Love in the wedding

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I completed my breakfast and then clean the dishes even when both of them where saying no to me because I am not a queen who doesn't have to do anything and live at there house. Then I and Em go the guest room to decide what should I wear today in the conference, I again had to take out clothes from my bag after lots of trials we finalize the dress, which was plane baby blue tank top with a white trouser and a cream colour jacket, with that I put a simple chain which was gift from my dad I wear only on special occasions.

Then Em done my make up which was no make up look with a nude pink lipstick, and I keep my hair open by curling them, "Done" Em said after taking out clips from my hair, I stand up and we both look at my reflection in the mirror, "I am looking completely different," I said "Yeah! You are looking a confident and bold designer who don't take anyone's shit," Em said, I take my bag arrange my things and then she left the room to go and get ready, after half an hour she came out and We said bye to Alex who was still at home today. Em drive us to my house so I can take my car and also that I can put my luggage here.

After taking my car we drive to the boutique and when I enter the staffs where looking at me with wide eyes, yeah! I am designer who design beautiful dresses but I never give attention to my own dressing style I wear only the dress in which I feel comfortable, which I feel like a curse for being and designer, "Ali I have an appointment now so I have to go but don't hesitate to call me if the bitch boss create any drama again," she said I just nod and I saw one of my co-worker was checking me out but I ignore him and go to Cara's office,

I saw she was outside her Cabin and she look at me and her eyes where also wide open, "Okay I will talk to you later," she said to whoever she was talking to and now her attention was focused on me, "My my is it really you Alison?" She said by looking up to down, "Hello! Cara so let's get inside so we can talk about the details of the Press conference," I said, "Yeah! Details, actually I don't know that too, because Mr Robertson had told me whenever you will be ready to join again we will have press conference, so when you message in the morning I talked to Mr Robertson and he said to come to his office at 10:30 and so let's go." She said I was like she don't even know details? " I wish one day someone will come and make her sign the whole property and she will do it only if there is a handsome man standing near her, "Really? Then what we will talk in front of Press?" I asked in little harse tone, "Don't worry let's go to Mr Robertson office there we will came to know about it," she said, I just want one thing to do now is to beat shit out of this woman.

But instead of that I take a deep breath and nod, And then next thing we were into her expensive car driving us to Liam's office finally we reach driver park the car into the parking lot which may have about more than 100 of cars, we came out I brush my dress and hair with my hand, "So Ready to go?" Cara ask I can see she is nervous too, but I wanted to say don't worry bitch there you will put everything on me to do and will take all the credits, " Yeah!" I said and look at big building in front of me which may be have at least 15-20 floors,

we get inside and go to reception, "Excuse me, I am owner of Cara fashion house, we have an appointment with Mr Robertson," Cara said and receptionist first look at her and then at me I give her a small smile and she return it back, "Let me call Mr Robertson's secretary to check it out," she said and we nod, she call and talk to her, then put the phone back, "Okay you two can goes there is the elevator conference is at 12th floor there will be a receptionist too who will take you to the conference hall," Receptionist said "Thank you," I said and we go to elevator, In elevator memories of mine and Liam's come in front of me that how sweet he was and.. But the ping of elevator break my thoughts we came out to the floor,

I saw the same woman who was in the meeting with Liam coming toward us. "Hello Ms Cara and Ms Jackson hope you both remember me I am Sandra, Mr Robertson secretary" she said and extend her hand me and Cara both shake hand with her, "yeah! We do," Cara says and I just nod "Ok, come with me we have an hour before conference so I will give you more details about the conference," she said and lead us to room which was like small Hall had many chairs arranged there and also had a big tables which had 3 chairs. "So here our conference is going to be happened, and let sit so I can show you what will happen here," Sandra says and we nod and sit she tell us about everything going to be happened and also tell us to be look confident becasue if we will get a little nervous they will try to make us more.

