Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 6

“Is he someone in your life I should be concerned about?” Felix asked.

Rebecca turned her attention from Nick’s slowly receding back to look Felix in the eye. “What?”

“Should I worry about him taking you from my side?”

“No, he’s just a friend,” Rebecca reassured him as they got in the car. “We did try dating for a while right before my dad passed. We’ve known each other since sixth grade. We were good friends that decided to try dating but only because everyone thought we were so cute together. We soon realized it just wasn’t us, that we made much better friends. Thankfully, it didn’t ruin our friendship, and we were able to be friends still.”

“How did you know you were better as friends?”

Rebecca giggled. “When Nick decided it was time to do more than just hold my hand and kissed me. It was just... awkward and... oh, Felix, I think kissing my brother would have felt less awkward than kissing him was, and that’s the truth. Ugh, so gross!” She concluded with a shudder.

“So, he was there when your Vater died?”

“Yeah,” Rebecca admitted as she blew out a long breath. “He kept me from losing it Felix, he really did. Mom didn’t know what to do with me, and my brother had issues of his own to deal with; he didn’t need to be worried about me. I don’t know if I would have come through it if it wasn’t for Nick. He was a good friend and my rock during that time, but Felix, a friend, is all he is.”

Felix nodded as she took his hand. “Alright, I will say no more because I trust you.”

“So where are we going now?” Rebecca asked, needing to change the subject.

Felix tapped the steering wheel for a moment. “I know you were hoping to go straight to meeting the vampire, but while you were inside, my realtor called. He told me now would be a good time to see the house I’m thinking about buying. Would you like to go look at it with me first?”

Rebecca stared at him for a moment as she considered. Then, pulling out her cell phone, she dialed up her mom.


“Hi, Mom. Listen, I’m calling to let you know I’m not coming straight home from school.” Rebecca really didn’t figure her mom would have a problem with it. However, as she lived under her mom’s roof, Mom would worry about her. So, it was better to let Mom know what she was doing and ease her worries.

“That’s fine, Rebecca. Just let me know if you won’t be home in time for supper,” Mom answered.

“Thanks, Mom,” she answered, then she hung up to turn to Felix. “I’m all yours.”

With a nod, he started the car and pulled out of the school parking lot. Ten minutes later, they were pulling into a driveway.

The house was secluded by trees and bushes, making it very private, which she liked. It was small but cute, with white siding and blue trim. It also had a large screened-in porch that she could see herself enjoying the evening breezes on.

“The realtor said she’d leave a key,” Felix said before getting out. He walked around to the passenger side and opened her door. Holding out his hand, he took hers in his to help her out.

“Really? Wow, I didn’t think you could look at a house if they weren’t there,” Rebecca commented as she gazed around.

“They don’t usually, but I put a deposit down on this one, sight unseen. It has what I want, and I’m tired of Bruno’s messes,” Felix almost growled. “It’s better now that Veronica has moved in, but he gets to me, and he knows it.”

Rebecca giggled a bit and took his arm. “Since he has a woman now, maybe it is best if he has his own space anyway. So, let’s go have a look-see, shall we.”

Felix found the key, and after unlocking the door, he stood back, letting Rebecca go in first. He gauged her reactions to the house because he wanted her to feel at home here. He wanted her to like the place because she would soon be living in it with him.

She’d reacted well to everything, giving him every reason to believe she really liked the house. So, he sent a text to his realtor saying he wanted it. The realtor replied that he could have the paperwork ready the next day.

“So, you like it?” Felix asked, hoping he’d made the right choice.

“It’s lovely, Felix,” she murmured as she gazed at the backyard.

“Good, because I’m going to buy it, and I’m hoping...” Felix stopped. He was getting ahead of himself, and he needed to tell Rebecca a few things first.

“Hoping what, Felix?” Rebecca questioned as she turned to look at him.

Felix shook his head as he took her by the hand, and he led her to the door. “First things first. I believe you wanted to meet a vampire. So, come on.”

Rebecca practically bounced in her seat the whole drive to the house he shared with Bruno.

“Where are we, Felix? Is this where the vampire lives?” Rebecca asked as he led her inside the house and up to his bedroom. “Um… should you just be walking into someone’s home like this? I hope the vampire knows you well.”

Taking her inside his room, Felix locked the door.

“Um... Felix, what are you doing?” Rebecca asked, looking extremely nervous now.

Felix heard her heartbeat pick up and feared he’d had scared her. However, he didn’t want to take a chance of Bruno walking in on them. “It’s fine, Rebecca, and this is my home. At least it will be until I move, then it will be Bruno and Veronica’s home.”

“Oh… okay,” Rebecca whispered, looking a bit less upset.

Felix let out a breath slowly as he walked toward the bed. Softly, he said, “Come, sit. What I must tell you isn’t easy for me, but I’m hoping you will still feel the same way about me after I tell you everything, Rebecca.”

Rebecca walked over to where he stood, and Felix lifted her onto the bed since it was pretty high off the floor. Then, he sat down on the edge next to her.

Rebecca looked at him as she tilted her head to the side. “There is no vampire, is there?”

“Yes, Rebecca, there is. I am the vampire I was speaking of,” Felix informed her solemnly.

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