Love in the wedding

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I push the chair in front of me and brag out from her cabin, and I can hear her laughing, bitch laugh as much as you want to for last 7 months after that you will have nothing, becasue everyone knows more than half of your profit you got from my designs and after I will leave you will be crying, I get into my Office and close the door and I saw Em was standing sitting there, and when she saw me she stand and came near me, "What happened? Ali." She said and without saying anything I hug her and start crying, she don't ask anything just hold me let me cry, and after sometime I feel little relief, " sorry for ruining your dress" I said and we separate, "My best friend is more important than this dress what happened? Who made my best friend crying?" She said "Can we go out? this place is suffocating me," I said and she nod and we both came out from my Cabin, don't bother to inform Cara about our leaving we go to the nearby cafe, "You and sit on chair till I will order for us," Em says I nod and go to a empty chair and sit there.

She came back with our orders with that she had a box of Donuts which I really love she open the box and set it in the table toward me, I take my coffee and take a sip. "So?" Em says and look at me, I take deep breath and tell her everything happens there in the wedding. "What happened after the wedding?" She says and l look at her, "I .. " I take a deep breath again because it's really hard to recall all the memories.


"Liam leads me to back side of venue which had lights but there was no one, but we can hear the music clearly he stop and turn towards me, and the put his one hand on my waist and our other hand was already locked. And we start dancing slowly, it was like there is no one else is in this world it's just two of us.

"It's so peaceful" Liam said and break the silence, "Yeah!" I said and placed my head on his shoulder he leaved my hand and put it also on my waist, I can hear his heartbeat, "This is like the best thing happened ever," he said and I can't help and look at him and he was looking at Me. "what is the best thing happened with you?" I asked he look at me and smile, "You, you are the best thing happened with me," he said and it's melt my heart how anyone can be this much perfect?.

"I am not special," I muttered and look down, he stop dancing and lift my chin to meet his gaze, "you are ask me how special you are," He said and place his lips on mine, and with the music our lips start dancing we don't know how long we kissed but it was like my life was depending on that, "I hope that you have felt that how special you are," he said and I buried my face into his chest and he chuckle, and place a kiss on my hair, "I am really waiting for our date tomorrow and I will try to make it that special you will be said yes to more dates instantly," he said and it make me think that he just don't want one date he wants more dates.

We stand there in same position for more time and I look around music was on but I can feel there is some noise, "I think we need to go back to the party" I said "Yeah! Let's go, we have a date tomorrow," he said and it make me chuckle, we finally go towards the venue saw there was bouquet throwing was about to start, "Hey! Ali come here," Sara shout and wave her hand I look at Liam and we both goes toward the all women standing I stand beside Sara, "I don't want catch it," I said and Sara look at me, "Don't say it, you never no when things change" she says and look at Liam, I shake my head. "All are ready?" Georgia said and everyone shout "Yes" then she finally throw it and as we had guessed it come directly into the Sara's hand "Oh my god oh my god she start jumping and u hug her and Ben came and pick her and kiss her we all clap for her, "Now the second bouqet," Georgia shout and then throw it had little mislead becasue it didn't came toward the girl gang and it directly goes to Liam's hand all look at him, "Man you are going to he in our list soon" Rick says and "I think it's for girls only?" Liam says, "It is not gender game whoever catch it is going to get Married soon," Sara says and don't know why I feel Liam look at me when saara says that but he Avert his eyes before anyone can notice.

After we drink and dance and now few people are left onlu Rick and Geo had already left and our other friends too. Me and Liam go and pick our mobiles and other things and go to the elevator, he push the Elevator button for our floor and then look at me, "Why I feel always that elevator is the best place to.." he said,

"To what?" I asked and again he placed his lips on mine. we both again kissed till elevator make a sound ping, and came out from elevator and go toward our rooms we stop near the door and he look at me, "I enjoyed this wedding alot because I had you as my company and hope you had too," he said, "Yes Liam I enjoyed this too, and I am looking forward to our date," I said and kiss him on the cheek and go toward my room, but he catch my hand and I turn to him,

"Not like this," he says and give a peak on my lips and then look at me, "Good night," he said "Good night," I said too and we finally goes to our room I was so excited for tomorrow I change my cloths and I had no idea that I was so tired that as I flop on the bed and I fall asleep.

Sorry for small chapter, but I promise next will be the big and full of twists.
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