Finally I got everything and she said she is going get Mr Robertson till we can chat, and I don't think I had anything to chat with Cara as she go out Cara take out a pouch from her bag and start doing touch up and I look at her with a weird face she look at me, "what?" She said "Nothing carry on, I am going to use washroom" I said and get up there was Bathroom sign there so I followed it and the get into the ladies side I saw myself in the mirror my make up was still fine I just brush my hair and then apply little lipstick, do my business and came back to the room when I came back I saw Liam is here to now, And I like he was waiting for me to come out because his eyes were glued over me, "oh! You came back Mr Robertson was asking about you," Cara said in a sweet voice which is really irritating, "Yeah! Hello Mr Robertson nice to meet you," I said "How are you?" He said by looking into my eyes like he try to read my mind, " I avert my gaze from him, "I am fine Mr Robertson thank you for your concern," I said he just nod,

"It's time for reporters to come so why don't you guys take your sits?" Sandra ask us we nod and sit, I don't like the sitting arrangement becasue I was in the middle Liam was in my right side and Cara was in left side.

Finally reporters came in the room and sit on there sits and First click some pictures, I was little nervous and I make a half glance in Liam he has no nervousness on his face, of course he had faced them lots of time he is famous after all.

"Welcome you all to this press conference, we are hear to do some announcement about.." Liam was saying but "Mr. Robertson Is this new is related to you and Ms Jackson personal life?" He said and every other were looking like they want to know the same thing, "Sorry no this is not personal, this is Announcement related to a merge I am going to do with Ms Cara's boutique whose head designer is Ms Jackson," he said and all the reporters nod and start typing in there tabs or writing on there notepads, "So, the all designs will be by Ms Jackson maybe you guys already know that she is the one who have designed Very famous actress Georgia's wedding dress, so the whole collection of wedding dress, to the functions dress to office dress Ms Jackson is going to design for us which will be available in my upcoming Store," Liam said again,

"Sir, As we know Cara fashion house is not that famous then why you choose that." One of the reporter ask and this is the question I also want to know answer, "Not famous, I will sue this reporter," Cara mummle that only I heard, "Yeah! It's not that famous I have two reasons for that first I was thinking from the long time to give chance to the small fashion houses to who have potential to get a chance to show their work, and second is .." Liam said these line and take a pause, and look at me and give me smile which I don't return and look toward the reporters who were already looking at us, "What is your second reason Sir?" An reporter ask and Liam came out from his thought, "Yeah.;." he said and look at the reporters "Second reason is Alison," he said, and i can't help and look at him, " What do you mean by Alison?" One of the reporter ask, "I mean to say I had already tried to work with Alison but that time she was busy with another client and then when I saw Georgia's dress I had decided that I am not going to lose this opportunity and I contact with Ms Cara," Liam said which give me a relief, Reporter ask us more questions about designs and we answer them confidently,

"Ms. Alison and Mr. Robertson my question is from you both that the picture and video had leaked a week ago is that was real?" reporter ask which put me on of guard but I am not going to show that to them, "Which picture you are talking about?" I said casually, "Ms pictures of you and Mr Robertson dancing together, I chuckle, "Oh! that, You know that we was in club everyone was enjoying and we too so we were in the same circle of friends all had partners we don't so we decided to dance together that's all" I said that reporter nod and sit back, then an another one get up, "Okay dance is casual but what about the kiss?" He said I was shocked, how they know we kissed? "Sorry!" I said, "Ms. I am talking about the kiss you guys did on the same night in the bar, I even have the pictures of that," he said and I was shocked because that kiss remind me of the time I spend with Liam, now I was getting weak, "Actu.." Liam was about to say something, "Mr. Can you show me the pictures you have?" I said that reporter came and give me and yes that was the pictures of mine and Liam kissing for the first time, "Wow! we had kissed?" I said and look at Liam who was looking at me with confusion, "Thanks for showing me pictures Mr but I really don't had any idea that we had kissed that night, and the reason was we were in the night club for fun and I had 3-5 glasses of my drink and so I had no idea I had kissed him at all," I said with confidence, "Thank you, everyone, now conference is over, Sandra take them to the downstairs for the lunch," Iiam said Sandra nod "Gentlemen follow me please," Sandra says and go toward the door and then all the reporters get up and follow her, "Mr. Robertson it was nice conference and I think we should go and too, "Cara said to Liam, "Cara can you give me some minutes I want to talk to him in private," I said which make Cara and Liam both look at me, "But.." Cara was about to say something, "Ms. Cara you can go downstairs and have some lunch I will call Sandra to escort you there," Liam says Cara nod and toward the door,

Cara you can go downstairs and have some lunch I will call Sandra to escort you there," Liam says Cara nod and toward the door,

What Alison want to talk to Liam?

And From where reporters got the all pictures?

Be connected to know answer of the every question,

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