Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 16

Felix finally took Rebecca home at about one o’clock in the morning. She staggered inside, quietly going to her room in a pleasure-induced haze and wishing she had let him take her to his house. Rebecca knew if he’d done that, though, she would have given herself to him right then and there. Neither of them would have been able to hold back from what they both craved.

With a tired sigh, Rebecca threw herself on the bed and passed out. She was awakened later with a banging on her door. Groaning at the sound, she pulled a pillow over her head and yelled, “Go away!”

The door opened anyway.

“My, my, look at you, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning,” Ben commented in his most annoying voice.

“What do you want, Ben? I feel like I just got to sleep,” Rebecca grumbled, squinting at him from under her pillow.

Ben laughed and said, “Yeah, well, maybe you did just get to sleep. I don’t know when you got home. Nevertheless, it’s one o’clock in the afternoon, and Mom thought you might be hungry.”

Rebecca’s stomach growled as if on cue.

Ben laughed again. “I’ll leave you to dress.”

Rebecca’s door closed, so she removed her pillow and sat up. Seeing herself in the mirror, she cringed. Lack of sleep really didn’t look good on her. She smiled because the reason behind it was so worth it.

Jumping up with a renewed energy, Rebecca quickly showered and dressed. She then headed for the kitchen, entering and saying, “Good morning.... err, afternoon.”

“I must say you do look better now than earlier,” Ben chuckled.

“When did you finally make it home, Rebecca?” Mom asked.

“I think it was about one o’clock this morning. Felix and I went to this field and stargazed. Felix knows quite a bit about the stars,” Rebecca told them as she remembered him pointing things out to her.

“I bet that isn’t all you did,” Ben snickered quietly. “There is no missing that beard burn on your neck or the love bites.”

Glaring at him, Rebecca said, “Ben, get a life, and a girlfriend, so you’ll have your own love life to attend to instead of tending to mine.”

Mom laughed as Ben glared back at Rebecca, but he left her alone after that.

The following day Rebecca’s phone rang at two-thirty am. Groggily sitting up and grabbing the phone from her nightstand, she answered, “Hello?”

“Rebecca, Kendra is having her baby!”


Ja, Ja, did you hear me? The baby is coming,” Felix repeated excitedly.

“Uh-huh, yeah, I got heard what you said,” Rebecca answered, half asleep and confused. “I guess I just didn’t know why you are calling me.”

“Because you are family, and family should know these things,” Felix answered. Only now, instead of expressing excitement, he sounded a bit sad and hurt.

Rebecca rubbed her eyes again as she tried to wake up enough to talk intelligently. Finally, feeling slightly more awake, she started to say something, only to realize there was no sound from his end anymore. Rebecca stared down at her phone... call ended. Did he seriously just hang up on me?

“Really, Felix? How old are you? Two? You woke me up, for crying out loud! Did you expect me to be all giddy about it?” Rebecca snarled.

Rebecca wasn’t one of those people who dealt well with being woken up from a sound sleep. No, she tended to be slow at waking up. It didn’t help that two nights in a row now, she’d gotten home after midnight. Sleep deprivation had begun to take a toll on her.

“I know vampires don’t need much sleep but come on, Felix, I’m human. I need sleep,” Rebecca continued to grumble. “Just you wait until I get hold of you, mister.”

With a shake of her head, Rebecca crawled out of bed. Scrambling through her dresser in the dark, she yanked out some clothes and hurriedly put them on. Rebecca headed for the bathroom to use it, again in the dark, and splashed cold water on her face. What she needed to wake her up was a cold shower, but she didn’t want to wake her mom or Ben up.

Felix was so going to get an earful over this.

Rebecca arrived at the hospital thirty minutes later, rubbing at her sleep swollen eyes. Only the anger flowing through her had kept her from going to sleep at the wheel.

“Rebecca dear, you made it,” Mrs. Vogel said.

Rebecca nodded and looked around. Spotting Felix, she glared.

“Is something wrong, dear?” Mrs. Vogel asked.

