Love in the wedding

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Kids were in the full blast mood and having fun with music dance and food we were enjoying by seeing them all.

"Ali,me and alex has decided to talk to Cherry about adopting her," Em says with a smile on her face her eyes where twinkling. "That's a great decision, so when you guys will?" I asked, "Well Alex had decided to take a break and then we will go on trip and we will talk Maria and Bob if they allow us will take Cherry with us too" She says, and we look at kids they all were so happy.
"This is a good idea and I know Cherry will be lucky to have a mom like you," Maria says and sit beside us, "And we don't have any problem if you will take her with you," Maria says and now Em was super happy, and she hug Maria, "Thank you so much," Em says Maria chuckle and rub her back, "Ok ok but leave me I can't tolerate to much pressure in this age," Maria says and Em detangles herself from Maria.

"I can't tell you how much happy I am," Em says, "Em it's already evening I think it's time to go," I said and Em nod we say bye to kids give them kisses and hugs and then I drive both of us back to my house. Because Em had parked her car here. Em was excited to tell this new to Alex so she don't even stop at my house and drive herself to the her house, I open my doors and get inside close the door.

Take off my shoes and sit on the couch, and close my eyes and I can see his face smiling but this smile disgust me, I open my eyes, "No, No Alison you can't think about him, he don't worth it," I said to myself because he remind me of the same heartbreak I had got twice maybe I don't worth that maybe it's me who don't deserve or can keep a man in my life. My phone start ringing, ahh! Who is calling me at this time?, I take out my mobile from my bag and saw it was my boss god this woman don't have any chill she is calling me on the day off. Can't she give me a free day?

I am working on designs from day I had come back and I don't know with whom she is dealing with she told me she got a big client and they want me to complete the orders for design but I hadn't met them yet, she told me they are going to have meeting with me soon. I pick the call.

On call.....

Alison: Hello Cara,

Cara: why did you pick my call so late?

Alison: Cara I am not in office, today is my day off show don't you think maybe I can be busy?

Cara: oh! Please don't joke like this, Busy and you? Never. You maybe sitting on your bed with sketchbook or watching some movies. Man don't like to date woman's like you.

She just said it bluntly, I wanted to tell her fuck off but is that true man's don't like date women like me? Whatever.

Cara: I called you to inform you that tomorrow our new client is coming to have a meeting with you so please be on time.

Wow! Who is saying she is the one who is always late. And giving me lecture about being late.

Alison: okay, I will be there on time anything else?

Cara: no just be prepared with your designs, I don't want to get disappointed in front my big clients.

Yeah! Yeah! I know that, I don't respond on that and then She cut the call and becasue I was tired I thought to take some rest here, I lay down on couch properly, close my eyes.

I woke up and felt like it's already late night I check time on my phone it was past 9' o clock so I get up from the couch and go to my room got fresh, change my cloths and then collect my new design which I had sactterd on my house office desk, But I feel little dozy I need coffee so I go to my kitchen make some coffee, as I was making I look around and feel how alone I am in my life, I know I have my friends but they also have their lifes they can't be around me all the time I feel I need someone who can be just mine and can give me attention, Care, love and.. what I am thinking? I need to take off all these feelings I need to focus on my work right now.

I pour my coffee in the mug and take it to the office take a sip of my coffee and place it on my table take the designs scan then all into my laptop and then make a slide show of them. Prepare the plans I had for next designs. And I don't know how much time passes I glance at my mobile and it was 12 O' clock, I should go to sleep now or I will be late in the morning, I think and close the laptop place all the designs in the file properly I always like to be organised when it comes to my work, so I put all things on there places pack my office bag without thinking about anything else I go to my kitchen to put empty coffee cup in the sink raisin it and then go to my room. I lay down on the bed pull covers over me and sleep come over quickly.

Next morning.....

I am never late for my meetings and for work but today is different, Like it was bonded that I will be late. First I woke up late then I spill coffee on my dress, when I come to my driveway I saw my car tire was puncher, I called Em for take me with her she said she will be late today she and Alex is going to Orphanage, so I book a cab and it was 10 mintues late. Today whole world is against me.

I can feel it, but finally I was in front of my boutique, I don't wanted to but I saw my mobile and I was 25 minutes late for the meeting, which is record in itself. Without wasting any second I got inside the boutique and I was in hurry that I knocked down of my co-workers I apologize without stopping and finally I stop in front of Cara's office it was a glass door so I can see her and she can see me too, she give me a glare I just give her puppy dog.

I can see man and woman sitting there, their back was in front of me so I can't see there faces, I knock on the office door, "Come in" Cara says with a fake smile and I get hint I am going to get so much to hear after the meeting. Same time the both the man and woman turn and I had smile on my face with drop immediately when I saw the face of man and woman who was none other than Mr. Liam Robertson and a woman who I hadn't seen ever. But his face was one of the thing I really trying to get off my mind and he dare to show up on my work and more importantly as my client. How shameless someone can be?

What happened to Alison that she don't even want to think about Liam?
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