Love in the wedding

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I look up and also Em turn back, " Hello my two favorite designers" Cara speak in her usual high tone, Cara is our boss, I don't who let her own this business because she doesn't have a bit of idea about fashion, well I know because she gets this in alimony from her husband. And I bet her husband maybe doesn't love this fashion house or maybe he wanted to get rid of her anyhow? so he handed her this. I am working here for the last five years, yeah after completing my fashion designing course, I work here and I put my ass down in the work to run this fashion house but my boss still doesn't listen to my advice because she is the owner.

" Hii! Cara, what happened? " I say to her. " I wanted to know if you had completed your designs ?" She says in her usual demanding and bossy tone. " I am editing the last design all are completed," I say and start editing fastly. " How careless are you? I had given you that work last week and they are still not completed? What will I say to clients?" She says in a harsh tone. "Last week?" I say in confusion. "Oh! don't tell me you don't remember, I had given you to design Ms. Seth's wedding dress. You know how important she is for me?" She says dramatically. "But Cara I had given you all the designs of Ms. Seth on Friday? " I tell her. " You had?" she says in confusion. "Yes I had, didn't you check your emails?" I tell her, "Oh! yes, I am sorry she says after looking at her phone, "How can she check? she must be busy with her flavor of the week. Em! mutter that only I can hear, I wanted to laugh but I didn't. "Did you say something ?" Cara says while looking at Em. "Me oh! nothing, I was just looking at my new assignments," Em says with a fake polite look. " You better, And thank you for your time Alison," Cara told me with a fake smile. " Yeah! And you check your emails, I had sent the next week's client designs just right now," I say with a smile. " Yeah! I will" She said and went out of my office. Finally, I handed all my new designs to Cara.

" Now let's go, I am starving, " I say, pack my things and get up from my chair and feel a little numb on my legs. "Hey! easy, you were sitting for more than four hours so let your body adjust," Em said and stand too, " Yeah! Now I am fine, let's go. " I said and then we both went to lunch at our usual place. We talked about Rick and Georgia's wedding.

Rick is my childhood best friend we had grown up together, We were neighbors we have done our studies together and even try to date in high school which was one of the worst decision of ours so we decide to stick as friends but then in college we meet Georgia and then they both hit together and they are still together, And I know Georgia is the only girl who can handle Rick's shits.

During lunch we decided on shopping for dresses I need for their wedding, And after lunch, we came back, I don't have anything to design now. I just had two meetings, one of them was a dress trial and the second one was the first interaction with the client for her dress.

After completing our work me and Em go to the mall and then after a lot of yes and no between me and Emma we found out dresses which we both like for me.

" Ali, why don't you just go and pay? I have to take some shirts for Alex." Emma said that to me.

"Okay, then come quickly you know I don't like to wait for long". I said that and। Then go to the counter. I don't see there was another bag.

" You two are together?" Cashier asked me pointing behind me. I looked back and saw there was Emma.

" Oh! Yes, we are" I said and then he took my bag and then made its bill.

" Hey! My bill is done?" A Thick and sexy voice comes from my back which gives me goosebumps. I turn back and saw the most handsome man I had seen in my life.

" Yes sir there is your bag" he gives both bags to that handsome man"

Snatch my bag from him " Hey it's my bag" I said to the cashier.

"Yeah and when I ask you that you both are together you say yes," the cashier says pointing between us.

" No, we are not together" that Handsome man told the cashier to look at me.

" Yes, we aren't. I thought you were talking about my friend," I looked back and saw Emma was coming toward us, "But I have made one bill". The cashier said, looking again between us.

" Then make another bill separately for both of us or I don't have a problem with paying the whole bill". That Handsome man looked at me for an answer.

" No, make separate bills. I don't want any stranger to pay for me" I say and look at the cashier he nods and starts working on his computer, I can feel I know this man or I have seen him somewhere? " Here are your bills and sorry for the inconvenience" the cashier handed our bills and then I paid and that Handsome man also paid and left without any word.

" Hey see how it's looking?" Emma says in excitement. " Great and this color will look good on Alex let's pay. We also have to go back. I have to pack my bag too". I say and then she nods and gives her shopping items to the cashier; he makes a bill and hands her she pays and we both turn and come out.

"Who was that handsome man you were talking to?" Emma says, raising her eyebrows. " I wasn't talking to him. The cashier had mixed our bills and so we had to make separate bills thank god that there was no line or we would be in an awkward situation". I say and open my car's back seat and we both put our bags there. I came to the driving side and Emma went to the Passenger side. "But you know I think I know him or I have seen him somewhere! But where? is not coming in my mind". I say while starting the car

"maybe in your dream?" Emma says and giggles. I just roll my eyes at her. This girl is impossibly romantic. " Oh! Yes, I know" I shout " wh...What happened?" Emma says in a terrified tone. " Sorry for terrifying you, I say I remember where I had seen that man. He is Mr. Liam Robertson the owner of Robertson industries." I say with excitement".

" I say with excitement"

Liam Robertson

Age: 32

Work: Own chains of fashion houses.

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