Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 12

Felix couldn’t believe it when Rebecca said she would be willing to try things with him. He wasn’t going to argue with her, though. So, he drove as fast as he dared back to his new house.

Once there, he carried her from his truck to his bedroom using his vampire speed. Placing her feet back on the floor, he locked his eyes with hers, his hands at her waist. Silence filled the room as they stood, each one waiting for the other to say something.

Rebecca’s cheeks were pink, and Felix knew his cheeks probably were too. Felix internally huffed because he felt like a hormonal teenager with his first girlfriend.

Finally, realizing someone needed to make the first move, Felix stepped forward. Leaning in, he kissed Rebecca, and he meant for it to be gentle, but as soon as their lips met, Felix’s fierce need for her arose within him, and he became rough. His hands were moving, feeling all her curves—his teeth nipping at her lips until she opened for him.

Rebecca didn’t seem to mind, and she opened her lips with a moan of longing before she tangled her tongue with his.

Felix’s let his hands began to roam up under her shirt, and she whimpered against his mouth as he brushed over her nipple. His mouth left hers, and he nipped and sucked his way down her neck, leaving red marks in his path. Her blood called to him, and his beast arose, his fangs descending. “May I drink, Geliebte?”

“Yes,” Rebecca whispered as she tilted her head to the side.

Felix sank his fangs deep into her neck as Rebecca moaned in pleasure. As he drank, one hand moved downward, slipping inside the waistband of her leggings. Felix heard her whimper and found her feminine folds wet and wanting. Moving a finger back and forth, gently rubbing her clit, he allowed his thumb to move over her mound. Felix let out a groan as he smelled her growing arousal. It became stronger as he moved his fingers against her, and the sounds she made became louder.

Rebecca’s hands moved under his shirt to dig her nails into his back. “Oh, Felix, so good.”

Felix grunted and retracted his fangs. Then, licking the bite to seal it, he took his hand out of her pants before he stripped her down to her underclothes. When he had her stripped, he stripped himself down to his boxers before laying her on his bed.

“Felix?” Rebecca questioned as she looked at him through passion-filled eyes.

“Sh... I promise not to go too far,” Felix murmured. Then he took a moment to look at her lovely body before him with his eyes and his hands. So beautiful. Her creamy skin and smooth, curvy hips begged to have a man grab them and hold on.

“I know, but...”

Felix looked up at her.

“I-I liked what you were doing, and I was almost...” Rebecca’s face flushed red.

“Mm… is that right?” Felix questioned, knowing what she meant. “Well, gentleman that I am, I shouldn’t leave you unsatisfied, should I?”

Rebecca shook her head.

Felix moved his hand up to shove her bra to the side. Then he took her nipple into his mouth and began to suckle while his other hand moved downward. Placing his hand between her thighs, he found her feminine folds once more and brought her to a screaming satisfaction.

Rebecca almost felt her eyes roll back in her head as Felix caused her to climax for the very first time.

“Better now, Kitten?” Felix asked in a soft voice against her neck.

Opening heavy eyes, Rebecca whispered, “Yes, but what about you?”

Felix raised himself onto his elbow to look at her. “I’m content if you are.”

Rebecca raised an eyebrow because she could feel his arousal pressed against her thigh. She knew he was anything but content.

“I will be fine,” Felix told her as if he could read the doubt in her face.

Rebecca wanted him to feel as good as she did right now. She wanted him to know how it felt, so she raised pulled his head down to kiss him as her free hand slid into his boxers. Felix hissed when she wrapped her hand around his hardened length, and Rebecca couldn’t help but moan at the feel of his arousal now cradled in her hand. It was so hard and radiated so much heat. Tightening her fingers around it, she slowly moved her hand up and down his length, feeling his hot skin slid against her.

Her movements caused him to hiss in pleasure as he began moving his hips to her rhythm. As his speed began to pick up, Felix murmured, “Tighter.”

