Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 11

Rebecca was a bit nervous as she and Felix walked up the doorsteps to his parent’s home. So, in a whisper, she asked, “What if they don’t like me, Felix?”

Felix lifted their clasped hands and kissed the back of hers. He calmly stated, “They will love you because you are mine. Besides, my opinion of you is the only one that matters since I’m the one who has to put up with you.”

Rebecca gave him a fake glare. “Well!”

Felix laughed and opened the front door calling out in German, “Mother, Father, I’ve brought someone to meet you.”

“Felix, my son, we’re in the kitchen. You’re just in time for the meal, as you usually are,” a woman answered in German.

“Felix, do you come to mooch off of your parents?” Rebecca teased him.

Felix chuckled as he led her to the kitchen. “Of course. Mutter is a much better cook than I am.”

Rebecca shook her head and laughed at him. Walking into the kitchen, she saw a man and a woman sitting at the table. Neither of them looked a day over forty, if even that, with their smooth skin and slightly pale complexions.

Looking at the woman, Rebecca knew she would have known this was Felix’s mother in a line of women. She also knew that this was the parent who gave Tobias, Falco, and Bruno their looks. They all had her dark brown hair and vivid blue eyes.

On the other hand, Felix was his father’s spitting image with his light brown hair and emerald, green eyes. The brothers all seemed to have gotten their father’s curls, which he wore slightly longer, but fashionably styled.

“Shouldn’t you be hard at work right now, son?” His dad asked him in German.

Felix shrugged and hissed in disgust, reverting to English to exclaim, “Filthy car parts!”

Felix’s mom laughed. “You may look like your father, but you are my son when it comes to dirt. Now tell us who the lovely lady is.”

“This is meine Geliebte, Rebecca Hartmann,” Felix answered as he drew her forward. “Rebecca, my Mutter, Ingrid, and my Vater, Jantis.”

His mother gasps as she placed a hand on her chest and stood. “Oh, my, I am so happy. All my sons have now found their beloveds. My boys will no longer be lonely, and I will have lots of grandchildren to spoil.” Then she hugged Felix.

“Now, Mutter, don’t start on about grandchildren. We don’t want to scare her off before we even get to know her,” Jantis said as he stood up. “Hartmann?”

Rebecca grinned, then in German, she said, “Yes, sir, with two ns. My father was German and was born in Munich, Germany. He met my mom here in South Dakota when he came to America at the age of twenty-three.

“Ah, she speaks German like a natural,” Ingrid commented, also in German.

Felix grinned and winked at Rebecca before saying, “Apparently, an old battle-ax insisted.”

Rebecca felt her cheeks heat and bumped her shoulder against him. Now speaking English, she said, “Felix, you didn’t have to tell them that.”

Felix hugged her tightly as he murmured soothingly, “It’s alright, Rebecca, my grandmother, was a bit of a battle-ax too.”

“That she was. Rest in peace, Mutter,” Ingrid said with a laugh. She then quickly fixed two plates of food and placed them on the table. “Sit down, sit down and let us eat.”

So, sitting down, they began to eat.

When lunch was over, Felix and his father began to talk shop. Well, his father spoke, and Felix grumbled.

Felix’s mom had her follow along into the sitting room when lunch was over. She sat down in a chair, waving a hand toward the couch before saying, “We will leave the men to their business; I have no interest in it. Now, sit, sit, child. Tell me how you and my son met.”

And so began the question-and-answer time.

“Are you ready to go, Rebecca?” Felix asked about an hour later as he walked into the sitting room with his father.

“Yep, I’m ready,” Rebecca answered with a smile.

Felix held out his hand, and Rebecca took hold of it.

Rebecca stood, saying, “It was nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Vogel. Thank you so much for having me for lunch.”

“You’re always welcome here, Rebecca, and please, call us Ingrid and Jantis,” Ingrid said. “You are Felix’s Geliebte family,” Ingrid said.

Ja, family,” Jantis agreed.

Giving a slight wave, Rebecca and Felix left.

Once they were in the car, Felix mentioned, “I was thinking about getting some furnishings for my new home. Would you perhaps like to go with me?”

Strapping on her seatbelt, she looked over at him as she asked, “You already bought the house?”

Ja, it’s bought and paid for. The realtor brought me my keys this morning. I told you I wanted a place of my own, and I liked that house. So, why wait? Now I need furniture, well except for a bed, I’m taking mine with me because it’s custom made.”

