Love in the wedding

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Ch- 14

"Alison," Liam said and I turn back and Liam was looking at me, Grace was still standing near him, "I will talk to later," he said to Grace she nod hug him she said something which was like a whisper, and get inside the elevator. "Sorry, she was here just to give me my file," he said and come near me, "File? Why?" I asked bluntly, "We work together, I mean her dad and me have a merge and she is handling it, so we just discussing the things as we are here together", he says and we walked towards my room, and that's why she was meeting him but why she always come here when I am with him, "Oh! that's good," I said and smile we reached to our room doors, "So good night," I said but he pulls me into the kiss and then we separate, "now night will be good," he said and I smile and blush, finally we get inside our rooms and I am feeling relief after knowing the truth, and now I can sleep peacefully.

Next day....

I woke up early and saw it was just, 6 in the morning wedding will start in the late afternoon so, there is lots of time but then I remember Is Rick and Geo come back yet or not?, I take my mobile and call Rick he wasn't picking my call so I call Georgia she is also not... but then she did in the third ring, "He..llo" she said while yawning, "Geo are you guys back?" I asked there was no answer from her side I can just hear the that mean they are not here yet, god they are going to create trouble here, "Ali, please take care of the things we will be there in few minutes,"she said and cut the call, I have to do something, I decided to go her room before any of their mothers come there. I did and it wasn't open of course so I take the duplicate keys which wasn't easy of course but it got simple when I call Rick he talk to the manager and he gave me another key so I got into there room, it's wrong but I don't have any other idea, I place the dress on the hanger arrange her all makeup kits and accessories that if someone came inside they will think the bride is getting ready, then someone Knock on the doors I was now panicked, what to do?

"Ali open the door," it's me, it was Sara so, I relief and open it, she came inside and I close the door but then I heard again knock we both look at each other, "Whose there?" Sara asked, "It's me," we both share a look because it's Georgia's mom, "What we will do now?" Sara says, we both pace around and bump into each other, "Ahh.." I rub my head, "Open the doors Girls, "Yeh... I am coming I wasn't decent and Georgia is in the bathroom," Sara says, "Listen you go inside the bathroom and run the shower and when she will go you can come inside," Sara says and I don't have any better option so, I did and go into the bathroom and I lock it. Sara opens the door and her mom comes inside which I can guess, "Where is Geo?" Her mom asked, "she is the bathroom she is getting a shower, and till I am ... arranging things," Sara says, "okay, I will wait here," her mom said and I was panicked now,

"No!" Sara says "I mean you should get ready and then we girls need some our time you know.." she said in a playful way "okay, okay, I am going you guys get ready soon," she said and I heard the door open and close I take a breath which I was holding. "Finally, come she is gone," Sara says and I came out, "Girls open," it was Georgia and then we finally take relief, and now finally she hears we open the door she came inside, "God where you guys were?" I asked, "Sorry we just.." she was blushing, "No details needed," I protest, "Go and get a shower so, your hairdresser and makeup artist will be here soon," Sara says and she nods and goes into the bathroom.

After a few hours.....