Rebecca tightened her grip, which caused him to grunt, his hips bucking against her. Rebecca whimpered as his hips moved in a way that created friction between their bodies. The contact caused her to begin moving her hips also, wanting to feel pleasure again.

Felix moved, repositioning himself. Now she could feel the tip of his arousal pushing against her, moving through her folds. Rebecca whimpered and softly cried, “Felix.”

“I know, Kitten,” Felix hissed as he moved even faster. Before long, a guttural groan left him, and he released in her hand.

Rebecca once more cried out in pleasure. As she lay there with him, laying lightly on top of her, she whispered in his ear, “I never dreamed it would feel this good.”

“Hm... just think how much better it will feel when we become one,” Felix murmured in return before kissing her neck.

Rebecca smiled. Yes, it would probably be soul-shattering.

“Felix, I should probably go home now,” Rebecca said when she woke up.

Felix was gazing down at her, and in a whisper, he answered, “What if I’m not ready for you to leave me?”

“Well... maybe you should take me out to eat. While we’re out, we can try that furniture buying again,” Rebecca suggested. “As long as you get me home by nine o’clock, Mom won’t say anything.”

“Okay, I suppose that will work. Although, I’d rather stay here and play with you some more.”

“Play with me?” Rebecca asked as heat filled her cheeks.

Felix grinned. “You can play with me too.”

“I can?”

Felix nodded, looking like a little boy at Christmas with his new toys spread before him.

Who could resist his sweet face? Not me. So, rolling him over onto his back, Rebecca crawled on top of him. Then she began to kiss him once more.

Eventually, they did manage to leave his bed long enough to get something to eat. Then he reluctantly took Rebecca home.

Two days later, Rebecca woke up early, for the third day in a row, feeling around on the bed. Huffing, she sat up and rubbed at her eyes. Rebecca hated this lonely feeling she had begun to have within her that seemed to be growing stronger every day.

Felix said it was their bond, though, and until they could be together full time, there was no help for it. She wondered if all their ‘playing’ as Felix liked to call it had something to do with it. Since that afternoon at Felix’s house, they had taken every opportunity they could to get mostly naked with each other. Felix was a master at driving her crazy with nothing but his kisses and his hands.

Rebecca was learning to give as good as she got, though. Just thinking about the things she and Felix had done had her mind replaying some of it. It also had her thinking about all the things Felix said he was going to do when she was wholly his.

“Okay, Becks, don’t go there, or you’ll be the one in need of a cold shower,” Rebecca scolded herself as she rolled over to look at her clock. Seeing the time, she sighed.

Today was the day of her graduation, so Rebecca stood up and began to get ready. Since it was her graduation day, she took a bit more time and care with her appearance than usual.

First, she put on the navy-blue dress she had bought especially for today, along with a pair of heels. Next, she put on a bit of makeup. Last, she braided her hair, leaving just a few strands around her face to soften the look a bit. Finished, she smiled into the mirror turned this way to take in her finished look. This caused her to notice the falcon on her neck. As usual, he seemed to watch her every move.

Giggling a bit and reaching up to rub it, as was her habit, thinking back to when her mom had first noticed it. Rebecca had been so careful about keeping her hair down around her mom, but last night she had forgotten and pulled her hair back in a low ponytail out of habit while she did dishes.

Felix was there since he had come over for dinner. He had said he would help her with the dishes, so they were in the kitchen doing them. He had been kissing her neck when no one was watching.

When she had teasingly scolded him for it, he told her that her bared neck was calling to him. Rebecca would almost swear Felix was a teenager the way he acted sometimes, and she was just as bad. More than once, she’d had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

Mom had walked in, bringing glasses from the table, and sat them on the counter. She’d started to leave, and then after doing a double-take, she’d paused and asked, “Rebecca, what is that on your neck?”

Rebecca had reached up to put her hand over it as she gave Felix a wide-eyed look. She’d turned to look at her mom as she said, “Um... what does it look like, mom?”

Mom had given her ‘the look’ as she commanded, “Young lady, don’t play stupid with me. When did you plan to tell me you’d gone and gotten a tattoo?”

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