Love in the wedding

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Alison is an orphan girl who achieved many goals in her life on her own. She harbored all the difficulties that came in her life. Many times she fell but woke up on her own and started walking again. Even after such good deeds, nothing good is happening in his life, he is a very fine fashion designer. She is a fine fashion designer but due to working in a small place, her hard work was hidden from the world. But then when a celebrity friend asked her to make her wedding clothes, Alison's life took a new turn in every way. She met there Liam Robertson, the fashion king of the country. Liam himself is a fashion designer as well as the owner of Chain, the country's largest fashion house. Liam had already given his heart to Alison at the sight. But when he saw her work, Liam decided to make Alison his own, But someone who didn't approve it, had a problem with Alison. She was willing to do all she could to try to ruin Allison's life. Will Alison and Liam's flourishing relationship survive the enemies' eyes? Or will it be over before it starts? NOTE: THIS IS A SWEET ROMANTIC STORY WHICH HAS NO ANY ASSAULT AND ALSO NO ADULT SCENES. HAVE SOME TOUCHING AND KISSING THAT'S ALL.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I am a new writer in this app, I don't have more knowledge about writing in this app. This is my first story in this app, hope you guys will like it and give your support to me and my story.

Main characters of the story.

Alison Jackson
Age: 26
Work: fashion designer

Emma Mason
Age: 28
Work: Fashion designer

Alison's best friend.



My head is buried in the computer screen to edit my new designs, And my whole body is aching now because I am sitting in the same posture for many hours, I am working furiously so I can complete my next week's work too before I leave.

I heard the footsteps and I know who that was, but I don't look up and keep doing what I was doing.

But she is also stubborn and starts tapping her heels on the floor. " Stop it Em I know you are here," I say, Still looking at my computer screen. "As you know I am here, then you may also know why I am here?" she says. " How can I?" I finally looked at my Bestie who was standing in front of my desk, arm folded and looking at me. " Do you want to get sick?" She says in a cold voice.

"What happened?" I say in a casual tone. "What happened? All you have deep down your head in front of this computer for the last 4 hours non-stop and it's time for lunch so Aren't you hungry?" She says. " It's lunchtime?" I say because I really didn't notice that. I asked surprisingly. "Yes, it's lunch so get up take your ass out so we can go for lunch." Emma says, "Can you order our lunch here so I can do work and lunch both?" I asked her sweetly. "She raised her eyebrows, are you insane? You are working all the time Ali, you need rest." She says with a firm and then concerned voice.

"I know Em I am working this hard so we don't have to worry about next week you know we are already not at good doing good," I say and put my head on the backrest of my chair, " It's not your fault, or not mine it's all Cara's fault Ali that she is not wanting to listen to other plans and drowning the business as well as our hard work," She says and sit on the chair in front of her. "I wanted to complete all the designs before I go to Rick and Georgia's wedding. So I don't have to worry about anything." I say and close my eyes which are really burning now.

" Don't you think you work more than you got paid for?" Em asked me in a sarcastic tone. "Yeah! Yeah! I know that too Em but let me just complete this last editing and then we can go for lunch" I say and look at the computer again, which was now a little blurry for me I take my eye drops put in my eyes, and then start working again Em was also working on her tab, I heard my door open again and it can be only one person other than Em that can come in my office without knocking.

"Yeah! Yeah! I know that too Em but let me just complete this last editing and then we can go for lunch" I say and look at the computer again, which was now a little blurry for me I take my eye drops put in my eyes, and then start working again ...

Hope you guys like this chapter and don't forget to love ❤️and comment.

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