Love in the wedding

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Ch- 25


I came out from his office furiously because the name I heard is make me realize what's going on here, why this press conference is held for and everything else but I don't want to lose my temper press is still in this building or not press is here still I am doing business with this Man. When I go towards the lift it's open and the person I don't wanted to see came out.

"Alison," she said in a shocked voice like she wasn't aspecting me, great acting Bitçh but I know this all your plan to which he execute, "Grace, nice to see you," I said in sarcastic tone, because she also knows how much I love to see her, "What are you doing here?" She asked "I was here for a meeting but don't worry everything is done, Mr. Robertson is free now," I said and get inside the elevator and close it before she can say something because then I will feel like killing her.

I came to the group floor look around for Cara then I find her to talking to a man well did I said talking? Sorry shamelessly flirting, but I don't care she is just like this, I go near them "Cara I am done so we can go now?" I said they both look at me Cara with the look like she had forgotten I was with her, and man was eye fucking me for which I wanted him to give kick. "Alison, actually I am going on lunch with this handsome," she said by placing a hand on his chest, "so you have to go alone," she says I nod and turn towards the exit, "Hey! Why don't you join us," that man says by looking me from top to bottom, and I know what their lunch means and I really don't want to be a part of that, "Sorry not interested" I said without looking back.

I came out from the building towards the road and now I am regretting to not take my car here, I saw a taxi and try to stop that, after third trial a taxi stop finally so, I get into it give him the address finally we reached to the boutique, came back to the boutique.

I directly get into my cabin and sit on my chair take my face in my hands. What I have done to have a life like this? I think the man love me always cheat me, moreover I had never felt for anyone like I did for Liam, and here he is helping Grace to humiliate me for no reason, I can bet that it's Grace plan to take benefit of me and then leave me like my other boyfriends did, How didn't I saw his real face he is a brilliant actor the way he treated me in just few days was like I am world to him, but in last all was a drama a show, I am not going to tell Em what happens in the press conference or she will kill him as well as his girlfriend or whatever she is for him,

I heard my phone was ringing, so I pick it up,

Phone conversation...

Alison: Hello

Emma: Hey! When you will come back?

Alison: I am already back

Emma: what? But Cara's car is not in parking,

She said and entering in the my cabin, I look at her and cut the call, "If you are already here than why are you talking on call?" I asked, "Yeah!" she said and remove her phone from her ears, "So how did you come?" She asked again, "I am here by taxi before you ask she ditch me for going on date with a dirty manwhore," I said with making disgusting look, "Manwhore how can you say that?: Em asked me, "He is because he was flirting with her and eyefuking me too, and cherry in the top he ask me to join their date and you know that what he meant by that," I said and Em look at me with wide eyes and start laughing, "God! That man had guts he ..he" she was wanted to say but can't because of her unstop laughing, "Yes! He wanted to have a threesome and it was really disgusting and I wanted to punch him really hard," I said and frown, "Oh! My stomach is hurting because of laughing," Em said by catching her stomach, "Mine is hurting too because I am hungry," I said with pouting,"don't worry I had ordered our lunch that's why I called when you are coming," She said, "That's why you are the bestest best friend" I said and she smile, we got our delivery and decided to eat in my cabin's sitting area which I had designed for myself, I have designer idea not for dress only for house too, she and ordered our favourite dishes like she knows I am not going to be in the great mood after returning but this food will make me for sure.

We started eating and talking about random things and I had decided to not talk to her about the things happened in the conference I just told her about Business deal and said her I didn't give chance to Liam to talk to me which was true I just said I wanted to but didn't listen him. She got notification in her mobile she saw she make face like shocked and irritated, "what happened? Who is messeging you?" I asked, "Oh! Nothing it's.. just a message from Alex and it's weird he message me at this time," she said and my shrugging her shoulder I feel like she is hiding but I didn't force her because we never keep things, yeah! I know that I am keeping these but only because we have to face him again, and I don't want Em to do something which can cause problems for her. "What are you doing in evening?" I asked, "She look at me, "nothing, why?" She asked, "I was thinking if you came home and give a look to all designs," I said "that's s great idea even Alex is going to come late today, he have a late surgery today," she said, "okay then it's a deal," I said and take my plate of food and get up throw it in the dustbin she did too, "Okay then I am going back to my work I will see you later," she said I nod she left the cabin.

I sat back on my chair I have to design many dresses for Liam's company so, I started them and then I don't know how long I was lost till I heard my cabin door open, "Don't you want to go back today?" Em said I look at her, "What time it is?" I asked and look at my phone and saw it's already 6, "Wow! I was really lost into these designs, so are you coming with me or you will come back later?" I asked Em and start packing my things, "Actually that's why I came here to tell you, I am not coming with you today," she said and I look at her, "What happened you are fine?" I asked with concern, "Yeah! I am perfectly fine actually Alex asked me for dinner date it's since long we hadn't done any," she said and I look at her with suspicion becasue she had gone on dates two week ago, well it's good they are going, but she told me earlier that Alex is busy in surgery today. "But you had told Alex have late night surgery," she look at me, "Yeah! He had but it got cancelled because of some reason, which I don't know so that's why he had messaged me earlier," she said I nod "Okay then enjoy your date and have a great night," I said and grin, she just chuckle and shake her head, "We will do it some other day, even you have to make many designs yet for Mr Robertson," she said and I nod my bags was packed so we came out from my cabin and we come out to the parking area we bid bye and drive to our houses.