I and Sara are finally ready, our hair makeup and everything is done. Georgia's make-up is going on, so we were just taking care of other things. "Mam you are finally done," make-up artist called to Georgia and get aside and I look at Georgia she was looking really beautiful and everything is fitting to her, "Aww.., look how beautiful she is looking," Georgia's mom said and enter into the room, "Yeah! My baby is looking perfect bride," Her father says and kiss Georgia on her forehead, it was the really touching moment it reminds me of my parents as well as that they will be not there when I will be a bride. "Ali?" Sara says and I look at her, "Yes? What happened?" I asked Sara, "nothing it's time for going to Venu so let's carry our bags," she said and then we take our bags and everyone goes to cars and we all reached to the venue, it was really well-decorated place and beautiful of course all things are according to Georgia's choice and there are media too, who are not allowed to come inside after all this is one of the popular actress and Business man's wedding. They have signed with some media to do all shootings. "This is really huge and fairy style wedding,..." Sara says and squeals "yeah! It is," I said in low voice, I can't imagine having this type of grand wedding because I don't have that much of income or most important I don't have a boyfriend to imagine a wedding with him. Then my mind goes to Liam, I hadn't seen him today, but the things happened last night was really good, and I am really looking forward to our date hope everything will go well, but what that date means to him?, Is he is serious about me? Am I serious about him? "Let's go this way is our Greenroom," Georgia's mom said and we all go to the green room of the venue. After giving final touches to Georgia, a cameraman came and take few photos of her and solo with her parents as well as with us too, "It's time to go," Georgia's father announced as Sara is the maid of honor so I will be the one who will go first I was little nervous because I hadn't been a bridesmaid starts, and I take a deep breath and come out from the room and walk slowly to the Ashley. It was really beautiful decoration around and Rick was in his best look I had ever seen he look at me and give me a wink and I smile and I reached to my place and stand there, my eyes fall on Liam who was just looking at me maybe and he had a really beautiful smile on his face and I smile back but then the figure sitting beside him made my mood sour by her devilish grin and I look away then Sara came and behind her Finally Georgia came with her father and Rick was just mesmerized and his eyes have tears I had never seen him like this, Georgia was also just looking at him, his father gives her hand into Rick's and then ceremony started finally Priest announced them as the wedded husband and wife and Rick didn't even wait to the instructions and pull Georgia into a kiss and everyone start hooting and clapping for them, they walk back to the Ashley to their car for a Reception venue which was at the hotel where we were staying. We all go there too, and then after settling there it was the time for the toast, Patrick was the Rick's best man I was sitting on my chair and then Rick come to me, "Ali," he said and I look at him "I wanted you to do my toast," he said by taking my hand in his and I look at him, "But Patrick is your best man," I said in confusion, "yes he is but no one knows better than you," he said and I just hug him, "ok I will do because you know I can't say no to you" I said and he chuckles, he goes back to his table I look at Patrick he just nod and Sara was going to do a toast for Georgia then we both stand together, Sara knows Georgia from her childhood too, so she said about their friendship and mischief even when we were in college how she had a crush on Rick and all now it was my chance, "Hello, yeah! Maybe many of you would be thinking I am in bridesmaid dress and doing toast for Groom, so They both are important for me, but Rick and my Bonding are from the time we came to know about life, we grow up together see world around together we know everything happened in my life even when I left this city a long ago, I have to say Georgia is the lucky because she got a man who is really stable about his relationship, I mean who have the same best friend and friends from the childhood he will always will be have only you as his love and now as wife too, and Rick you are lucky too, becasue You had a girlfriend and now a wife who always trust you, I mean in this world who accept a man to have a girl best friend but you did and you never tired to break our friendship or ever doubt on it too, thanks alot for that, and in last I wish you both to have a beautiful life together always be happy and smiling," I said and blow a kiss to both of them and they did too, "Guys it's time for the first dance so bride and groom," Sara announced and this way dance stared, Georgia and Rick start their dance on her favourite song and then in the next song Georgia dance with her father and Rick with his mother soon the other couples join them on the stage, I go back to my seat becasue me and dance no, I mean I do dance but never like to dance in the crowd. Only a few of my friends know I am a really good dancer but for others, I don't dance at all. I ordered a drink for me and was enjoying my drink, "It's not good to drink when others are dancing," I know whose voice is this, "yeah! But I enjoy seeing rather than doing bad moves there, and be an entrainment piece," I said and Liam sits beside me, and smile on me, "Sorry but I know you are really amazing dancer I was in Geo's Graduation too, so" I stop drinking and look at him, "You was?" I asked "Yes! I was actually late and but I didn't miss your performance, you had danced really well so I know," He said and yes, I had a did a couple of dance because, on that day our art professor was getting retired so, we had performed for her. "But if you don't want to dance in the crowd we can go somewhere else?" He said and make circles on the back of my hand and then lock his hand with mine and I did too, and then we get up and he leads me away from the crowd.

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