Love in the wedding

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I came back to my room they have decided to go to the club and even I hate clubbing they are not going to listen me so better not to argue, and the another thing is in my mind is Liam we were just talking when that Grace drag him with her out of the room and he just look at me but don't protest her, I don't know what is the relationship between them?, I think maybe I am overthinking, I just need Em here but it's afternoon so maybe she would be in office, so I don't want disturb her. So I decided to make some designs that was good I had decided to take my sketch book with me, I take out my sketchbook from my bag and sit on the couch order some lunch for me by room service and decided to not go out all this city is not unknown for me, it's my hometown but I don't want to go anywhere it's remind me of my mom and dad and I don't to cry beacause they wouldn't be happy to see me crying.

After starting designing I finished one design till I heard the knock on the door, it must be my room service. So I close my sketchbook and get up and open the door. Waiter was there with my lunch, I say hello to him and take my lunch from him and I can hear giggle from the next door which was of Liam and it was a woman's voice, I don't know why I feel something off in my heart I smile on waiter give him some tips and close the door. As I close the door I heard, "Oh! God don't remind me of that it was so embarrassing," It's..her voice I know it's Grace and she was the one who was with Liam it's like salt to my wounds.

I put the dishes full with my lunch on the coffee table I wasn't feeling hungry anymore but still I don't wanted to waste the food so I had some bites and then keep leftover in the mini fridge of my room and decided to take a nap. As I lay on the bed I hear my mobile rings and it's Em because I have a different ringtone for her call so I don't waste any time and pick the call, "Hey! How are you?" She says in a concern voice, "I am perfectly fine. Why are you asking?" I asked her, "I don't know I feel know like you need me and .." she says I can't believe she can feel it yes of course I needed her and she got that, this is call heart to heart relationship. But I tried to lighten the mood "oh! Didn't you sound like Cliché love stories couple?" I say in playful manner. "Don't tease me, I was just worried about you, are you fine? Well what are you doing?" She says.

"Yes! Mom I am fine I am in my room today Georgia and Sara tries their dresses and they all loved it and no need of any altering so we are done for the day and I had my lunch so decided to have some rest." I explain her. "Good then we'll here things are good too, Cara is not in the office today so I am in command and I am doing it really well and you have few appointments after you will came." She says and then I remembered the what Liam had told me yesterday, " You know Mr Robertson was wanted to meet me but that bitçh of our boss don't even informed me and tell his P.A I have a busy schedule." I say in a little angry tone.

"What? How do you know that?" She asked in confusion. "He says me yesterday I was the one who had designed his secretary's dress for her wedding and he liked it wanted to meet the designer but our boss don't even inform us" I explained to her again "that bitçh I am not going to leave her this time" Em said in the angry tone, "No! Em this time I will deal with her because it's enough of her, I am not going to take her shits anymore." I says her "Yeap! This is my girl we will deal with her together, well I have to go I have a meeting with a new client" she replies "ok! Boss break a leg" I says and then we hung up the call I have now smile on my face and I sleep peacefully.


I don't know who the hell knocking on my door and what is the time?, I remove the comforter from my face and try to find my phone and when I get it I saw the time and it was 5 in the evening, I don't wanted to wake up but don't know who is on the door,. So I get up and go to the door, "Who's that?" I asked in my sleepy voice. "It's me Georgia open the fucking door" I open the door and she came inside, "what happened?" I asked and rub my eyes. "Are you with someone?" She asked and look around in the room, my eyes open wide to hear that, "What are you saying?" I asked. "You take time in opening the door so I think, what was you doing?" she asked "I was sleeping," I said, "Do you forgot we have to go to club?" She asked me by folding her hands around her chest, shit I really forgot well who remember in the sleep they have to go somewhere and mostly when it's the place like Club?

" What no I didn't even I had selected the dress which I will wear." I said in a confident voice. "Really? Then so me," she asked. "Yeah!..yeah.." my all confident was gone now. I go near my luggage and open it and after running my hands over my dress I pick only black dress I had taken here. "This!" I show her that dress. "Really this? Ali we are going to club not to funeral, so I am not letting you to wear this, girl you are only 25 and you live a life like you are in 60s," let's go to my room I will give you one of my dress," she says and take the dress from my hand and out it back in the luggage. "But..your.." I wanted to explain but she drag me with her out of the room and as we came out, I saw Liam was also out of his room and talking to someone on his mobile he look at us say something and cut the call.

