Love in the wedding

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Flashback continued.....

Next morning...

I woke up with my mobile alarm and I am already feeling happy from inside, I am so excited for today's date, I am feeling like teenager who is going on her first date, I take my phone and saw there was message by Liam, what it can be?I open it quickly,

Sorry I forgot to tell you that our date will be at 10am so be ready, I know you don't need to much things to look beautiful becasue you are already beautiful.
Good night


I saw his message and a smile come on my face I check it was just 7 in the morning so decided to just go down and have a coffee in hotel cafe so I wear a simple track pants and a t-shirt and take my phone and go out in cafe I order a strong coffee for me because I want to look fresh, I sit on the empty chair and make plans how I will get ready for the date. And I feel little hungry and I remember I hadn't eat in the wedding so I order a slice of chocolate cake and then finish it, I saw it was 8 now so I think I should go to my room and start getting ready for date too.

I came to elevator and there was woman in the elevator too who just look at me and then start typing on her phone. I push the button for my floor and it was like it's taking ages for reaching there but finally I did and I came out and go toward my room and as I was about to reach Liam's door it open up I thought Liam will be come out but the person come out make my heart shattered.

It was non other than Grace and..she was in condition of walk of shame, she look at me and give me a shocking look she had her dress in her hand she was in a man's t-shirt which is obviously of Liam. Her hair was mess her make up was too, she didn't said anything pass me in hurry and goes to elevator, I don't know what to do? My mind was not working but I wanted to ask him so I go to his room whose door was still open I saw bed was in mess too.

I hear water running into the bathroom I was about to knock, Then I Heard, "Are you still here? I said whatever happened is happened. We both Wanted it in this way, we did it, and we have time we can convince your father And don't worry I will talk to him about our plan. He maybe get little angry but I don't think he will say no to me trust me Grace." He says I can't believe what he is saying and I don't think I need any confrontation from him now, I leave his room immediately goes to my room and close the door Don't know what I Will do now, I fall for him? How he can do this to me? I heard my phone ring I don't pick it, but I didn't stopped so I take it,
Call conversation....

Alison: Hello!

Cara(Boss): Alison where are you I am calling you nonstop, I want you to come back as soon as you can.

I heard my boss Cara's voice and it was right now as fuel in the fire,

Alison: Cara Do you forgot, I am on my vacation?

Cara:I know you are on your vacation but we just go a big deal and they want you to design so came soon I will booked your ticket.

Alison: I work for you but I am not bonded to you so I will come when my vacation will be end,

I says and cut the call. And throw phone in the bed, I just wanted to be away from him right now and don't want to see his face, which will happen only when I will go back, I get up and take my bag and put the all of my cloths in it goes to check bathroom and take my things from there too. Finally after half hour my bag was packed.

I take my mobile and call to..

Alison: Hello Cara yeah! Sorry and ok booked my flight as soon as you can I am going to airport.

Cara: okay

She says in confused tone I says bye and cut the call come out from my room and wishing I don't face that cheater again and so finally I didn't I go to reception check out and book a cab for airport, in the way I got the message about my ticket.

I thought in just short time how many things happenned which I hadn't planned when I was coming here and well what I am aspecting? This city always give me pain only no happiness.
We finally reached to the airport and my plane was on time and finally after two and half hours I was in Chicago. I book a cab go to my apartment, I hadn't inform Emma that I am back and I am not in condition of talking too.

After getting inside I can say my whole house need cleaning, and whenever I am sad I clean my whole house and it's need too right now, so I put my bag in side and start cleaning, I don't know how much time it taken but I can feel it's past afternoon I feel growl in my stomach but I don't wanted to eat but I was full of dust so decided to take shower, after taking shower when I come to living room I saw my phone which I had off during the flight hadn't open yet, and as I did I had around 100 notification, 50+ calls by That cheater and 30+ messages. I did the first thing is block and delete his number. And other was of Em and Cara, and I was about to put it on the table it's start ringing I saw it was Emma so pick it.

Emma: Cara was saying you are coming?

Alison: Not coming, I am already came back.

Emma: where?

Alison: At my house, sorry I forgot to inform you.

Emma: it's ok stay I am coming there.

Before I can say anything she cut the call. Typical her...

End of flashback...

"What? This all happened and you are telling me now?" Emma says loudly that we caught attention of other customers u say sorry to them and then look at Em "we are not alone here Em," I said, "Don't change the topic, Why didn't you tell me earlier?" She asked, "I don't wanted you to get worried, you and Alex are finally having time for each other and I don't want.." I was saying, "Me and Alex are good but that not means I had no rights to know all the things about you."

She said and I feel I hurt her. I take her hand in mine and she look at me, "Em you know you are the most important person in my life right now, I have no one just you. And you think I hadn't told becasue I think you don't deserve to know?, No dear I don't tell about this because I seen you happy. I said and she give me confused look, "Happy I am always happy" she replied and it make me chuckle, 'I know idiot, I am saying that when you came at my house and start telling me about how Alex is trying there was brightness in your smile and I don't wanted to fade it by my problems which was not problem at all, the time I came back all the things I had with him was ended," I said and she squeez my hands, "I am bad friend, I was busy in my whole world of happiness and didn't even notice that you are sad and not okay," she said

"Don't even dare to call my friend bad she is the worlds best friend. And I would be the bad if I had disturbed your and Alex good moments, I know you guys from last four years when you have given roof on my head when I was homeless because of my own fault." I said and this is all going to be emotional becasue we had tears in our eyes, "you are about to cry," Em says, "No you are," I said and it make both of us chuckle, "Let's eat our donuts Frist," I said and take a bite of the world's best donuts.

"One more thing why the hell he was here today?" She asked and I stopped chewing, "Heistheoneforwhomiamdesinging" I said "God first finish what you have in your mouth," Em says I nod and after finishing the donut piece I had in my mouth I take sip of water, "Now tell me," Em says "He is the one for whom I was Creating designs," I said and she look at me if I am saying the truth. "And why that? I mean why are you making designs for him, Go and tell Cara you don't want to do this" Em says and take a sip of her coffee which was cold now. "I can't" I said low voice, I tell her things happened that day and today in Cara office,

"That bitch she is.." she got up from her chair, and start going out I take the box of Donuts and follow her, "Em wait stop hear me out," but why would she continues walking on the street and I was little behind her but finally I increase my pace and stand in front of her, "You.." I feel my breath caught and all things got blurry and then it was dark all around.

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