Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 10

Rebecca finished eating then stood up to place her plate in the sink. Turning to leave, she remembered something and snapped her fingers.

Mom’s head turned her way, and she raised her eyebrow, silently asking, what?

“I almost forgot, graduation practice is today,” Rebecca mentioned. “So, I’ll be at the school for a couple of hours.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be working. If you and Felix decide to grab a bite for dinner, just let me know before I fix enough food for you,” Mom said.

“Okay,” Rebecca replied. She then dashed off to her room just as her phone chirped.

Picking it up, she glanced at the caller ID, Felix.


“Hello, Kitten, are you coming to see me this morning?” Felix asked in a husky tone.

His voice sent shivers down her spine, and suddenly that empty place inside was filled. She no longer felt as if something was missing in her day.

“I have to go to the school for a couple of hours this morning,” Rebecca answered. “But after that, I’ll be free, and all yours if you like.”

“Do you have time to come by the parts store first?” He asked.

Rebecca glanced at her bedside clock. “Um—maybe if I don’t stay too long. Although, I’d be pushing it because I’m running late.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be okay until I see you,” Felix said. “Go on to school, and I’ll see you when you finish.”

Rebecca frowned at the floor in front of her as she asked, “Felix, is there a reason you need to see me this morning? If there is, I’d like you to tell me. Please, don’t be hiding stuff from me.”

“My beast is hungry,” Felix admitted in a whisper.

“Hungry? I don’t understand,” Rebecca said, slightly puzzled.

“He needs you, but I’ll be okay until you get here, Rebecca,” Felix told her. “I... sorry, someone just walked in. I have to go.”

“O-okay. I’ll see you later,” Rebecca said before hanging up.

Rebecca sat, staring at the phone and wondering what he had meant by his beast needing her. Next, she tried to remember everything he had told her the night before. Felix had given her so much information about himself. So, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t remember anything that would account for his beast needing her.

With a huff, Rebecca glanced at the clock once more. She really didn’t have time to see him, yet she felt as if she really should. If she were honest with herself, she wanted to see Felix anyway and maybe get a few kisses from him. Once more, a strange feeling of emptiness hit her hard, and she found herself rubbing the mark on her neck.

Finally deciding, she jumped up from the edge of her bed and ran for the door. Getting into her car, she made her way to Vogel’s Parts and Tire Repair and Felix.

Felix hung up the phone and quickly waited on the customer. Then, with a hissing growl, he walked to the back. Felix really needed to see his Geliebte. His beast was in a foul mood because he was hungry, and Rebecca was the only one who even stood a chance at calming him.

“Who bit your tail and ran this morning?” Falco asked as he walked into the back room where Felix was standing.

Felix hissed at his Bruder for his trouble.

“Whoa! Felix, your eyes are red. Did you not eat this morning?” Falco asked.

Felix hissed again and said, “No. Just the smell of it turned my stomach. I need...”

Ja, you do, so call her and ask her to come,” Falco stated.

Bruno must have been talking this morning already since Felix hadn’t told Falco about finding his Geliebte. He planned to take her to meet his parents today if she agreed to it.

“I did. Rebecca said she doesn’t have time to come before school,” Felix informed Falco.

“Didn’t you tell her you would need...” Falco started.

Felix hissed again, curling up his lip and baring his fangs.

Falco shut up.

Felix may be the youngest of the five, but his temper was not to be messed with. “I’m not stupid, Falco. I did tell her, but I don’t think she...”

“Yo Felix, you have a visitor!” Bruno yelled from upfront.

Felix took a deep breath, and he smelled her, his sweet Geliebte. Turning, he saw her standing in the doorway.

“I’ll just find somewhere else to be,” Falco told him softly, turning toward the door. “Felix, use the office and lock the door.”

“Hi,” Rebecca shyly said as she moved forward. “I don’t have a lot of time, but you seemed like you...”

Felix cut her off by speeding to her side, and after picking her up, he rushed to the office. Once inside, he locked the door and sat her down on the desk.

Rebecca was here, and it made him so happy.

Felix stood for a long moment, just holding her against himself. Just the touch of her calmed his beast, yet at the same time set him off. So, he began running his nose down her neck, taking in her earthy scent as he whispered, “I need a taste, Kitten, just a taste.”

