and turned her back was covered in blood. Gunner is not going to be happy to hear this.. I don't know what happened to her but she is not in good shape. I called Gunner. Your sister has been hurt Gunner. She is limping, and she has blood on her back and a bandage on her right cheek. Thanks prospect stay there until I get there.

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Chapter 1 Walker Is Back

I am the VP of the Iron Eagle MC. My name is Walker. I stand six foot seven inches tall. I have curly brown hair and gold brown eyes. I have a six pack and strong arms and legs from lifting weights. I am quiet and I have trust issues.

Our enforcer’s name is Ranger he is married, and his woman’s name is Kelly. He is as tall as I am. He has anger issues. And Kelly is the only one who can calm him down.

Our president is Gunner. He is not married either. He stands at six feet six inches tall and just as strong as me and Ranger. We knew that Gunner had one sister and she is in college. All we know is that her name is Peggy. None of the members including myself have ever met her.

I had just come back from a run and arrived at the clubhouse. As I got off my bike and walked inside, I grabbed a beer and sat down in front of Gunner.

How did the run go he asked me? Went great. The package was dropped off at the police station and her family notified. I rode straight back here. All I want is a shower and change of clothes before I get something to eat.

Just so you know. My sister is going to be moving into our parents’ house. She just graduated from nursing school. She is a nurse getting ready to work in the nursing home one block from the house.

So, if you see a moving truck outside the house don’t worry about it. There is something else bothering you Gunner. What is on your mind Walker asked him. I am not sure. When I talked to Hope something was off. I could tell it in her voice. I told her to let me know when she arrives, and we will come and help her move in.

She just didn’t sound like herself. She told me no. She can move things around herself. Then she told me give her two weeks before I came over.

Why don’t you have a prospect watch the house and see what he can find out. Find out what she is hiding. Do that Walker. Follow her as well. I will take care of it when she calls to let you know she arrives in town.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes sighing. These runs are taking it out of me. Then stop taking on more of them and let some of the other brothers do them.

You know why I am doing them Gunner. Walker it has been five years. Kathy would not want you to do this to yourself. I know that. But I can’t sleep in that room unless I am exhausted.

You need to find a new woman. I have not found one that even draws me to her. Hell brother. You know I can’t stand tall women. And there are hardly any short women in this town.

I had a dream last night. Kathy was telling me my woman is here. I will meet her soon. But she will hate me. I don’t know why but she will.

Brother every one of us has had trouble with the woman we find, and thinks belongs to us. Hell, Kelly gave Ranger a run for his money. Told him to go to hell and stay away from her.

I remember that. He was hateful for a while. It took him a year to get her to trust him. I know. We thought he was going to give up. Glad he didn’t. She has a hard nut to crack.

But I think you are even harder. I looked at Walker and grinned. Peggy would be perfect for Walker. He might be big and mean but he is a softie when it came to short women.

I watched as Walker stood up and walked over to a prospect. Soon the prospect stood up and walked out the door and we heard his bike leave.

I was sitting outside Gunners parents’ home. I saw the moving van there and things being moved from it into the house. Walker said that she was to call Gunner when she arrived at the house.

I started to dial Gunner’s phone number when she waved good bye to the men. As she turned around, I gasped. Gunner is not going to like this.

I dialed his phone number. Gunner, your sister is here now. The moving truck just drove away. Brother you are not going to like this. What is it prospect? Someone beat the shit out of your sister.

I sat up straight. What did you say? Someone beat the shit out of her. She has one hell of a bruise on her check and a black eye. She is also holding her side. Thanks. Stay there. I want to know if she was followed.

I leaned against the bike smoking when I saw the truck run up onto the yard. A man got out and stormed up the stairs pounding on the door.

Peggy, open this fucking door right now. You think I hurt you last night, wait until I get my hands on you now. I dialed Gunner back. Best get here fast. There is a man pounding on the door threatening her.

I heard the bikes pull up and stop on the road. I saw two of the biggest men I ever saw get off and walk to the porch. Who the fuck are you and why is your truck in my yard?

So, that bitch runs to a biker. I suppose she has been fucking you all this time. You, mister are pissing me off. Peggy is my sister. Then it must be him she is fucking.

I am going to teach her a lesson she will never forget. I saw Peggy open the door. I took one look at my sister and my blood boiled. I grabbed the man by his shirt. You did that to my sister?

I looked over at the girl standing in the door shaking. I was in love. I was angry. I punched the man, and he was out cold. Well hell Walker. We dragged the man into the house.

Walker tied him to a chair. I looked at my sister and lifted her shirt. I gasped. Her whole right side was black and blue. I turned her around and lifted the back of her shirt.

I saw belt marks on her back. How long Peggy? She didn’t say a word. Peggy, how long as he been putting his hands on you? Three months. Every time I tried to run; he would find me.

I called a few members and told them to bring the van and an extra prospect with them to my parents’ house. Take this piece of shit to our club house and lock him in the cells.

You drive his truck to the club. Wear gloves. I watched as they did what I told them to do. Come on Peggy. Where are we going? To the clubhouse. I want our doctor to examine you.

We walked out of the house and I helped her onto the back of my bike. We drove from the house out onto the road. I arrived at the club ten minutes later.

I helped her off the bike and into the clubhouse. The members looked over at Peggy and growled. I took her to the doctor’s office. Doc, please examine my sister and let me know her condition.

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