Love in the wedding

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Ch- 21

It's a week I am living with Emma and Alex, and I am really don't like it because they only got few moments alone and now I am here so they don't get any.

Currently I am working on my designs in their guestroom for Liam's company, we hadn't seen eachother after the hospital visit, because I haven't gone at office for a week I am working from home because Alex has suggested bed rest because I had fainted again, I don't know what happening to me but Alex says it's only because of lots of stress I am taking these days. Emma was wanted to beat Liam fit making me sick but after lots of convincing she didn't did it. I have no problem in getting him beat after he did with me but I don't want Emma to be in any drama Because of me.

I heard the door opens and I saw time it was 7 past so it must be Emma I have made snacks for us which I am not allowed according to them I Just need is bed rest but I got bore so I make it, I get up form the bed and fold my sketchbook and close the laptop and go out of the room, "Hey!" I said to Emma who was sitting on the couch, she look at me and give me a fainted smile, she must be tired because she is doing lots of things alone there because of my absence, "I am going to make coffee for you," I said and I move to go into kitchen, "No! You don't have to worry about that.." she was saying, "That's enough Em, I am not sick as you both are treating me, like I will be broken if I will work, just sit there I am going to Make coffee and some snacks too," I said and she just nod, I make coffee for us and put some Snacks in the plates and take it out in the living room, "Here your coffee and tried these I made them today I was feeling bored," I said and give her plate, she take the coffee place in on the table and then take the plate and eat one spoon, "Wow! It's really good," she said.

I sit beside her and we talked about office and some more things and eat our snacks and drink coffee, we don't know how much time we were talking because we heard the Door open and Alex come in, "What time it is?" Emma says looking at him, "What?" He said in confusion, "Sorry we are just trying to know how much time we spend in talking," I said, "Yeah! I can see becasue she is still in her office dress," Alex says and I look at Em too, "Yeah! Why don't you guys go and change till I will order some pizza for us?" I said "Pizza yeah! That's a good idea, Okay you order till I will change," she said and get into her room Alex followed her and I let them have some time first I ordered the pizza and then put my headphones and put some my favourite song so I will not get disturbed by the sound they are going to make.

An hours later.....

Our pizza's are arrived as well as Em and Alex came from the room too, we all were sitting in the living room with a romantic movie and pizza Emma and Alex were into the centre couch Em's head was on the Alex arms and Alex has wrapped his arms around her, I smile by seeing the bond between them but somehow feel lonely that I am still alone in my life, Liam had gave me hopes for a life like this but snatch it too, I don't know again when I will be able to believe any man becasue I had given three men to have a part of my life and all three have broke my heart everytime in the same way but what I have felt with Liam within just few days I hadn't feel with anyone else.

"Ali..Ali.." I heard the voice, "yeah! Sorry what you said?" I asked, "where was you lost?" Em asked me, "Sorry I was just.. leave it what you was saying?" I asked my trying to change the topic, "I was saying do you want more pizza?" She said by showing me pizza box, "Um..No! I have enough you guys enjoy I am going to sleep," I said and get up from the couch and "Hey! Wait we can watch the next movie your favourite one," Em said and I look at her, "No actually I was working all day on designs so my eyes are little buring now so, I think I should rest, but one more thing I want to say, First I am going back to my apartment tomorrow, and second I will be at work too I am feeling suffocating by living at home," I said they both look at eachother and sigh."Ok, I will not stop you, we know we can't keep you forever at home but you have to take care of yourself properly." Alex says, both of them get up and come near me. Em take my hand in her, "you know you are not a outsider for us, We never had been distributed by you, not now or not ago, you are always welcome here because we love your company," she says and I hug her tightly.

