Love in the wedding

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Next day...

I heard doorbell and look at the clock and it was just 6 o'clock in the morning and who can be here? It can't be Em, she have my keys then it can be Liam? but what he is doing this early? Well whoever that is really impatient because ringing door continuously, "Coming," I said take my robe from the chair wear it and come out and open the door, I saw Em was there before I can ask something she hug me tightly, and then separated to and check my whole body, "Are you ok?" she said, "Yeah! I am but.." I was saying but "Then why did you take time to open the door,?" She said little loudly, I look around there was no one my neighbourhood is really good but still I don't think anyone would be like to woke up with noises like this so I pull inside and close the door, "Now tell me what happened?" I asked and she was little confused, "You are looking fine?" she said, "So what you want how should I look said or not ok?" I said "yes," she said and I give her look, "I mean to say, you was on date with Liam and you are ok with that?" she said, 'So you know that I was on date with Liam not luca?" I asked, "Yes just got know about half an hour ago and then run here, without taking my phone or your keys," She said, "What did you to liam?" I asked because she must have did something that he didn't follow her, "I..just did which he deserves," She said without looking at me,

*Emma's P. O. V*


(Mobile Alarm ring)

"why the hell morning happened so soon?" I said and look toward the window, it was still dark outside so I get up little to take my phone from the side table, but my dear husband had wrapped me in his arm around me and his head was on my neck so I wasn't able to move even, "Off that awful sound" He mumble in my neck, "I will if you move LIttle," I said and he leave my waist so I take my phone and close the alarm, I think I had put alarm at 5 o' clock, instead of 7 o' clock, I saw there was message by Ali I open it immediately


Date went good, I am perfectly fine, and reaches at home. Good night, talk to you later.

"Wow, finally Ali like someone and had a good date," I said, "Yeah! That's good," Alex mumbled, "Hmm.. Hope he is the one for her," I said "Of course she and Liam finally short out the things so everything will be good now," Alex said I nod but then I look at him. Did he said Liam? "Liam? She was on date with Luca, not Liam," I said and he snuggle into me, "Nope it was a plan she was there with Liam," As he said my blood start to boil, "That mean you made plan against us? Team up with that Liam? God! Don't know what Ali is going through," I said pushed him away and he land on the floor, "Ahh.. fuck my head!" He scream, "You deserve it and not only this you are going to be locked in for the time till I will be back," I said and take my cloths lock the room wear the cloths in Living room and then close the main door and Run towards the Ali's house because I forgot to take car keys, before locking the room, I can hear his screaming but I didn't care.

End of flashback..

End of Emma's P.O.V


"Are you mad he can have Injury let's go to your house and check him," I said and go to take my car keys, "No," she said and take keys before me, "He deserve some things like that to take his side instead on our, But you are looking fine like you had a good time?" She said and I blush when she said good times "You are blushing?" She said I shook my head, "No it's just.."

Flashback last night,....

After things got cleared I wanted to leave but Liam insisted me to stay because of I own him a date and so I did our date began with the ordering drink, and it was my favourite one, "My favourite? Let me guess Alex?" I said and he nod his head, "I had seen you at the club you had so many drink and still you was sober," he said and I just smile, "Yeah! I have good tendancy of tolerate drinks, but that not means I am a regular drinker or anything," I said and he shook his head "Yeah!" I know, we both take sip of our drinks and then he place the glass back not table and then stand up and come near me, and extend his hand, "Would you like to dance with me?" He ask and I look up into his eyes and then nod, he take my hand and then don't know from where music start and we start moving on the lyrics and he wrap me into his arms by placing them on my waist, I locking my arms around his neck we look into each other's eyes his eyes fall on my lips the next we both were kissing and he tightens his grip around me more tighter and our kiss was full of love and then it turn into the passionate kiss.

He gently push me to the wall behind me and then start kissing eagerly and I reciprocate it, then his lips leave mine and start raining kiss on my cheeks and then go down under my neck and then my collerbone he bite my skin, "Ahh.." I can't but make lots of noises and he finally stop, and cup my face, "I am so addicted to you, I can't help myself when I am around you, because crazily I am in love with you," He said which made me cry because these words I wanted to hear from others which never come in my both relationship even when I was with them for years, But that also had made a knod in my heart that make me stop by saying those word to him even I know I am in love with him. He may feel the sadness in my eyes, "Hey! You don't have to say same to me, I said because I wanted you to know what I feel for you and I will be always there for you when you will need me in any moment," he said and I can feel he is saying all these generously and so I just nod and then pull him into the kiss because I wanted to say him everything without using any word, because these three word and eight letter can't make any differences what I feel for him. We break out the kiss and our forehead was touching, "Thank you, for understanding I want time because things happened in the past relations that make a halt inside my heart," I said "I get it Alison, and I will wait till you will say it and accept me from your heat," He said and I nod.

We heard growl which was from our stomach and we both feel embarrassed as well start laughing, "I think it's signals we should eat now," He said and then take my hand back to the chair and pull chair for me and we sit after few minutes same waitress come in with a food trolly place the plates in front of us, "Bon appetite," she said we thanks her and she finally leave we both start eating and he tell me the dishes name and also that that all of them have part of mine and his favourite cousins, we ate and then I decided to go, he drive me back to my apartment and then with a passionate makeout session I said good bye came in to my house and he drive to his.

End of the Flashback....

"Wow! that mean you guys are together now?" Em said "No! not yet but can be if he will prove everything he said was true and that's why we made plan and if that will got success she will not only out of my and Liam's life as well as her life will became a hell ." I said because my plan is to destroy her completely like she tried to destroy me. "I don't know what is your plan but one thing I know I will always support you in your every decision," Em said and I hug her, "Now let's go to your home and open the door," I said and she nod.

So what is Alison's and Liam's plan to destroy Grace will she fell into it? Or they will trapped in it?

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