Love in the wedding

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Today we have decided to make Grace pay for her all shits and Em said me to me that bitch still dare to insult Ali by saying she get this deal after..I can't even take that word out of my mouth. Ali is like a younger sister to me, I came to know her after Em ask me that one of her co-worker can live with us, I was uncomfortable with that situation but as all wasn't able to say no to wife, so I got agree but when Ali started to live with us I came to know she is the sweetest girl, that time her boyfriend Mark had cheated on her as well as throw out her of her own house, she and Em became best friend in no time and I became a brother to her we became a trio, but soon after an year she leaves our house. Even when she use to leave with us she never tried to get into my and Emma's personal space, She give us time alone. When I came to know about her and Liam's situation I was really angry at Liam but when I run into him in the hospital he had came to see Alison and when he came to know that Alison had already released as well as when Alison had introduced him as a client I had seen sadness in his eyes, I can see the love in his eyes for her so I take that risk to help him I trusted my will, because I knew if he would have proved wrong not only Ali and Em's also mine and Em's relation had been affected but in last he and Ali got together.

Here we are going to expose this ungranted bitch, Our plan is to make her drink that much she will not control her and tell everything by herself and in this mine work is put fire in fuel by praising Ali in front of her, she hadn't meet me ever so she don't know I am Alison's friend or Em's husband, I was at bar, I had also explained bartender what he have to do he is one of Liam's trusted staff, I saw her coming toward the bar in frustration and sit on the third sit in my right I give signal to bartender and he nod, "Hello mam, you seems upset this drink will help you to get in mood," Bartender said and passes a glass to Grace she didn't said anything to him just take the glass and gulp down at once her eyes were now fixed on Ali who was talking to Em, after she had her second glass I decided to approach her I wasn't a bit interested in her beauty but have to so this for Ali, "Hello beautiful can I sit here?" I said in flirty tone and she look me and give me a glare, "OH! your look is enough to kill someone," I said by raising my hand in surrender, I don't know how but this make her smile, "Yeah you can sit here," she said and I sit beside her I introduce myself and she did too, and to look normal I talk about our work, I heard throat clearing behind Grace and it was non other than my wife, god this woman is here to keep eyes on me?

"So did you saw the designs of today?" I said to Grace which make her frown, "No I don't like anyone of them," she replied, "What you don't like them? I can see the others are really liking it and even apprictaing the designer," I said and take a sip of my drink with my little fuel she is charging up, and then she take another glass of drink and bartender filled that glass, "She is the worst designer I had ever seen," she said and I can say alcohol had started working now, "What? No no see the designs and also how polite she is," I said and continued praising Alison, "Shut up! She is not a good woman she is..she the worst, she.." Grace stop between what she was saying, "What she is?" I asked and she look at me, "Why would I say that to you?" She said in her full drunken voice, "yeah! Why would you say that to me you should go and confront this to her and tell her everything and even that you are better than her," I said and she was making the face like she is considering what I said, "Should I?" She asked, "Yes of course steal her show and tell her who is best," I said and this make her get up she tried to clean her face and I shoot a message to Liam that I have done my work, and he look toward the bar and said something to Ali.

---------------end of Alex's P.O.V-------------------


I can see drunken Grace come toward me and I made myself ready to hear all the hurtful word from her. "You bitch you think you can have all attentions?" She said and I didn't said anything, "Yeah! Act like innocent like you always do," She was babbling and now people start gathering, "Let me tell everyone who you really are the great Alison Jackson, no no Alison Denial isn't your real father's surname? Who left you and your pregnant mother? Uncle Siamon accepted you both," she said I had no idea she is going to start this topic here, "Yeah! A left daughter who come not into only Siamon's life our too get all the attentions from our father who started treating her like his own daughter my use to say I should be like you, why would I?" I had no idea about these all, "You always have to be perfect and I always use to treated as second and my family was praising you was ok till my boyfriend my first love developed a crush on you, you .. and he left me," she said with tears in her eyes, "And at that time I had decided that I am not going to have you peace, and god was in my side too he snatch your happiness your parents and sister from you," she said and it make me loose my balance because this was something unacceptable, but I feel a hand around my waist, "This is enough Grace," Liam said maybe he also felt my pain, "Oh! Liam you know I had shown her that I slept with you so she will get upset and will leave you but you know I Found out she became a shameless now, she didn't cared that, and still decided to be with you.." I close my eyes, but suddenly I heard a loud sound of slap and when I open my eyes I saw Grace on the floor and Uncle Victor was standing there.

"Enough, You did enough," uncle Philip said and Grace look at him with a hateful look, she get up in front of him, "No..No it's not enough you know she can't get happiness that's why I slept with her Frist boyfriend and even her last boyfriend Mark, I had hired that woman to seduce him and so he will leave her," she said and I was shocked, "And my dear father what you think why did you lose those deals? Because I did that I don't wanted you to get any success after you made me feel low all the time and don't love me, you always had loved this ..Bitch Alison more than me," she said Uncle Victor didn't said anything he just take her hand and drag her where she was just babbling about me she will destroy me and all,.. How anyone can think this much toxic about someone? Is I had did wrong with her? "Don't even think that you did anything worng," Liam said And I look at him, "You did nothing she made up her mind like that with all toxic feeling you never did anything," he said and I put my face in his chest "Yes Ali you had never wrong," Em said and I didn't said anything just started crying.

"I think I should take her home," Liam said and then I feel I was in air but still it didn't stop me from crying because what she said is really effective me, I had no idea that I had did all these to her I was feeling so bad that I made her to these all. But thing effecting me she said is about my parents, Is she is right? God punished me by taking them away from me?

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