Because Now I Want A Kiss! (Book 5)

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Chapter 8

“For a vampire, there can only be one beloved,” Felix said. “You are my one. If something were to ever happen to you, I would have no will to live because you are it for me. When I mark you as mine, I will do whatever it takes to keep you happy and safe.”


"Ja. We’ve already taken the first step by you saying, ”Ja" to my bite. The next step would be when I give you a bit of my blood, that is when a mark will appear right about...” Felix moved his hand up and ran a finger along her neck right below her hairline in the back, “ This mixes our scent, so if another vampire were to come across you, he would know that you belong to another.”

“Okay, that I understand. It sounds as if fiction got somethings right anyway,” Rebecca said with a bit of a giggle.

“If that is what fiction says, then I suppose they did,” Felix agreed. “So, the mark is a symbol, kind of like a wedding ring is to a human.”

Rebecca’s eyes widened at that. “Wedding ring? Oh, now wait a minute. I’m only eighteen, Felix. I’m not sure I’m ready for marriage and, and...”

“Sh... calm down, Kitten, I know,” Felix calmly said as he wrapped Rebecca up tight in his arms. “That is why I stopped earlier. I feel as if you have been protected most of your life and are innocent in more than just your body.”

“Maybe I am, but Felix, marriage is a big step; sex is an even bigger one,” Rebecca whispered.

“I know, Kitten, I know,” Felix murmured as he held her.

Felix gave a soft sigh as he thought, I want her, and it will be tough to deny what my body desperately craves, but for her, I will restrain myself, even if it means a lot of cold showers.

Despite his sexual frustration, Felix continued to lay and enjoy having his sweet Kitten in his arms. Even though his body continued to urge him to take her, Felix continued to deny it and tried to keep himself calm. Felix knew she wasn’t ready for intimacy, sadly, since he was more than ready. Of course, he was much, much older than Rebecca and had been waiting so much longer.

Felix sighed as he kissed the top of her head. He was eighty-five and had never been intimate with a woman. Sure, he had stolen a few kisses, what young man didn’t, but he always knew he wanted his soulmate to be his first in everything else. Felix had also hoped he wasn’t waiting in vain because many vampires never found their Geliebtes.

Felix also knew that he needed to finish the marking, or Rebecca would suffer the bond’s effects in a couple of days. He wanted to spare her the agony of the bond sickness, which included flu-like symptoms and a horrible burning sensation if anyone but him was to touch her. The question is, will she let me?


“Hmm...?” Rebecca murmured, sounding sleepy.

“Could we at least finish the marking process by you taking my blood?”

Rebecca raised her head to look at him. Her eyes roamed over his face as if trying to figure something out before she nodded.

Felix smiled at her. He was so happy she had agreed and quickly sat up to remove his shirt. At the sound of her gasp, he paused and looked at her.

Rebecca was staring at his chest as if she had never seen one before. Then slowly, she reached out and lay her palm on it. She began to move her hand down over his ribcage, her eyes following its movement.

Felix bit back a groan as her touch sent ripples of pleasure through him. “Kitten,” he whispered as a moan of pure longing escaped him. “Kiss me.”

Rebecca moved so that she was up on her knees next to him.

Felix closed his eyes, his head falling back as he felt Rebecca’s mouth move across his skin. He whimpered low as he felt her tongue swirl around his nipple, making it pebble hard. When she began to retreat, Felix grabbed at her, holding her to him for a moment before pulling her over to straddle his legs. “More, please, Kitten. I need more….”

Rebecca’s mouth returned, kissing, nipping, and sucking all over his neck and chest. The feelings she gave him almost cut off Felix’s ability to speak. So, with a guttural groan, he fell back on the bed, pleasure moving through his body like hot lava. Felix began to move his hands along Rebecca’s spine, moving downward until he found the hem of her shirt. Once there, he slid under it to feel her warm skin, and he once more groaned.

“You make me feel so good,” Felix said.

Rebecca pulled away for a moment, and when Felix opened his eyes to see why he found her removing her shirt. His gaze moved over her chest to her breasts which were covered in a lacy bra. Giving a slightly pained whimper, in German, he asked, “Kitten, what are you doing to me?”

“I want to feel your skin on mine. I-I know I shouldn’t, but I need...”

Felix pulled her down until their chests met, and he felt the friction of her soft skin against the hair on his chest. Still speaking in German, he murmured, “I know, Kitten. I need it too....”

Felix kissed her rough and hard, almost grinding their lips together until Rebecca opened hers. She slipped the very tip of her tongue out and slid it along his lower lip, causing him to almost hiss with the need to have more of her.

Flipping her over, so he hovered over her, Felix pushed his tongue in to run it alongside hers, tasting and feeling every inch. His hand moved up to cup her breast, and Rebecca whimpered as she arched her back. Felix left her mouth to kiss along her neck. Lower and lower, he went, kissing her shoulder than the top of her chest.

“Felix,” Rebecca whined.

Felix raised his head to look at her.

“Please,” Rebecca begged.

“Please what?”

Rebecca continued to gaze into his eyes as if she could tell him what she wanted that way. Finally, placing her hands on the back of his head, she pushed him down toward her breast. “Please.”

Always willing to please her, Felix pushed her bra aside. He then sucked one of her rosy buds into his mouth. She let out a light scream of pleasure, her back arching.

Moving his leg, Felix placed it between her thighs and rubbed it. He found pleasure in the sounds she made, and it was almost his undoing. He needed to stop, though, or he soon wouldn’t be able to. So, lifting his head and shaking it to clear the lusty fog, Felix moved back over to his side of the bed and took a deep breath. Next, lengthening a nail, he pulled it across his chest as he pulled her head toward him. Then, he whispered, ”Trinken Meine Geliebte.” (Drink my Beloved)

Rebecca began to suck, taking his blood and completing their bond. When the wound closed, she raised up and looked at him. Felix pulled her head down, lightly licking his blood from her lips before he kissed her.

“I didn’t expect it to be sweet,” Rebecca murmured.

“Mm... your blood is most delicious, Kitten,” Felix told her. He moved her hair around so that he could see her neck. When he found it, he murmured, “Beautiful.”

“What does it look like?”

“It is a falcon with my initials under it. You are now marked as mine. Now, all that is left are our vows,” Felix told her softly.

Rebecca lay her arm across his chest and propped her chin in her hand as she looked at him. “What vows?”

“When we are intimate for the first time, I will make a vow to you. It will be much like those given at a human wedding, and you will repeat what I say back to me in your own words. In the vampire community, this, along with your mark, is as good as a human certificate of marriage.”

“Ah... so the mark is...” Rebecca stared into space before a grin spread over her face. “A symbol of our love to each other.”

“As I said earlier, more like a wedding ring, but a permanent one that cannot be lost,” Felix said. “Rebecca, even without the vows being said, as soon as I gave you that mark, you became my wife. The rest is just the consummation of it all.”

Rebecca raised an eyebrow but didn’t look upset as he had feared she might be.

“So, I’m your wife now, am I? Didn’t I tell you I was too young to be married?” Rebecca teased.

"Ja, Ja, you did, but it is still how I feel,” Felix informed her. “If you were ready for all of it, I wouldn’t have stopped what we started a little bit ago.”

“Felix! Veronica has dinner ready if you and the ... um...” Bruno yelled from the other side of the door. There was a long pause, then he continued, “Yeah, so dinner is ready.”

Felix closed his eyes and groaned. He then grumbled under his breath, “Leave it to Bruno to ruin my moment.”

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