"I know that Em but I don't want you guys to be live like this you both got a small time together and soon you both will be parents then got more less time and I am taking your all attention." I said, "Take it in the positive way, think we are doing our practice on you before becoming real parents," Alex said and I leave Em and look at Alex, "You want to say I am a kid?" I ask him, in serious tone and he was shocked, " no you are ..." He said in scared tone and he was looking so funny and it make me and Em laugh loudly. "What? You was making my fun?" He said came toward me, I put Em in front of me, "Hey save me from him," I said she start laughing, "Who will says that one is the best doctor and other is best designer?" She said while laughing, "You" me and Alex said and hug her, "Sorry Alex for making your fun, I said, "It's ok," he said and ruffle my hair, "Hey! Don't play with my hair," I said "Don't play with my hair" Alex mimic my voice and we all laugh at him.
We said good night and they goes to their room and I to the guest room, First I pack my bag, put it in the side and then pack my work bag keep it above the Cloths bag and then go to sleep.

Next day....

I woke up and got ready came out from the room saw Alex and Em was in kitchen making out I feel not to disturb them and then enter back in the room, and decided to message Cara that I am coming back to the office today,..


Alison: Cara I am coming back office from today so, if you have to set up any new appointment you can.

I put my phone in side but I heard ping notification sound. So check it.

Cara: That's wonderful I have two new appointment I will set it for you for tomorrow because today you have a press conference with Mr Robertson.

I read the message twice that I am reading correctly or not, press Conference with him? I message back to her.

Alison: what press conference I don't remember that we had discussed about it. I am not doing anything like this.

I messaged her put my phone on silent, I thought he forgot me but no he was planning big things for me. How he can be like this.

I get up and go out of the room this time Alex was cooking and Em was having her coffee, "I had no idea you are cook too," I said, Alex and Em both look at me, "Good morning, I Cook when my mood is good and have no appointments" He replied, "Yeah! Good mood, I had seen it earlier," Em chock on her coffee look at me, "You had seen us?" She said with shock look, "Yeah! When I came you both were all over each other's mouth," I said and sit on the kitchen tool, "You see us only making out?" She said and this time Alex cough and I look at her with wide eyes, "What do you mean by just kissing? Don't tell me you guys? Ewww.. I am not sitting here," I said and get from the tool, "Really babe you have to tell her that we.." Alex was saying, "Please Alex cut it I don't want to go into details you guys have done here," I said and Em was completely look like Tomato with blush and embarrassment, "I am going into living room," I said and get up, and then I feel my phone vibrate, I saw it was a call from Cara, I don't wanted to take it, but I wanted to know what the conference is about and why?

Call conversation....

Cara: Hello Alison come office in an hour we have to go to Mr Robertson head office for press conference which is in 3 hour,

Alison: Cara what Conference? I haven't had heard about it before,

Cara: I am sorry that I forgot to tell you, that but Mr Robertson is having a conference to tell people about our merge. He will tell there that we are designing the dresses for his upcoming new store, which he is launching next year.

I can't believe this man he had already planned everything, and if he wasn't a jerk and A grade Asshole it would be the most amazing thing for me to work with him and also to be a part of his Store but right now I really don't want that but I don't think I have any options, it will only effect my career if I will do something wrong.

I was thinking about all, then I feel a hand on my shoulder. "what happened? What are you thinking?" Em said, "Nothing I have to attend press conference with Cara and Liam at his head office," I said and she look me if I was joking or what?, "Are you serious? No you are not going anywhere near him," she said and I really love her this protective nature, "I also don't want to but it will only effect my career which I have built in these years with my hard work, and if I will go in the Press conference more people will come to know about my work and designs," I said and Em just nod because she knows whatever I am saying is right, "Ok then have the breakfast first," she said by giving me a plate of my my favourite french toast. I sit on the couch and then Alex come with the coffee, I don't know why it's remind me of my parents, when I use to live with them mom was always like Have your breakfast, and dad have this milk too this will give you strength, their memories bring a smile of my face, I miss you mom dad and . I can't even bring her name on my lips because I can't stand with that she is no more in my life.

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