Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 2

Before she could say anything else, a man with dark brown hair and striking blue eyes walked out. Taking a close look at him, she wondered if he was related to Felix because they looked slightly similar.

“Tobias, this is Rebecca. She left her tire propped against the wall outback,” Felix told him.

The man nodded and headed for the front door without a word.

Rebecca raised an eyebrow as she asked, “Um... he doesn’t say much, does he?”

“No, Tobias is one of the least talkative men I know.”

Strangely, Rebecca found herself wanting to be closer to Felix. So, she shifted around until she was on her knees on the stool and leaned on the counter. It was an odd thing, wanting to be so close to someone she’d just met. As Rebecca watched him softly clicking away on the computer with a concentrating look, she felt the feeling grow more assertive. It made her want to climb onto the counter and pull him into her arms. She tried to break the feeling by looking away as she muttered, “Such a strange feeling.”


Rebecca was surprised he’d heard her and glanced at him from under her lashes. Felix was looking at her again, and she felt herself being drawn in by his beautiful eyes. So, she leaned even further over the counter, so they were almost nose to nose. “I think you have put some kind of spell on me, Felix, and I...?”

“You, what, kitten?” As he asked the question, he moved from behind the computer and closer to her.

“Because now I want a kiss. But not just any kiss, your kiss.” Rebecca truthfully didn’t know how he accomplished the feat, but suddenly she was on his side of the counter. She was now seated on the counter in front of him, with him standing between her legs.

“You want a kiss?” Felix questioned as he reached up to rub at her cheek.

Rebecca nodded. With him so close, it was as if her voice froze up.

Felix leaned in, and his lips softly touched hers.

She let out a little sigh of excitement, leaning into him.

He brought his hand up to hold the back of her head. Then he tilted his head to press his lips harder against hers.

With him this close, she could smell his cologne. It was slightly powdery but had a manly scent to it too. She breathed in deeply of it before he backed up. She didn’t like him moving away, though, and whimpered a bit, only to sigh happiness when all he did was run his nose down her neck leaving light kisses as he went.

“You smell so lovely, kitten, like... mother earth after the rain,” Felix whispered against her skin.

Rebecca felt a shiver run through her even as she tried to unscramble her brain enough to function. All she could think about, though, was another kiss! She did finally manage to say, “Ah... mother earth... rain...?”

Felix chuckled a bit as he rubbed his nose against her neck.

Rebecca felt another shiver go through her at the sound of his chuckle. Oh boy, what is he doing to me?

"Ja, the air is always so fresh and clean after a rain shower. That is how you smell to me,” Felix told her as he took another breath. Then his lips were once more on hers, giving her another kiss.

“Tobias said you sent him out to change a tire. He didn’t tell me you were in here mauling the customer,” a man suddenly said in a laughing tone.

Felix pulled away from her lips.

Rebecca would almost swear she heard him hiss at the newcomer, who only laughed. So, turning slightly, as Felix pulled her tight against him, she looked to see who it was.

This man also looked slightly like Felix. Although, with his darker brown hair and blue eyes, he actually looked more like Tobias. Curious now, she asked, “And you are?”

The man laughed again and answered, “Got yourself a nosy one there, don’t cha’, Felix?”

Felix made a rude noise that had the man laughing harder. “What do you want, Bruder?”

Ah... Bruder, German for brother, explains the resemblance. So, with that figured out, she lay her head on Felix’s chest and drew circles on his bicep with her forefinger.

“Just letting you know that we don’t have the size tire she needs, but we have a truck coming that has one. It should be here in the next twenty minutes or so,” the brother told them as he stepped closer. “Now, my name is Bruno. May I ask your name, sweetheart?”

“My name is Rebecca.” Then she reached up to brush the hair off her cheek, pushing it behind her ear.

Bruno’s eyes widened before once more becoming mirth-filled. “My, my, Felix must like you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let you come near him with a ten-foot pole with those filthy hands.”

Rebecca pulled back from Felix to look down at her hands. “Why? It’s just dirt from taking my tire off and dragging it three blocks. Besides, it’s dry, see,” she told him and proceeded to rub a finger along her cheek.

Bruno laughed. “Doesn’t matter. Felix hates, and I mean he hates dirt. Dirt on him, dirt on you, dirt that could get on him from you... dirt in the house.” Bruno gave a put-out sigh. “He really hates dirt, and it is so annoying to live with a person like that.”

Rebecca looked up at Felix to find him frowning down at her dirty hands. Not wanting him to be upset with her, she tried to pull back as she mumbled, “Perhaps I should go wash them.”

She then tried to hop off the counter, only to have him stop her. She looked up, catching and becoming lost in his eyes once more.

“Stay, Rebecca,” Felix murmured.

Then reaching under the counter, he pulled out a container of handy wipes. Taking one out, he gently wiped Rebecca’s cheek first before moving on to wipe her hands. It probably should have made her feel like a small child, him doing it for her. Instead, it made her feel cared for and maybe... a bit loved?

When he finished, he threw the wipes away and kissed the center of her palms. He then looked back up at her and winked. “Much better, Ja?”

Rebecca smiled her agreement just as the bell over the door rang. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw two men come in covered in grease.

“May I help you, sirs?” Felix asked as he lifted her off the counter. He patted the seat of a stool that was slightly behind him for her to sit.

So, Rebecca sat and waited for him to take care of the customer. That was how the morning passed, with her sitting quietly, drooling over his backside when Felix was busy. When he wasn’t, they whispered and snuck kisses. She loved every moment of it.

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