Love in the wedding

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Liam's P. O. V

Flashback a week ago...........

I woke up in the morning with happiness becasue today is my date with Alison, Finally day comes and I am going to spend all day together with her.
I heard someone knock on my door, it was just 8 in the morning I had messaged Alison that our date will be on 10A.M so who can be? I get up from the bed and goes to open my suite's door.

And I was little shocked to saw the person was on the door, "What are you doing here?" I asked Grace was standing on my door, "Can I come in?" She says I move away so she can come in and then I close the door, "Now tell me what happened?" I asked and she was looking like she was on verge of crying, "I messed up," she said, "What did you messed up by the way?" I asked because I don't know what she is talking about, "Your order is not prepared yet," she said and I was looking at her with confusion, "What do you mean?" I asked again and now I am getting frustrated with her these half talks, "Your order of all pharmaceutical products are not prepared yet," she said and look down and I was now shocked, "What? Are you serious?" I asked "Yes Liam I am serious I had ordered my staffs and whenever I use to call them they said they are working on it but.. last night they call me that..." She almost Wishper and stop talking.

"So what was that all reports which we are working at?" I asked, "I don't know that all reports are send by the staffs and when I asked them when is delivery going to happenned they don't replied, then I contacted with my brother and he told me that no work is going on this consignment yet," She said

I don't what to say, because this was my first time I was working in Pharmaceutical products I had started my business with fashion but now I have good amount of different Businesses like publishing company, Hotel and restaurants but I wanted to do this Pharma business because I wanted to take products from companies and sell them at low cost so everyone can afford it. Mr. Parker (Grace's father) is number 1. Pharmaceutical industry owner so I deal with him and now the problem is start with the first order. And I had already work on everything that products will be out in next month and here products are not even ready? Don't know what I am going to do now, "Did you contact with the workers yet?" I said, she move her head and says no, "Now what we can do? Let me call your dad," I said "No don't call him he will be really upset with this, he will fire all the staffs of that department, I don't want them to lose their jobs they have families too," she said and I think she is right,

"You know we had changed in the plans alot between these days and you was agreed to all the changes so I am thinking that all make the staffs confused about the everything," She says and I agreed too because in this whole week she offer few changes in the products and I like them so I said yes to them, "I think you are right," I said, "yeah! So we now have to convince my dad that we had changed the delivery date too and this the only way to save everything," she said I was confused and worried because this can cause huge loss to me as well as her father, "Let see what we can do," I said, I saw it was now 8 A.M and I have to get ready and check that our date location is perfectly ready or not.

"Grace we will talk about this later I have to go somewhere so let me get ready," I said and she nod, "Okay you go and get ready, can I have some water?" She said and I nod and she goes to mini fridge and till I pull out my shirt put in the laundry bag and get into the bathroom, I don't heard any footsteps and thought she is gone so I take a little longer shower so I can release my stress she have given to me, it was my fault too I should have check it out by myself that, how work is going on, So I am responsible for that too believing someone who I don't know.

Few minutes later I heard footsteps again She isn't gone yet? Are you still here? I said whatever happened is happened. We both Wanted it in this way, we did it, and we have time we can convince your father And don't worry I will talk to him about our plan. He maybe get little angry but I don't think he will say no to me trust me Grace. I said

I heard footsteps faded so finally she leaved and then I came out wear my fresh clothes, try to look my best, I chuckle on myself that I am behaving like teenager who is going on his first date, but what I say I have lots of expectations from this date because it's not only a date for me I want her with me as long as I live in this world. Finally I got at the location things was perfect as I wanted now it's time to go and pick her up.

I came back to the hotel and knock on her door, I knock again and again but there was no response I called her but then no response, I was worried now, I go to front desk of the hotel. "Hello can you contact with the room no. 6/16?" I said to receptionist and she look at me, Room no. 6/16? But .. the guest of that room checkout already," she said I was looking at her with wide eyes, "What checkout? When?" I asked. She check it in her computer, "Sir it almost two hours ago she had checked out," she said and I don't know what to say or to feel? She left? Without saying something and here I am planning for our best date? I again again called her for hours but instead of that she had blocked my number, what happened? Did I did something wrong?

I go back to my room and then after sometime I heard knock on the door and it was already open I saw Grace come in, "Liam what happened?" She said and even I don't know what happened? Why she ditch me before we can even date, "Nothing why are you here?" I asked tried not to look sad, "I am here because I talked with my staff again they said they will start working then they can finish it in around few weeks," she said and I look at her, "Can we talk about it on lunch I hadn't had anything from morning?" She said well I hadn't had anything too, because my date run away, but at least I should do my business in good way, "Okay let's go," I said and she told she had seen some good restaurant around so we go there don't know when there paperzzie came from and take our pictures.

After that day we came back to Chicago there I came to know that Grace insisted her dad to work with me Becasue she wanted to learn from me and other things she hadn't done anything the things she blamed to staffs she was responsible for becasue she hadn't contacted them for once, He was so upset with her that he decided to take her out from his business because it was not the first time she had did that, I was so angry she done all these with me but I was blamed to Because I don't bother to contact Mr Parker for once, between these days , He was about to cancel my deal but thanks to Grace's brother who make his dad agree to give a another chance to deal with. He said he need sometimes to think and I give him a week and now it's ended. Grace wanted me to help her to the back to her position by saying I was the one who did changes and tell her to not contact with staffs and why would I do that for her? Who the hell she think of herself?

End of flashback.....

Even I don't know why I feel that she have something to do with Alison, because she was use to be always there when we were together. But right now I have the only motive is know why Alison is behaving like this, "Sir your call is connected," Sandra says and hand me the phone,

Call conversation.....

Liam: "Hello! Mr Parker?"

Mr Parker: hello! Liam, so how can I help you?

He said like he don't know why I am calling him,

Liam: Mr Parker I think you know why I am calling you?

He give me a chuckle, if he is not going to say yes then I have to go to contact with other Pharmaceutical products company but it have to be take so much time again,

Mr. Parker: yes I know and I think we should meet tomorrow to discuss about our deal.

Liam: so you are saying?

Mr. Parker: yes I am saying it's a yes I will deal with you, but this time Grace will be not the one.

Thanks for this help because I also don't wanted to deal with her,

Liam: I don't care who will deal with me, I just want the product so I can full fill my customers demands.

Mr. Parker: I know that and that's your quality I like about you, so meet you tomorrow,"

Liam: yeah! Have a nice day,"

I said and cut the call so one problem is solved now, Alison. My all focus is on her.

So finally this was Grace's plan to make misunderstanding between them,

how will Liam make Alison to talk to him?

and what he will do when he will know about Grace's plan?

Be connected to know answer of the every question,

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