Rebecca drew in a sharp breath. “Is that what it was? You needed... Oh, Felix, I’m so sorry that I forgot. Of course, you can,” Rebecca murmured even as she tilted her head to give him access to her neck.

Felix quickly swirled his tongue around her pulse point to numb it before biting down. Rebecca’s sweet flavor burst over his tongue, tasting just as good as he remembered. Felix groaned as he drank from her, his hands moving up under her shirt to feel her soft skin.

Rebecca whimpered as she pushed her body closer to him.

Felix knew the bond was growing more substantial, and Rebecca’s body was craving him as much as he craved hers. If only her mind would agree and let him take her in every way. If she allowed him to make her his in body as well as in blood, he would be content.

Felix pulled back from her neck, his beast satisfied, at least for now.

Rebecca gave Felix a sad look as her eyes met his. “I forgot, Felix. I remember you telling me how you would need blood from me every day, but I forgot. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. I should have called you earlier, given you more time, but we got busy. There was no way for me to break away until Falco arrived,” Felix explained as he buried his face in her neck and placing gentle kisses.

“Maybe that was why I woke up this morning feeling as if something was missing. Somehow my body knew what you needed,” Rebecca told him softly.

“I suppose it could be. If we had awakened together, I would have needed your blood right then. If your body is already feeling the urge to give, then our bond is already strong. We won’t be able to stay apart for long if that’s what it was, Kitten. Your body will begin to crave mine, and you will be miserable away from me, just as I am already miserable without you,” Felix explained as he raised his head.

Rebecca crashed her lips against his, and he groaned, tilting his head to the left slightly. He then deepened the kiss by sucking on her lip and her tongue. Rebecca whimpered, her nails digging into his back.

Felix pushed her back against the desktop grinding his aroused body against her. He tried to relieve his frustration at not having her, but it only worked slightly. Pulling back, he backed away from her, breathing hard as he muttered, “I need you, Kitten. I can’t...”

“Felix?” Rebecca whimpered as she sat up and reached for him.

“I’m sorry, Kitten, my body wants to finish what it started. I want to say my vows and make love to you. I want to bind us together as one for as long as we live.

“You need to understand, from the day I became old enough to think about a soulmate, that is all I have wanted and craved. I have waited so long for you, meine Geliebte. You are the one who was made just for my beast and me. This waiting to make you mine in every way, though I understand your side of it, I do, is hard. Maybe it is because I am younger than my Bruders were, and my hormones are that of a teenager or something, but this is extremely hard for me,” Felix concluded.

“So, because you’re still very young for a vampire, your hormones are like that of a teenage boy?” Rebecca questioned.

“I don’t know, but it sure feels like it right now. I’m barely holding it together, Kitten. You have aroused me until it has become painful, and now all I want to do is take you home and to my bed.”

Felix heard her sigh and looked over at her to see a sad look on her face.

“I’m sorry, Felix. I-I just, I’m struggling with this too, you know. I admit I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any guy. The most I’ve ever done is kiss a guy, well, until you and I...” Rebecca cleared her throat, and her cheeks turned a becoming pink. “Anyway, all these new feelings bombarding me are a bit scary. You touch me, and I want so much more. However, I don’t want to regret it later. So, as hard as it is, on both of us, I want to wait until I’m nineteen. We can wait ten days, can’t we?”

Felix stared at her, at her beauty and her hopeful face before sighing. “Ja, Kitten, somehow I will hold on, and we will wait. But ten days is as long as I will wait. Then you will be mine, heart, body, and blood.”

Rebecca jumped up off the desk and hugged him. “You make me happy, Felix.”

“You make me happy too, and I want you to know that I love you,” Felix whispered before kissing her cheek. He didn’t expect her to say it in return because Felix knew it was too soon for her, her being human, but at the same time, he wanted her to know how he felt.

“Somehow, Felix, I don’t think it will be long before I am feeling that way about you too,” Rebecca whispered. “Now I need to go, or I’m going to be late, but I’ll see you in a couple of hours. Are you sure you can get away from here?”

Ja, I’m sure,” Felix reassured her. “I was thinking about taking you to meet my parents. Would you like that?”

Rebecca smiled and answered, “Yes. I would love to meet you, parents.”

Then, after one last kiss, Felix reluctantly let her go. Rebecca left, and he returned to work.

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