Love in the wedding

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Ch- 17

I was still standing on the door and staring at him, and he had a smirk on his face and I wanted to give a punch on that pretty face, No..No he is not pretty.

I heard someone clearing throat and I snapped out from my world of memories, "Dear you finally show up" Cara says and we can hear sarcasm in her voice clearly.
"Sorry Cara I am late for the meeting," I said, and I know he is still staring me, "Mr Robertson," Cara says but he didn't notice because he was busy in staring me, "Sir.." that woman says by tapping on his elbow and he look at her, "Yeah?" He says and I feel like it's ages that I had heard his voice. No.. not that.

"Mr. Robertson this is my best designer Alison Jackson and maybe you know her already," Cara says in her fake sweet voice. "Yeah! I do, it's nice to meet you A... Ms Jackson." He says and extend his hand I was still near the door but I don't wanted to be look rude so I go near him and take his hand and I feel the same warmest and tingling sensation I use to feel earlier, I tried to take out my hand but he made grip tighter, "Nice to meet you to Mr Robertson" I said with little harder effort finally succeeded to take my hand away from him,

"Cara can I talk to you in private?" I said looking at Cara, "Of course we can but after meeting, so let's start," she said again in fake sweet voice. I wanted to say no, I don't want to work for him, but right now I don't have any choice. "Okay," I said in low voice place my bag on the table take out my files and Laptop. "Here the designs we have talked about," Cara says by snatching the File from my hand and hand it to Liam, who wasn't looking pleased with her this behaviour too, "Thank you Ms Cara but I want Ms Jackson to elaborate these all designs, he said by flipping the pages and then look at me, I roll my eyes at him. "Oh! Of course dear why don't you start?" Cara says I nod "Excuse me" I said and connect my laptop with the projector.

After doing all connections I start the presentation and I tell them about the dresses I designed material which can use into them and how to carry them,
I have done lots research for this, Because I had feeling this is a big project. And another reason for doing this hard work was I wanted to take off man out of my mind who is currently sitting in front of me.

I finally completed the presentation and look at Cara she have a blank expression on her face of course because she don't have any sense of business at all, but then I look at Liam even I don't wanted to he was looking impressed.

But when our eyes meet. Why I feel love for me in his eyes? And like he have many things in them. "I am not so good in business and design either but I really love your designs Ms Jackson." Woman with Liam says and make us break our moment, I clear my throat. "Thanks you Ms?" I says because I don't had any idea who is she? "Sorry, I don't introduce her, she is Sandra Mr Robertson secretary." Cara says and I nod with a smile, "So Mr Robertson Do you like the presentation?" Cara says, "I like it very much," he says without breaking eyes from me "yeah! Sir then we can sign the contract?" His secretary ask and Cara was now happy too, "Yeah! You and Ms Cara do the paper work and tell her everything about the contract, I want to talk to Ms Jackson something in private." He says and I feel little nervous because I was not in mood for that, I don't wanted to talk to him now or ever. "But.." I was saying but "Of course you can talk. Mr Robertson Alison take him to your cabin you guys can talk there without any disturbance." Cara says

"Yeah! that's good idea," he says and get up and I don't know what to say I just nod and go toward the door and he follow me out to my office I open my door and keep open the so he can come in. And I heard the footsteps and I turn and I collide with him, "Ahh.." I said and put my hand on my head which got hurt by his jaw, "Sorry," he says and try to look ok my head by I take step away from him, "Don't touch me," I said in stern voice, He look at me with shock,

