Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 19

Rebecca gave a wistful sigh, forcing herself back into the present. Oh, how she wished he were here now to kiss her. She and Felix had been doing a lot of kissing and touching. It was getting so hard for her not to beg him to continue when he stopped, and he always stopped.

Rebecca sighed and shifted onto her side, wadding her pillow up under her head.

The last few days, Rebecca had found herself waking up feeling lonelier than ever. She needed to be in Felix’s arms, to feel his body against hers. It wasn’t even in a sexual way, but more in a loving way that she wanted him.

Since having a conversation with her mom about their plan to be married at the courthouse, Rebecca had felt better about things. When she told Felix what she’d told her mom, he agreed it was a good plan for them in their circumstances.

Admittedly, she really didn’t care about a big ceremony. It was probably, well, probably because she already felt married to Felix, and an actual wedding seemed unnecessary. It was a strange thing, honestly, and nothing she could really explain if asked.

Perhaps the feelings stemmed from the way Felix treated her. He never really did treat her as if they were just dating. No, as soon as he’d given her his mark, he began treating her like he was her husband. He’d made her help pick out everything for his new house, right down to the silverware, since it would soon be hers also.

Rebecca had told her mom that a courthouse wedding was what she wanted, though, so she was committed to going through with it, unnecessary or not.

Yesterday she’d gone out and bought a lacy white dress. It was beautiful. Felix had applied for the marriage license at the courthouse. Then they’d told everyone the plan, and they all said they would be there. So, tomorrow, her nineteenth birthday, at ten a.m., she and Felix would be saying their vows to each other and getting married.

With a sigh, she glanced over at the clock. Make that today because it is now four-thirty in the morning. Rebecca sighed. I’ll never get back to sleep now, not even for a couple of hours. I’ve been lying here thinking about him so much I desperately want him; I need to see him.

Biting her lip, she sat up. Maybe she could go to his house. It was early, but she knew he’d be awake because vampires need truly little sleep. Or, at least, she had this feeling he was awake and thinking about her. Reaching up, she rubbed at the falcon mark on her neck, and her mind was made up.

“I’m coming, Felix,” Rebecca whispered. Then jumping out of bed, she quickly dressed.

Twenty minutes later, Rebecca was pulling up into Felix’s driveway and shutting off her car. The front door of his house opened as if he had been waiting, and maybe he had. Getting out of the car, she headed for the porch.

Suddenly Felix was in front of her, causing her to give a startled laugh as she said, “Woah, Felix!”

Felix didn’t say anything, just picked her up and carried her inside. He didn’t stop until they were in his room, and he’d lay her on his bed. Then he removed her shoes before laying down next to her. Running his nose along her neck, he murmured, “I’m so glad you’re here because I need you, Kitten.”

“I know, I felt it,” Rebecca whispered back as she ran her fingers through his short curls. “I woke up with the urge to go see you, and it wouldn’t allow me to go back to sleep. Weird, huh?”

Nein, I was thinking about you, wishing you were here with me. I think you felt that through our bond. Whatever it was, I’m so glad you’re here now. I want to make you mine now. I know I said I’d wait for your birthday, but I can’t, I need you now. I am so tired of fighting my need for you,” Felix stated as he lifted his head to look at her.

“Well, it’s a good thing today is my birthday,” Rebecca whispered. “I’m tired of fighting it too, Felix.”

“Happy Birthday, meine Geliebte,” Felix whispered.

Then, he kissed her, hard and rough. Rebecca loved it and dug her nails into his back as she moaned. Felix’s hand began to roam all over her body as Rebecca put her leg over his hip and used it to pull him closer.

Felix pushed Rebecca onto her back with a soft hiss, moving his lips downward across her jaw to her neck. Rebecca heard another soft hiss come from him before Felix ripped her shirt down the front.

“Too many clothes,” Felix complained.

Rebecca didn’t flinch. Instead, she moved her hands down and began to remove her pants.

Felix moved away from her to stand and quickly remove his clothing. While he did, she took the opportunity to remove the rest of hers also.

Felix lay back down, and they gazed at each other’s body, unembarrassed.

Rebecca bit her lip as her eyes roamed his body. Felix was lean and lightly muscled with a six-pack. His chest was hairless as if he’d had it waxed, but he’d left his pubic hair intact, and just like the hair on his head, it was curly.

When Felix’s study of her finished, he leaned back in, kissing her once more. His hands began to roam, squeezing and massaging their way over her body.

