Love in the wedding

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when I open my eyes I so I was in a hospital bed and it was already dark outside I looked around and saw him I was sitting on the couch and looking at her phone. "Em" I said she look at me and come near me. "Are you ok Ali? do you need something? Do I call to the doctor?" She said all the things in a single breath and it makes me chuckle "I am completely fine, but what I am doing here? Isn't we were in the coffee shop and talking?" I said in a confused tune because I have no idea why I am here but I but I remember that in was walking and I was walking behind her.

"This all happened because of me, if I wasn't running you hadn't had to stop me, then you don't have blackout." Emma again said this all things in a single breath and then I remember we were talking about the things happened between me and Liam, and she got angry because the Cara's agreement and then she run to talk to Cara and I was running behind her to stop for aur then I got fainted. "It wasn't your fault, I just blackout I don't know why?" I said.

"you black out because you had done it properly for the days and so we had to put saline" I had a manly boys which I know who he is and he can near me. "Hey! Alex" I said in low voice, "hey yourself, what the hell is happening here? you can't take care of yourself do you see your reports? your blood pressure is low your pulses are also low than a normal. what happening with you?" Alex said in his professional as well as concerned voice and I heard everything like a child got scolded by his parents. "it's ok Alex it was some of our effort I see that she was not ok but I didn't press her to tell me the truth" Em says, "You are going to live with us for a few days till you didn't get well completely, and I'm not going to hear anything at all do you hear that?" Alex says again.

"You are right Alex, she is going to live with us, I am not going to leave her alone again until she is completely fine." Em says, and they look at me like angry parents. "guys you are wearing too much I am saying I am completely fine" I said and try to convince them but they both give me a look like really? I just get shut up because I know I am not going to win from the both, when they both are in same team.

"Today I am keeping you here in my observation" Alex says after looking on my monitor. "God made you a doctor you really thinking by your heart not by your mind I am completely fine is just a little blackout not a big deal," I says and try to convince him to let me go."I am going to see other patients so baby take care of her," Alex says and give peak to Em on her lips, and don't even look at me, "Did he just ignore me?" I said and look at Em but she didn't said anything and get up from the chair, "I am going to buy dinner for us and so just stay here" she said and go out of the room, Wow! Now she also almost ignore me.

Em come back with dinner for me and her too we sit and eat and she told me that she had already, talked Cara you are not coming to work for few days and also that she is going to pack a bag for me to take me to her house. I have no other option than saying yes. Finally it was late after saying lots of time she finally got ready to go home. And then I slept on that uncomfortable hospital bed.

Next day ......

I woke up and saw a nurse was placing bouquet of different kind of flowers around the whole room, "What are you doing?" I asked and she look at me, "oh! You woke up? These all come in the morning for you," she says looking at the bouquets. "Who send them? And what you meant by in the morning?" I look the window and I saw it was really bright outside, "What time is it?" I asked to the nurse, "It's 11a.m" she says, "But Who send these flowers?" I asked again, she came near the bed and give me a card
"This was attached with flowers so maybe this will help you to know who it was." She says and hand me the card. I take it and read it.

You are just like these flowers to me bright and beautiful as well so soft, you need care or you can get fade, which I never let you. Not for yourself but for others who loves you. Take care.


There was no name on it, but I can say this is not from any of my friends but who send it to me?
Suddenly door open and Em come in, "Wow! So many flowers, from where did they come?" She asked looking at me, I shrug my shoulder don't know she said it was delivered in the morning with this card." I hand her the card she read it and was confused as I was, "Who it can be?" She said, "Don't know because I am not a special person to anyone." I said.
"This note is saying something else, Do you have any secret admirer?" She said chuckle, "Shut up, "Who said you are not? But by looking at this note it confirm you are for someone," she said, "I thought you are the one who did this to make me feel good," I said and look at the flowers around me they are really perfectly arranged I like them, "I would but the choices of your flower arrangement is really hard to guess," she said and I chuckle, She is not wrong, I use to work as flowerist in my college time, and my boss was an expert she taught me lots of arrangement that I was became really good in arranging them,

"I am tired of being here when we are leaving?" I asked her, "Oh! Yeah! Here your clothes change it till I will go and take out some breakfast as well I will ask to Alex to sign your discharge papers," she said and hand me a bag of clothes, "Okay," I said take them and get into the bathroom, "I look at myself in mirror I was looking like a mess, I clean my face and them brush my hair with then strip down from the hospital gown and wear my cloths and I heard sound of the room door, maybe Em and Alex are here, I came out and saw a man in Three-piece standing there looking at the flowers.

Maybe he feel I am there so he turn and, I wasn't happy to see that person. "What are you doing here?" I asked and he came near me without saying anything he hug me tightly, why I am feeling secure in his arms, he untangle his hand and them cup my face, "Are you ok? Are you hurt?" He says and examine my body like how much he cares about me alot.

I push him away from me "What are you doing here Mr Robertson? And don't touch me like this," There was hurt in his eyes, "Please Alison don't do this, I .." he was saying why there was no guilt and regret in his voice or eyes why? "Ms Jackson for you and Can you elaborate me what are you doing here? How do you know I am here?" I said and he try to touch me again but I move backward. "okay, okay I will not touch you, but please tell me are you ok? And Cara tell me that's you are here," he said "Yes Mr Robertson I am perfectly fine, and thanks for your visit you can go now," I say and past him and sit on the hospital bed, "Alison please talk to me why?" ..before he could say anything else Alex came in, "Ali you.. who are you?" Alex said by looking at Liam, "He is my client I am working with recently, he heard that I am in hospital he just came to visit me." I said and when I look at Liam he was looking hurt by my words but Why? Mr you was the one who decided to sleep with that bitçh and then go on date with me. It's not going to happen.

"Oh! Hello Mr Robertson, I am Dr. Alex Mason, and really good friend of your client, Alison," he said with a smile and smile back at him, but when I look at Liam he was frowning, "Nice to meet you Dr Mason, I think I should leave now," he said without looking at me leave the room,

As he goes Em came in the room with a food tray, "What the hell he was doing here?" She said and me and Alex look at her, "who?" Alex said and "That Liam Robertson?" She said again, "Em, he just came here to ask how I am," I said in low tone, "Really? Why didn't tell you he is the reason for your this condition?" She said and Alex was looking all confused, "What you guys are talking about?" He said looking between us, "I will tell you later now Ali have eat this," Em said and give me the food tray, "Okay here your discharge papers you are free to go now, I am going to check on my other patients and also I will meet you both ladies at home," He and leave I finish my food till Em was sitting there, "I know who send this all flowers," I said and Em look at me, "Who?" She replied, "Liam" I said and she look at with confusion, "Liam? How do you know? He said that?" She asked, "No he didn't, but he knows what type of flowers arrangement I like." I said.

finally take the last spoon of my food. And then get from the bed and put the trash in the Bin, "Let's go I want to go away from the room" I said and she squeal at me, "Okay let's go," we came out from the room and then finally to the parking area of the hospital I sat on the Passenger seat and Em at driver sit, "Ready to go?" She said and I nod then I look at rearview mirror I feel the driver of the car behind us was Liam and looking at our car, "What happened?" Em asked me I shake my head "Nothing let's go," she shrug her shoulders and then start driving.

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