"What happened Alison? And why did you?" I don't let him complete his sentence. "Sorry to cut you in middle Mr Robertson but I must need to mention we are here for business meeting and I would like to be called Ms Jackson and second if you have to discuss something business related then please start," I said and he was looking at me with shock and frustration. "Alison I am not here for playing games I want to talk to you about that day." He said in little high pitch and it's making me angry too, "please! Mr Robertson down your voice and second I don't want to talk about anything if it's about my personal life," I said and try to contain myself straight because from inside I feel I can broke down anytime. "But.. Alison" he said in frustration as well sadness. He was saying but then there was knock on the door, "Mr Robertson" it was his secretary's voice "We are not finished yet Alison," he said and open the door. "Sorry sir but you have a meeting in half hour and so we have to go," she says, "what happened to contract with Ms Cara?" Liam asked her, "Sir everything is done," she said and he nod and then look at me it was nice to meet you Ms. Jackson, and we will meet again," he said and I didn't said anything just nod and then they leave. I saw Em was standing near her office door with her bag and looking at us with confusion. But as they go she came near me. "I will talk to you later Em, first I want to talk to Cara," I said and without listen her I go toward the Cara's office.
I knock on Cara's door and she looks at me "Come in" she says and I get inside, "Cara I can't work with Mr Robertson," I said and she look at me, "Are you lost your mind?" She said immediately, "No, I hadn't but I don't want to work with him that's my final decision," I said and she look at me, "Do you hear yourself? And who give you right to make decisions here? I am the boss." She said in raising her voice, "I know you are the boss Cara but I am the one who have to design not you so it's my decision that I will not design anything for that man," I also said in raising my voice, "Do you forgot our last week conversation? Should I tell you again?" She said and I don't know what to say now and I am still cursing myself for signing that contract with this empty-handed, self centered bitçh.


(Six day ago)

Yesterday I came back to Florida from Boston, I am still look like mess who had cried all the way and in the plane and house. But I have to go to my office because I wanted to talk to my bitch boss and the why she keep calling me? yesterday like some is dead.

I take bath and add eye drops in my eyes so it can give little relaxation to them from buring. And then I wear my usual office dress and drive myself to my office.

I greeted by my best friend Emma there who was really happy to see my after four days. "It's just four days that I had seen you but still it feel like ages" Emma says and hug me and I hug her to wanted to cry but I didn't, "I missed you too alot," I said to her keep hugging her, but then we separate and she look at me, "What happened to your eyes?" She asked, "What happened nothing?" I said and give her a little chuckle, "No, no they are red and puffy did you cry?" She said in concern voice, "God! Em no I wasn't crying I just came yesterday in evening. There was lots of dirt in my house even when I was just away for four days
I slept without cleaning and you know I have allergy with dust." I said casually. "God! Sorry I wasn't there I should have thought but you know here was an important meeting and after the work I was so tired," she said, "It's ok girl I know that and don't he sorry you was handling everything alone here," I said, "Shit, I have clients waiting for me."

She said and run to her cabin I chuckle at her and then go to Cara's office, she was there listing music, yes this is her have no work at all I want to give slap to her. "Cara" I said and tap on her shoulder she open her eyes and she look at me and take out her headphones, "Alison finally you are here," she said in a sweet voice which obviously not her regular attitude,

"Yeah! Cara I am here and can you tell me the reason behind your so many calls and emails please?" I said and sit on the chair in front of her. "Yes! I have and ..." I cut her in middle, "Before you say anything I wanted to ask you how many people had asked you to have an appointment for me and you have denied them by saying I was busy in these past years?" I asked and she was giving me a confused look, "I did when you was genuinely busy or if that client don't worth our attention, don't worth our attention? Really "So you want to say Mr Liam Robertson wasn't worth to our attention?" I asked raising my voice, "Well when he contacted with me? But now..." She was saying but again I cut her, "That's enough Cara I just want say one thing that I can't work for you anymore and the most unprofessional person I had seen in my life is you who own a fashion boutique and don't even have a bit idea about fashion." I said I take out my all anger on her but I don't regret about a word I said to her.

"Alison calm down, and take this" she hand me glass of water. "But one thing I have to say you can't quit working here even if you want to. I chock on water and look at her, "What do mean? And why I can't?" I asked and put glass of water on the table and fold my hands around my chest, "Becasue of this," she said and take out a file from her drawer and give it to me, "What is this?" I asked and open it and it was the contract paper,

"Read it," she said and I read it and then I look at her with shock, "What the hell is this?" I said according to this contract I am bonded to work for five years and if I try to leave the job between this five years I have to pay one million to her. "Well that's your contract with this company and you had started working here four years and 5 months so you can't leave this job because 7 months.

End of flashback

I know you guys are eager to know what happened to Liam and Alison's date don't worry this will reveal very soon. Have little patience.
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