"Wow! What happening here?" He says by seeing Georgia dragging me, and I am just praying she don't open her loud mouth. "Oh! Nothing I am just going to help Ali to wear something sexy, you know she is just 25 but she don't like to go clubbing and wear revealing dresses, I was just saying her to wear something that can catch someone's attention," She never stop this she don't mean to insult me but it's always happens. "Well I don't think she need anything revealing to get the attention" Liam said and look at me, and I can bet I am blushing, "who I am saying the another party poppe," leave it. And again she was about to drag me "well no need to dragging I will go by myself" I said by raising my hand in surrender "ok that's good let's go Bye Li and you should get ready before, 7" she says to him and the start walking and I follow her.

After lots of trial argument, and denials we both agree on one dress which was least revealing dress and she agreed on that too, then I take the dress and come back to my room.

I saw it was already past 6 so I decided to take a little long shower so I can get ready on time. I take the hot bath and then after that I dry my hair and then wear the dress and comb my hair and decided to let them open and then do some dark makeup which I don't so usually.

Then slip into my hills and now I was ready to go but decided to wait for them to call me, I take some pictures and send them to Em she send me some shocking emojis and then we just chat for sometime then Georgia call me.

"Ali, come to the lobby we are ready to go" Georgia said on the call, "ok! I am coming" I replied hung up the Call and take my cluch and came out from room and then was go to the lift, as lift open Grace was in it, "Alison you are looking beautiful," she say in sarcastic way, "Thanks,Grace but isn't we have to go out but this is the 10th floor?" I also reply in sarcastic way, "Yeah! I know I just came to take Liam with me," she replied and the way she said his name I wanted to slap her really hard, but just smile and go to the lift and close the door and the smile of victory she had on her face was making my blood boil but I can't do anything, he is not protesting her and he is friendly with her so what I can do? And mostly I want to know if he had her why did he asked for dinner with me?, Whatever I don't want to care about him right now, I want to enjoy with my friends.

I go downstairs and saw Georgia, Sara, Rick and Ben and other few friends of Georgia and another two friends of Rick was there. I wave at them and they smile.

"Woo! Is this our Ali?" Sara says and look at me, "Yeap! This is me she is the one who make me wear this," I point to Georgia, "So what? What you want to go club in a covered sheet?" Georgia said and look at me, "Yeah, you are looking really beautiful, Ali," Rick say and give me a side hug, "Yeah! You will definitely going to get lots of compliments, and if you agree you can get laid too" Sara says and wink, "Shut up, " I say "Liam I am saying anything wrong?" Sara says again, and look behind me,I turn and saw Liam was standing there and staring me like a gwak, I feel little less dressed in front of him. "Yeah! Definitely, she is looking beautiful" he says and his eyes don't leave mine,

"Mr Robertson," a man's voice came from the back of Liam he turn and we saw there was man in the three piece suite, "Yes! Mr Greens?" Liam replied to him, "Sorry I forgot to give you this pen drive," That man says and hand him a pen drive, Liam take and nod and then that man left he turn toward us, "who was that?" Georgia said, "Nothing important only we were having a meeting in the cafeteria and then I saw you guys so, I say him we will do it later and came here," he says, and then it come in my mind he wasn't in the room then why Grace was going there? Well maybe she had no idea,. "Now guys let's go, or we will just spend our whole night in talking here." Ben says, "yeah! Let's go," Rick says,. "wait! You guys are going without me?" Grace says and come toward us from the elevator.

"I wish we had already left," Georgia whisper that only me and Sara can hear that. "Oh! Sorry Gracy let's go we all goes to the outside and there was three cars, I don't know how we all will go by this but then "Rick and Georgia you both go with one car in another me, Sara, Grace and Ali will come and in.." Ben was saying but "No! Why don't Patrick or Andre go with you I can come with Liam." Grace the bitch says and then touch the Liam's arms and he don't protest again "ok then so we all sit me and Sara and Ben in back sit, Patrick on passager seat then driver drive us to the club, "sometimes I want to kill that bitçh and thank god she don't come with us," Sara says,

"you are right Sara I don't know why she always want to tag with us,?" Patrick replies and "did you guys noticed this time she leaved André and focus on the Liam?" Ben says and it make me little upset but I look out of the window, and Sara touch my hand. I look at her and smile. "I am fine," I whisper to her "I think they know eachother because Liam also didn't say no to her" Patrick replies, "Can we drop the conversation about that bitch?" Sara says in irritating tone, "you was the one who started that babe" Ben says "guys don't fight over her" I say and then both nod and then we finally reached to the club in silence.

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