Love in the wedding

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After the calling it a day we both came to my house I mean me and Emma, and she had already planned everything I guess because as we came and got fresh she get into my wardrobe and take out the Red velvet dress of shoulder short dress, which was one of my most expensive dress, I had bought it maybe 4 years ago because I was thinking that asshole was going to propose me, but instead of that he cheated on me, She take out a rose gold diamond studded piece of earring and a Chain with planet pendent on it. It gift from my was dad on my 14th birthday,

He had told me that "pendant will remind me I am his world he is proud be the part of that world."

I wore it only on special occasion why she is taking it out? It's just my first date with that man Luca, "Hey! You know I wore it only on special occasion, then why are you taking that out?" I asked she look at me and give me a sweet smile and I look at her with confusion. "I know that and this is the special occasion because I know that he is the one for you." She and then close the wardrobe and come near me and place the dress in my hand, "How you can be that sure? I mean shouldn't I said that? But after meeting not yet," I said that and roll my eyes, "First go and wear this dress and come out fast we have to do alot yet." She said and drag me to the bathroom, I get inside and close the door wear the dress and then come out.

"Absolutely beautiful as I had thought," Emma said and take my hand make me sit on small chair in front of my vanity mirror, I ask many question about her she answer me but without revealing any names, so according to her Luca is a successful businessman and have good knowledge fashion, and he is good in sports really handsome and polite and really charming. All things remind me of Liam because he everything that just said, but one thing I am 100% sure she will never be let Liam around me and set me on date with him never in the thousand years, finally I am ready my hair was curled and on my shoulder, I have no makeup look with a red light said of red lipstick.

"You are ready completely and his driver will be here in few minutes and will drive you to the location," Em said and I look at her, "What happened?" She asked after looking at my face, "Nothing just nervous you know I hadn't gone on date from last three years and don't know how it will be," I said and shrug my shoulder, she just chuckle and rub my shoulders, "Everything will be fine and I know with him you will not going to feel any nervousness for sure, trust me." she said and I take her hand in mine which where on my shoulders, "I know that Em, and I trust that and that's why I am agreed to go on a 'Blind date'," I said and we both chuckled and we heard the car horn. Em goes to the window and lift the curtain and peak outside, "I think that's his driver and car," She said and look at me, and now I can feel my hand is sweating. she look at me and come near me and I get up she hug me "Don't worry everything will be fine," She said and I nod and let me go, "here your phone and bag and it has all the necessary items if you feel insecure." She said and I look at her, "Don't worry it's just for your surety otherwise I trust him," she said "Okay the let's do it," I said and take a deep breath come out from my room to living room and Em come behind me I open the door and driver was standing there.

"Hello Ms. Jackson" he said and look between us, "Hello! I am Alison Jackson," I said, he goes near the car open the backseat door and I look back at Em she give me thumbs up I smile at her then get inside the car she wave her hand I wave back, "Where are we going?" I asked to the driver who just sit on the car was putting his seatbelt, "We are going to the restaurant sir had opened recently 'FLORA'" driver says, "Oh! Thanks," I said and type the restaurant name in the mobile to search about the owner but it had nothing I mean there was some pictures but no owner details. Finally we came to a stop, "Mam we are here," he said and look at me from mirror above him, I nod and he came and open the door we were in the front of a classy resturent not so big but elegant everything was arranged like I love, it's feels like it is made for me, I am just thinking too much maybe it's his choice too.

Driver park the car and I move forward towards the entrance and it was really cozy look which I can see from the glass door a valet open the door and greet me I nod and get inside there wasn't a crowd only few people was inside and enjoying their meals and as I get in a hostess come give me a smile "Hello! Mam," she said and I nod and smile too, "Hello, there is a booking for Alison Jackson?" I asked "Oh! Yes this way," she said and gesture towards the private booth I nod and go toward it, and I saw there was man standing near the booth door and talking on the phone, Is he is Luca? I go near him and he look at me and give me a smile I think he is the one, "Hello! I am Alison," I said and he nod "Oh! Yes your friend had told me lot about you, nice to meet you too," he said "Hope you aren't waiting for me from long time?" I asked and "Oh no I am not I just got here and .." he was saying then a girl come from behind me and hug that man not only hug and give him a peak too, I was shocked. "Sorry babe I am late," she said and smile at him and he smile back at her, "Sorry! I said and then they look at me he was like he forgot he was talking to me, "Oh! Sorry I forgot that you are here," he said with smile and I wanted to ask he is joking or what? I am here on date with him and he is kissing a girl in front of me? And forgot me too?

"Who is she babe?" That woman ask him, and he give her a confused look, "Isn't your friend?" He said to that woman and that woman look at me, "No, I don't even know her," she said and look me from up and down, "yes she don't know me and I am not her friend and I can't believe Emma set me up with you," I said "Who is Emma?" That woman ask, "My best friend and she said this man is perfect for me and here he is.." I was saying, "I don't know any Emma and why she set up you with me? I am a married man," he said and my eyes were wide open, " are Married?" I said, "yes he is and I am his wife," that woman says and show me her ring,

"God Emma what she did? sorry Mr. Luca I think she just misunderstood everything, but why did you send the car then?" I said, "Mr. Luca? My name is Ethan Ethan Harris," he said," I look at him, "You are not Luca owner of this restaurant?" I said and he just decline by moving his head and I take breath, "Thank god," I said "So I am guessing you both misunderstood eachother? You as her my friend Chole and she as her date," that woman says and we both look at her and release she is completely right which make all of three to laugh, "Oh! God you are right," I said "I am sorry Ms." Ethan said "I am sorry too I saw you standing near this door I thought you are Luca," I said, "Oh! Sorry I was coming from bathroom but as my phone rings I stop here," he said, "I think we should go back my friend must be come now, and all the best for your date" that lady says, "Thanks and sorry too it's nice too meet You guys. I am Alison" I said , "nice to meet you too, I am Hanna" that woman says we smile and then finally they leave and I was standing alone near that door and now getting nervous again, I take deep breath and knock on the door, "Come in," a musculin voice said and I get in, it was really well decorated with scented candles and flowers and most important there was my favourite flowers lights, I can see things clearly but don't see any man, "excuse me, I am Alison Jackson," I said and a figure come out from the dark, "I know that you are Alison," he said and I snap and look at him because this is ..his voice he say me Alison like this, and finally he came out and I can see his face clearly, "Liam?" I said with confusion and anger.

Is she said Liam? Or she just imagining him?
If it's true, why Emma agreed to setup him with Alison?

Be connected to know answer of the every question,

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