Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 14

Felix lay for a few moments listening to his sweet Rebecca’s even breathing as he tried to calm his hormones down. He decided that maybe he needed to take a cold shower before he would sleep himself.

Thinking she was asleep, he began to get up, only to be surprised when she spoke.


Ja,” Felix answered, laying back again.

“I forgot to ask you, when did you get your tattoo?”

“I went the night before I was to go over to your house before dinner. I went to an all-night place,” Felix answered softly while running his fingers through her lovely long hair.

“But doesn’t tattoos take days to heal?”

“Vampire healing, remember?”

Rebecca softly giggled. “Oh, yeah.”

“Now sleep,” Felix whispered before he kissed her gently.

Within moments Rebecca was asleep. Felix, however, ended up getting up to take a cold shower first. Only then, with his arousal once more under control, was he able to go to sleep.

Felix awakened the following day hungry. This, of course, was normal for him, but for some reason, his hunger was more extreme than usual. Felix groaned as his stomach clenched in hunger, his gums aching with the need to let his fangs lengthen.

That’s when he smelled it, the sweet earthy scent of his Geliebte. Felix’s eyes shot open, and he found himself staring down at Rebecca as she lay snuggled into his side, sleeping.

Felix leaned in and began to place light kisses along her cheekbone, then down her neck. His hand moved along her thigh under the cover and found it bare. This caused him to hiss lightly as another need hit him. As his hand continued its upward movement, Rebecca moaned in her sleep. He left her neck and began to give her light pecks and nips on her lips. Felix caught her bottom lip with his teeth, careful not to nip her with his fangs, which had descended halfway down, and sucked.

Rebecca whimpered and moved closer to him as her eyes fluttered open. “Felix?”

Ja, meine Geliebte?”

Rebecca gave him a sleepy smile as she asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Ravenous, Kitten.”

Rebecca tilted her head, giving him access to her neck.

Felix didn’t question the move because he knew what she was offering; he just accepted it. After numbing the area around her pulse point with his saliva, he let his fangs descend entirely and bit down. The flavor of Rebecca’s blood burst over his tongue, and Felix drank until his beast was content and his hunger was sated.

“I love you, Kitten,” Felix softly told her as he leaned back to look into her eyes.

“I love you too, Felix,” Rebecca said at the same time as her stomach growled.

“Hm... it sounds as if my beast wasn’t the only one hungry this morning.”

“Nope, guess not,” Rebecca agreed, her cheeks pink.

“Well, I happen to have some fruit in my kitchen. I think my Kitten would be quite pleased with the selection,” Felix informed her, knowing she loved fruit for breakfast.

“You do, do you?”

Ja, indeed I do,” Felix agreed. So, standing up, he tossed her over his shoulder. Then he carried her to the kitchen to find her some breakfast.

Rebecca laughed the whole way.

After breakfast, Felix reluctantly took Rebecca home. He walked her to her door with a pout. After about a dozen kisses, Rebecca tried to shoo him off to work. He gave her a dozen more kisses instead.

When Felix finally stepped off her porch to leave, he muttered about dirty car parts, which was nothing new.

Rebecca shook her head and giggled at him as she watched him drive out of sight. Walking into the house, she found her mom in the living room. “Good morning, Mom. Where’s Ben?”

“Your brother has a job interview this morning before his afternoon classes. He’s almost finished for this year, as you know, and told me he needs to make some loot; his words, not mine,” Mom answered.

Rebecca laughed, saying, “That sounds like Ben.”

“I wasn’t expecting you this early since you have no more school,” Mom mentioned.

“Yeah, well, the man has to work sometimes. Although he hates it there,” Rebecca told her as she pulled her feet up onto the couch after sitting down.

“Why does he hate it?”

“Felix doesn’t like being dirty and says car parts are nasty. In fact, he flat out refuses to work the tire shop side,” Rebecca explained with a giggle.

“So, why doesn’t he find a job elsewhere?”

