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This is a contemporary romance novel everything is fiction. Photo free image. ©️ Copyrighted by Me. Started: 05/29/2020 Daisy McGivens is nineteen years old and she's had the rough dealings of life. Her mother and father Rachel and Dennis McGivens were both killed in a robbery gone wrong turning into a forged life insurance policy her Aunt Kaitlyn filed her sister and brother-in-law coming out to the total of $100,000 dollars each. Detectives followed up on leads and tips that lead them directly to Kaitlyn when she had been confronted with the endless allegations in which she denied this changed Daisy's life forever. Her fellow peers and associates all abandoned her at the drop of a dime in that the rumors surfaced because of a family feud gone horribly wrong however on this day. Daisy was willing to get back at the people that cause this pain and torment whenever they sense her presents in one way or another. Atticus thought the childish pranks and antics were for the weak-boned and minded. "Daisy, you can't possibly be serious and think that by doing harmless pranks that this will make those girls actually like you," Atticus said with a smirk upon his face. "I-I don't know what else to do Atticus," Daisy spoke as tears came down her face these tears were of complete devastation and emotion of being tired of constantly having to put up with bullies.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Daisy McGivens had just arrived home from her last class of the day, English as she turned her car ignition off she felt a dark, eerie chill run down her spine. Something had been off and quite not right as the cool, crisp air hit her face as she felt her knees buckle then brushed the feeling off as she wrapped her hand around the gold-plated doorknob then turned it.

Placing her book-bag down on the table as she saw her mother’s shoes and coat along with her father’s pipe and briefcase.

Now she had been terrified.

How could they leave their belongings out in the open? Considering they were both strict and very direct about keeping the house in fine immaculate shape.

The question still lingered in her mind, “Mom! Dad! I’m home where are you?” she received no response.

Daisy continued to explore the house trying to locate her parents. Making her way upstairs while walking one step then another that haunting feeling started to resurface as she knocked on the door.

She tried opening the door as the body on the floor had been in a comprised position. Daisy couldn’t put her finger on it as she seen the glossy blue nail polish painted upon the feet.

She had been taken aback as she could only think of her mother from the day before as she had just finished painting her toenails for a banquet the night before.

Daisy gasped as she felt tears run down her face as waves of anger took over as she almost trampled the door down as she cradled her mother Rachel in her arms.

She couldn’t possibly think of anything worse other than some cruel monster had come in and completely taken her mother away from her.

Attempting to be strong as she wiped her tears from her face as she felt her body go numb as she searched yet again for her father as she knocked on the bathroom seeing him hanging
from the shower curtain liner with these intestines out from his body and mutilated gentiles, even the words Beware of the Truth written in blood behind him.

Daisy remembered nothing after that other than running to a neighbor’s house telling them what she witnessed as the neighbor called 911 and reported it to the Talkoma Police as they rushed over to the scene in the true house of horrors fashion.

Daisy stepped out of her neighbor’s house as police officers and ambulance responded to the scene she felt so overwhelmed as she passed out right in front of her neighbor’s front yard.

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