Rebecca forced a smile. Mrs. Vogel didn’t deserve her anger. “Nothing a good smacking won’t cure.”

“Oh, who’s getting smacked?” Bruno asked as he walked up. “Is it Felix? Oh, I have a better idea. You should fill his trunk with sand, or better yet, you could...”

“Bruno, my Sohn (son), be quiet, or you will be the one needing to be smacked,” Mrs. Vogel said. “Rebecca and Felix can work out their problems just fine.”

Rebecca just ignored them as she walked over to Felix. Grabbing hold of his arm, she turned him to face her as she snarled, “Who do you think you are, Mr. Man? You just call me up, and then hang up on me! I don’t think so you… you… you jerk!”

Felix stood there gaping at her, his mouth open.

Rebecca felt she could breathe fire at him; she was so mad. She knew she looked a mess, with bags under her eyes and her hair all tangled around her head. She hadn’t had the pleasure of prettying herself up. No, she’d been too busy trying to leave without waking the household up. Her mom didn’t need to be up this early since she had to work today. So, here she was, tired and a big mess, ready to skin Felix alive for being so rude.

Felix closed his mouth but continued to look at her wide-eyed. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and he hissed, saying, “You were the one who made it clear you did not wish to be here. What else was there to say?”

“Did you just hiss at...?” Rebecca began as her anger soared even higher. “Oh, no, you didn’t!”

Then Rebecca did something she never thought she would do to another person, much less the man she loved. Rebecca slapped him.

Felix just stood there, looking as shocked as Rebecca felt as he raised his hand to his cheek.

Too angry to care, Rebecca snapped, “You barely gave me time to wake up and be coherent when you called. Then you hung up on me. If that’s the way you’re going to be, then forget you!” Turning around, Rebecca walked out the door as tears flooded her eyes.

Felix stood there stunned, unable to move as he watched his Geliebte walk out the door.

“Um, Felix, you might want to go after her. We’ll let you know when the baby gets here,” Falco softly said.

Felix turned to look at his Bruder. In German, he asked, “What...?” His voice cracked. So, he cleared his throat and tried again. “What just happened?”

Falco sighed. In German, he replied, “Why don’t you tell me. She seemed as if she was already upset when she walked in, and all we know is what we just heard.”

“I called to tell Rebecca the baby was coming, and she, in turn, asked why I had called her. Her response and hurt my feeling, I guess. I might have hung up on her,” Felix answered, still speaking German.

“Oh, Felix,” Leo said, obviously having heard as he walked up. “You woke her up, and some humans have problems being awakened abruptly. She obviously didn’t have her wits about her, so you should have given her time, not hung up on her. You should go to her now.”

“Rebecca probably hates me now and will not wish to see me,” Felix whispered as he fought the urge to cry.

Leo sighed as he pulled Felix in for a hug. “Rebecca is your Beloved. There is a bond between the two of you. She will not hate you. She will be mad, yes. However, I don’t believe she will hate you. Now go to her.”

Felix nodded at his Bruders. Then he swiftly made his way down the hallway after his sweet Rebecca.

As he walked, Felix took deep breaths, trying to calm himself. However, he knew until he found his Geliebte and begged her forgiveness, it was a useless exercise. Walking out the double doors at the hospital entrance, he looked around and soon spotted Rebecca’s car. Heading over, Felix found her inside, hunched over the steering wheel.

Felix tapped on her window, and Rebecca raised her head to look at him. Opening the door, he knelt next to her and whispered, “I’m sorry, Kitten. I was hurt because you were not as excited as I was. I’m sorry.”

“I was too asleep to be excited,” Rebecca whispered as she wiped the tears from her face. Then she lay her cheek against the steering wheel while she gazed at him. “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have jumped you like I did or slapped you. I’ve never slapped someone in my entire life.” Rebecca ran her fingers gently over his cheek. “I was just so mad that you hung up on me before I could say anything. I know that is no excuse, though, so, please forgive me?”

Standing, Felix pulled her up and out of the car, into his arms. Burying his nose in her neck, he nuzzled her gently as he breathed in her earthy scent. “Always, Kitten, always.”

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