“It’s the family business, so I guess he feels obligated,” Rebecca explained. “You know, though, sometimes I think he also feels obligated to gripe and doesn’t really mean it.”

“Could be. Men are such silly things sometimes,” Mom said with a nod, and they both laughed.

“Anyway, I’ve been thinking about looking for a job myself. I saw on the way home that Myra’s Boutique is hiring. I thought I’d clean up a bit and go check it out,” Rebecca said as she stood to leave the room.

“That’s fine, Rebecca,” Mom said. “I’d like to discuss something with you first, though, if you don’t mind.”

Rebecca sat back down, seeing the serious look on her mom’s face.

“Just how serious are you and Felix becoming? I don’t want you jumping in with both feet only to realize Felix isn’t as serious about the relationship as you are,” Mom softly said.

“I’m very serious about Felix, and he’s serious about me too,” Rebecca informed her. “He asked me to marry him, but I wanted to wait until I turn nineteen.”

Mom’s mouth opened, then shut at that revelation. She cleared her throat to say, “Oh. When are the two of you planning to marry?”

“As soon as I turn nineteen,” Rebecca reinstated with assurance. Of course, what she didn’t say, only because she couldn’t, was that Felix already saw her as his wife. All he was waiting for was the moment she turned nineteen, so she would move in with him.

“Do you plan to have a big wedding? If you are, you’ve put a bit of a rush on it,” Mom cautioned.

“Nope, no big wedding for me. As far as I’m concerned, I’d be just as happy to swing by the courthouse,” Rebecca informed her mom a grin.

“You sound so much like your father right now,” Mom told her with a laugh. “You know, we didn’t have a big wedding either. It wasn’t quite the courthouse, but close. The preacher came to the house and married us at my mom’s bedside because she was extremely sick. She wanted so bad to see me married, though, and I sometimes wonder if that was all that kept her hanging on,” Mom softly said with a sad look. “A week after I was married, she passed away.”

“How come I never knew that?” Rebecca asked.

“It was one of those things I don’t talk about,” Mom replied. “I was so happy and in love with your father, and he had just made me his wife. Then it became a sad time as I lost my mom. So, I suppose it was just easier to not talk about it at all than to remember the heartache,” she said with a sigh. “Anyway, if you want to have it at the courthouse, I suppose that’s fine with me. I also want to know if you plan to stay with him nightly. Or was this a one-time thing until the wedding?”

“Uh... honestly, I think it best if we didn’t. I know Felix would love it if I did stay at his house, although he hasn’t asked me to. I’m hoping he doesn’t because I’m afraid if he did ask, I wouldn’t be able to say no to him...” Rebecca looked away as she felt her face heat. “So, I’m going to say yes, it was a one-time-only thing.”

“Alright, Rebecca, that’s all I wanted to know. Now, go and check on that job. I need to get ready for work anyway.”

So, doing what she was told, Rebecca went off to change for job hunting.

That afternoon Rebecca came home, surprised to find her mom’s car in the driveway. So, walking into the house, she called, “Hey, Mom!”

“In the kitchen, Rebecca,” Mom answered.

Walking into the kitchen, Rebecca found her mother putting groceries away and asked, “Early day today?”

“Yes, thankfully. Ah... how I love these short workdays,” Mom said.

Grabbing a banana out of the fruit bowl, Rebecca sat down at the table and began to peel it. “While I was out, Felix called me. He said his parents would like us to come for dinner at seven if we can. They want to meet you and Ben before the wedding.”

“That sounds like a good idea. I’ve gotten to know him, and he’s such a polite young man. I want to meet the woman who had the stamina to raise five boys. Tell him we would love to have dinner with him and his family,” Mom agreed with a smile.

Looking up to find her mom leaning against the counter, Rebecca chewed the piece of banana she’d shoved in her mouth. After swallowing, she said, “Okay.”

Leaving the kitchen, Rebecca went to her room to call Felix and let him know she’d see him for dinner.

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