“I did notice your bed was different, almost antique-like, and really high, but I didn’t think about it was custom-made,” Rebecca said, leaning back to stare at him as he drove. “So, why exactly do you have a custom-built made?” Rebecca saw his cheeks turn pink and raised an eyebrow.

“Um...” Felix cleared his throat.

“Oh, come on, Felix, it can’t be that bad.”

“There are three main arteries that a vampire likes to feed from,” Felix began. “They are the neck, the wrist, and... the inner thigh.”

Rebecca stared at him, feeling her eyes widen as all sorts of images came to mind from that one sentence. They were very erotic and arousing.

Felix quickly glanced at her before turning his attention back to the road.

Now it was Rebecca’s turn to clear her throat. “Okay.”

“My Bruder’s found a vampire man many years ago who made these beds special to the height of the vampire. Mine is the perfect height for me to lay a woman down on its” he cleared his throat. “Do I really need to explain it further, Kitten?”

Rebecca turned to face the windshield and spoke in a whisper, knowing he could still hear her, “So, you could lay me on the bed, and I would be at the perfect height for you to...bite my thigh for blood.”

Ja. Well, that, and other things.”

“Other... things,” Rebecca whimpered, swallowing hard as images of those other things filled her head. The things she thought of slowly became even hotter, and she felt her heart race. Oh, the things he could do to me on his bed. For the first time, Rebecca began to wish she hadn’t asked him to wait. Right now, she wanted Felix to take her to his house. Once there, she hoped he would have his wicked way with her on that homemade bed of his.

“Kitten,” Felix groaned. “Stop thinking those kinds of thoughts, please!”

Rebecca swung her head to look at Felix. Surely, he can’t read my mind. His face looked pained, and his hands were tight on the wheel as he drove. In a whisper, she asked, “Do you know what I’m thinking?”

“No, but I can smell your arousal,” Felix answered with a groan. “Whatever you’re thinking has the scent of it coming off of you in waves.”

“Oh? Oh, sorry! Um, so what kind of furniture are you looking for?” Rebecca asked, changing the subject quickly.

Felix chuckled as he pulled into a furniture parking lot. “I was thinking leather because it’s easy to clean.”

Rebecca wrinkled her nose at him.

“I’ll take that as a ‘no’ to the leather?”

Rebecca looked over at him to find him already looking at her. “I don’t like leather, personally, but if you do...”

“I wish to get something you also like, Kitten. After all, it will soon be yours too,” Felix told her. “Now, why not leather?”

“It’s okay until you get all sweaty,” Rebecca murmured. “Then you stick to it and...”

Felix leaned closer to her, right next to her ear, his breath on her skin causing shivers to run down her spine. “How would you know this?”

Rebecca turned to gaze into his eyes, their noses almost touching. “My dad had leather seats in his car. When I played soccer, I would be sweaty, and I hated how I always stuck to the seat. Maybe...”

Felix had moved to her neck and was slowly kissing down it. The caused her breath to hitch in her throat as she tried to speak.

“Maybe what, Kitten?”

Rebecca forgot all about what she was saying as his soft breath once more hit her skin. This time, it was slightly damp from his kisses, and she couldn’t help but moan again. A tingle started between her thighs, a feeling she’d never felt before. Rebecca suddenly wanted his hand there too, or maybe more than just his hand. She whimpered at the emotions that were bombarding her body right now.

“Felix, stop turning me on when we can’t do anything about it,” Rebecca begged. “Now I want things I can’t have.”

Felix leaned up to gaze into her eyes once more. His eyes were at half mass, yet Rebecca didn’t miss the fact that they were also red and rimmed in blue. She vaguely recalled him explaining how it was a sign of arousal.

“I need you, Kitten.”

Rebecca whimpered again. “I need you to Felix, but we were going to wait, remember?”

“I know, but there are things we can do without actually...” Felix stopped, his cheeks pink.

Rebecca raised an eyebrow as jealousy flooded her body. “Oh, is there now.”

Felix’s eyes widened, and he pulled back slightly. “I-I, Kitten, I’ve never done more than kiss a girl. With you, though... I want to try things I’ve heard others talk about. I want to try things I’ve seen in movies.” He turned to face the windshield.

Rebecca frowned, lightly chewing her lip in thought. She had completely ruined the mood even though her body was still humming in need of his touch. Maybe? “Felix, I wouldn’t mind experimenting a little if you want to.”

Felix turned and looked at her. “So, if I were to take you home now, you’d let me try some of those things?”


Felix started his car back up and took her back to his house.

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