I don't have anything else other than designing but I was wanting some break so I take my laptop and sit on my couch decided to have some me time I take out bag of popcorn from my kitchen cabinets arrange everything and start a random movie and the scene was going on where mistress trying to manipulate the main lead against his wife and they were planning to destroy the Main character, don't know how I start seeing me in the Main female character Liam as male main character and Grace as that mistress I was fuming and I throw the bag of popcorn away from my lap and get up open my little drink cabinet take a bottle of whiskey and take glass to pour it, but then I leave the glass there and come back to the couch with the whisky bottle and then start drinking while watching laptop the movie.

Next day....

I wake up with a really bad headache and I look at myself I was laying half on my couch and half on the floor there was mess all around me and I was smelling like wiskey "Umm.. why the hell I drink this much?" I asked myself then I look at blank screen of my laptop and then I remembered what I was watching make me do this, "I shouldn't let these things effect me," I said to myself again and try to get up not only my head but my body was also aching because of wrong sleeping position I get up finally and look around and then go to kitchen take aspirin and water then take the garbage bag and put the mess I had made in the living room in it.

After cleaning I take bath and I hadn't checked my mobile yet and I feel it's already little late than my usual wake up time, so after getting dressed I get into kitchen I heard footsteps and I don't bother to check because I know only one person have my keys and it's "Where the hell is your mobile?" She said " I look at her and then look back at my cabinet take out cornflakes bag but she snatch it from me, "Hey!" I protest "Where is your mobile?" she asked, "I don't know maybe in my room," Did you saw the time it's 11 and by what I am seeing it's look like you just woke up," she said, "It's 11?" I said in confusion, and I get into my room and Em follow me I saw my mobile was on the bedside table as I had put it when I came back, and it was off because of charge and so I put it into the charge and look at Em "What?" I asked she said nothing just shake her head, "Let's have your breakfast and then we will go to office," she said I nod and came back to kitchen I pour Milk and Cornflakes for me and then eat it and Em was just watching me, "What is wrong with you?" She said and I look at her, "Nothing is wrong," I said "how was your date with Alex" I asked, "Oh! It wasn't a date we had gone to meet Luca" she said and I look at her, "Luca? Who is that?" I asked "He is Alex's old friend from college..yeah college he was here because of some business so he called when we were getting ready so we change our date into dinner with friend," she said and I still feel something is off, "I am done," I said put the dishes in the sink and then we both leave the house for office, Today I had three appointments and thank god all where in the afternoon or I would haven't able to get them, So Today was a productive day they all wanted me to design there dresses after all now I am famous for designing Georgia's wedding dress as well because I am designing for Liam's company, my first two clients were really great and but the last one was a rich brat have just demands and demands she don't like anyone of the catalogue designs so I told her to come some days later I will design a dress according to her choice and she agreed.

It have been three days to mine and Liam's last interaction which was at his office he didn't come to visit he just contact with Cara about the progress of designs and so she tell him about everything, maybe he finally got I am not going to come under his spell. So they give up and I don't know why Em seems lost too from few days but when I asked she just denied it. For confirmation that she is fine and not hiding anything I talked to Alex too and he also said everything is find with her as well as between them too, and he also accept that they were gone on dinner with his old friend, and I have to accept that because Alex is not good in Lying. I had finished one final dress fitting with my client she was looking really happy and after saying bye to her and her friend

I turn and saw Em was standing behind me and I scared, "Are you trying to kill me?" I said by putting hand on my chest, "Sorry I don't mean to scare you I want to talk to about sometime very important" she is and I think now she is going to reveal the thing which she is hiding from me now, "Okay say?" I said, "Not here let's go my cabin," she said I nod I follow her to her cabin and then after getting inside she look at me, "Yeah! Tell me now," I asked She started playing her ring, and she do it only she is nervous,

"Em tell me what happened?" You are making me nervous too," I said and she look me and give me tight smile, "Promise me first you will not accept it," she asked and I have no doubt on her "Okay I promise," I said she got little relief, "Okay and promise me that too you will not get angry with me too," she said and now I am having doubt on her what she is wanting? "What you want me to do?" I asked, "promise me first," she said, and I am now having doubt surely but have to accept as I had promised already, "Okay will not get angry now tell me," I said and she look at me "I..Ihavesetupablinddateforyoutoday" she said which I didn't got a bit,

"Tell slowly and clearly," I said she take a deep breath, "Okay, so me and Alex have set up a blind date for you with his friend Luca tonight," she said I was looking at her like wanted to know she is joking or she is serious, "A..are you serious?" I said and she nod and "Em you know.I" I was saying Because I had promised not get angry as well to get ready, "I know Ali that you don't date but till when? Don't I had seen you seeing me and Alex together and the emptiness in your eyes, I want my best friend to be happy in her life, and you deserve all.the happiness, And trust me Luca is perfect man in just one meeting he proved that," she said "What if he would he a serial killer?" I said and she look at me and chuckle, "You really think we would want you to date a serial killer or pshyco?" She said ,I chuckle too, "So? Will you go on date?" She asked like she have given me any other option, "Do I have any other option? After hearing this Em come near me and hug me ,"Thanks for believing me and I am telling you will never regret this," she said and I believe her.

So Emma have planed date for Alison,

Is it waring for Compition of Liam?
And how will he react after knowing that?

So excited to meet Luca?

Be connected to know answer of the every question,

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