Love in the wedding

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" You mean to say that was Liam Robertson the king of the fashion industry?" Emma says with wide eyes. " Yes Em he was and I am a fool instead of Greet him I ignore him," I say with a defeated voice. " It's ok dear, let's forget about work. Why don't we go have some fun?" Emma says in excitement.

I look at her with narrow eyes, " Are you high on something?" I say and then look at the road, " No and why are you thinking like this?" Emma says with a questionable look. " Because I have an early flight tomorrow and you have to go to work and because I will not be there you have more responsibilities," I say and stop the car in my parking and we come out. " Why doesn't life give us a break?" She says in a melodramatic tone. " Ms drama queen helped me to take these bags. I have to open the door of the house too" I say and open the back seat of the car and take out the bags.

I hand her to them and she follows me. " You know you can have a vacation with Alex after I come back," I say to excite her. " Vacation and Alex? Really? Do you forget he is the head doctor of the government hospital and vacations are not for them" She sighs? " Sorry I don't mean to offend you," I say and give her an apology. " It's ok don't worry let's pack your bag," She said and went to open my wardrobe.

I live in two BHK and it's not so beautiful or not so low budget this is what I can afford with my payment. It was really hard for me to get this after My douchey ex took all my money. 3 years ago which I had earned with my hard work of 5 years. And even my apartment and I was a fool to get ready to co-sign the apartment which was my own money and also doesn't check the paperwork and trust on him, but I have to say he was a clever person he took my things to throw me out from my own apartment after caught up fuçking a whôre in our bedroom. But as I say I was foolish and naive but now I am not. So I am successful and satisfied with myself.

" Hey! Where are you lost?" Emma says while tapping me on my shoulder. " I was just thinking about how lucky I am to have a friend like you in my life," I say and hug her. " Wow! I mean I know I am special but what causes you to be emotional?" She hugged me back. " I was just thinking that if you and Alex had not helped me that day and would not have kept me with you guys for a year without any rent, then Where do I go that day? " I say and we got apart. I know there are tears in my eyes. Emma wipes them away. " You know I don't like sadness around me and mostly when it comes from my best friend". She gave me a pointed look.

"Okay, mam, sorry and let's pack these "I give her my clothes, we both pack and have some snacks then she gets a call from Alex and then says bye, and then I was alone. Well, I am really alone other than Emma I don't have anyone in my life. I had my best friend Rick but now he got busy in his business and now he is getting married too. I and Rick are friends from childhood we were neighbors and we also had dated in high school but we feel we are better as a best friend so we came back as the best friend, then in college, we meet Georgia the girl he is getting married to and our other friends Bennett and Sara they all were my backbone when my parents died in the plane crash I didn't have anyone to say family but they and their families were with me, but then I decided to move out from our hometown Chicago to Boston.

While my friends live there and have their lives Rick joined his father's business, Georgia persuaded her dream to be a model and actress and she is quite famous now, and I am proud of them. We are connected with phones and social media I also use to visit but for the last two years I hadn't visited but we are connected this the best thing. After getting out of the relationship with my douchey ex I had decided not to date and just focus on work. I lay down on the bed and tried to sleep which was not coming easily.

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