Rebecca whimpered as his fingers found that special spot between her thighs that had her bowing her back, silently begging for more. Her nails dug into his shoulders as he left her lips to kiss across her chest, nipping a biting gently and making shivers of pleasure ripple over her skin.

“Felix,” Rebecca murmured as she brought her hands up, pulling his head to her bared breasts. Her breasts were ultra-sensitive to the nip of his teeth, and she wanted to feel those teeth even as he sucked them, “Please.”

As if Felix knew exactly what she wanted, he took one bud into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it before he lightly bit down and began to suck.

Rebecca whimpered, her hips bucking up, her legs spreading to rub herself against his thigh. “Harder, Felix, please!”

Felix raised his head, looking at her with passion-filled eyes. “Would you like me to bite your beautiful breast and take nourishment from it, Kitten? Is that what you wish?”

“Oh, yes, please,” Rebecca begged.

Felix’s eyes dilated, and his fangs descended. “Are you sure?”

Just the sight of those fangs and the pleasure Rebecca knew they could give her had her nodding.

Felix dropped his head once more, sucking her nipple into his mouth, he sucked.

Rebecca felt the slight pinch as Felix bit down. A keening sound escaped her as her nails dug into his back. Pleasure ran up her spine and her hips bucked. Rebecca rubbed harder against his thigh, seeking relief from the ache she felt between her thighs.

“I love you, meine Geliebte,” Felix murmured when he released her nipple.

“I love you too, Felix. Make me yours now.”

Felix reached for the drawer on his nightstand, removing a condom and rolling it on. Gently, he spread her thighs to make room for his hips and moved over her.

Rebecca felt the very tip of his arousal as it brushed against her, making her whimper with need and her hips buck once more.

“I have waited for you for so long, Kitten, so this is my vow to you. I, Felix Vogel, take you, Rebecca, to be my first and my last, and I will be forever yours. I will protect you and do my best to keep you happy until we walk this earth no more,” Felix whispered sweetly as he hovered over her, his gaze locking with hers.

“I have waited for you also, Felix, so this is my vow to you. I, Rebecca Hartmann, take you, Felix, to be my first and my last, and I will be forever yours. I promise to do everything in my power to keep you happy until we walk this earth no more,” Rebecca whispered in return.

Felix pushed into her, burying his hard shaft in her wet folds. At the same time, he buried his fangs in her neck. Then they began to move together as one until they reached their release together. Pulling his fangs out, Felix hissed out her name as he licked the bite to seal it closed. Rebecca moaned his name as the pleasure continued to pulse through her body in waves, her body clenching down tight on him.

Giving Felix a kiss behind his ear, she murmured, “It felt so good, Felix. I never felt the pain I was told I would feel the first time.”

Ja, it did feel good. Didn’t it? There was too much pleasure to feel, and your body had no time for pain. You know what else feels good, Kitten?”

Rebecca slowly shook her head.

“It feels so good to finally make you my wife for all time in all ways,” Felix explained as he pulled back to gaze at her once more.

Raising her hand, Rebecca ran her fingers along his jawline, and Felix closed his eyes, leaning into her touch. “I glad I’m your wife now, too, Felix. I never dreamed I would find someone who would make me as happy as you have as fast as you did. When I met you, I felt a pull, a drawing toward you. I thought, what is it about this man that just looking at him causes such a reaction?”

“I felt that drawing also. It was a bit different for me, though, because I knew it was the pull of meine Geliebte. I remember wanting to kiss you.”

“Hm... well, thank you for reminding me.”

“Why?” Felix asked, his eyebrow-raising in question.

“Because now I want a kiss,” Rebecca informed him with a wide smile.

Felix laughed, “Then a kiss you shall have.”

Then Felix gave her a long slow, and very loving kiss that, of course, led to other things.

*Several days later*

My, my, these vampires sure do know how to kiss! Rebecca hummed thoughtfully. Mm-hm, and I should know because I’ve been on the receiving end of them from Felix.

Plus, I’ve talked to his brother’s Beloveds about it when we had a girl’s day out a couple of days after Felix and I were married at the courthouse. They all agree with me.

Falco’s Beloved Kimberly said, “It all started because a vampire kissed her.”

Tobias’s Beloved Kendra said, “It started because she kissed a vampire.”

Leo’s Beloved Camila said, “It started because she wanted a vampire’s kiss.”

Bruno’s Beloved Veronica said, “It started because a vampire craved her kisses.”

And me? Felix’s Beloved? Well, mine all started with a simple thought, because now I want a kiss!

So, hey, if five different women of all ages from five different walks of life say the same thing, it must be true, because they all found their perfect kiss from their perfect vampire man!


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