Love in the wedding

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On the way of coming home, Alison had buried her head in me and cry I had tried to console her but she didn't stop for once, I am now feeling bad that I should have planned something else than this, Grace did a number on her, in starting Alison had said she wanted to know what is Grace's problem with her and now after knowing all the things she may be blaming herself for all this which is not true at all, Grace's parents shouldn't have compared Grace to be like Alison but that not means she start hating Alison for that, Even she brings out her family in this Alison had never talked about her parents yet, never even mentioned their name too, I had an idea they are not in the world Geo had told me once, Finally, we reach to my house. I had so many things in my mind when I had planned to invite hadn't thought I would take Alison here like this, I carry her inside the house in bridal style, Emma and Alex was also following me, I take her to my room and place her on my bed she wasn't ready to leave me she clutches my arms so I can't leave her and I pull her in my lap and sit on the bed by putting my head on Hardboard. "Alison you need to change these clothes and then you can lay here," I said but she didn't move. I saw Em and Alex at my room door, "Ali!" Em said and sit beside me and move the hand on Alison's arms she got a little relax.

"Ali let's change it first it's not comfortable," Emma said and then finally she got from my lap, "Let me show you closest there are some clothes which you can wear," I said and then they both followed me, I show them the cloths, "Here you both can change me and Alex will change too in another room," I said Alison didn't say anything En just nod and I came out and then show Guest room to Alex and give him some spare cloths and also I change in another room after I change I decided to check on Alison and Emma As I reach to the door I heard Emma's voice, "Breath Ali, breath it wasn't your fault, breath," I open the door and saw Ali on the floor sitting and trying to get back her breath

while Emma was rubbing her back, "What happened to her?" I asked and Emma looked at me, "She got her panic attack, she hadn't had any in that four years but this .." Em was saying in between her Sob Alison was finally able to get her breath back and I pulled her up and she hugged me, tightly, and wrapped her legs around me, like a scarf kid. I take her to the bed and look at her face she wasn't ready to move, "What happened?" I said she didn't say anything. I stayed like that and then I felt her breath go easy and her hold on my body also got loose. That means finally she is asleep, I put her on the bed and then put the cover, I saw Em was still on the floor and sobbing there looking at Alison. "what happened?" Alex says coming inside the room, "Em Okay?" He said and kneel down beside her, she put her head on his shoulder and start crying, "What happened to Ali?" She said by looking at Alex and obviously, he doesn't have any idea like us. "Alison please get up," I said and finally she got up with Alex's help.

We came out of the room but didn't close it, there was a sitting arrangement in the room so we sat there, "You have no idea that she got panic attacks?" I asked Emma, "She had once or twice when she had broken up with Mark but it was nothing like this," she said, "What do you mean by that?" I asked "As you go out I asked Ali that she should change first and I came out from closest and after she came out in the room I got in change she was sobbing and when I asked her what happened? She started asking me if she killed them? And she continued it. Which caused that panic attack," Emma said. "Kill? I have a feeling that it's related to her parents?" Alex said and we look at Emma if she has any idea, "I don't know, Ali had never talked about her parents like she wanted to delete that part from her life, other than sweet memories she had never shared how her parents die," Emma said "Her parents die in an accident, Geo had told me once, but people who know the whole story other than Ali is Rick and her other college friends," I said and Emma and Alex nod, "But isn't Rick and Georgia are on their honeymoon?" Alex says, "Don't know it almost a month how long honeymoon they would be having?" I asked, they nod like there is a point, "let me call Rick," I said and dial Rick's number and he receive the call in the second ring,

Call conversation:

Rick: Hey! Man, how are you? I heard your and Ali's collaboration news,

Liam: Hello! Rick, I called you to talk about something important,

Rick: Everything is fine? You sound tensed,

Liam: things are fine but Ali...

Rick: What happened to Ali?

I explained everything to him,

Rick: God! I had no idea grace will do something like this, well me and Geo was leaving Bora-Bora today to go Bostan but now I think we will come to Chicago first, and I will talk to you after landing,

Rick says and then we say bye and he hangs up the call.

End of the conversation

"He and Geo are coming here tomorrow; they are still in the Bora-Bora." I said and then both nod, "Okay I am going to check on Ali," Em said and get up, "We hadn't had any food there so I am going to ask my maid to cook something for all of us anything you want?" I said to Alex, "No anything will be fine," He said and I nod and then leave the room. I said my staff to cook for us and when I got back in the living room saw Alex was on the call maybe with hospital and when I get into the room saw Emma was sitting on edge of the bed and looking at Alison, but when she feels my presence she looked at me, "She didn't wake up yet?" I asked, she just shook her head in No, but soon Alison started stirring, "Mom! Dad! Kate.." Alison said, "Alison," I said and tried to wake her up, "No... I didn't do that you both did," She was babbling I didn't understand half of the things but I can feel someone had done something wrong with her that she in this condition, But finally she opens her eyes and sits down and she was sweating in this cold weather, she looks at me and then at Emma and maybe she was trying to proceed where she is,

"Em Liam where we are?" She asked, "You are at my house But first of all are you fine? Or should I call a doctor" I said but she shook her head, "I am fine, wh..what happened to me?" She said as nothing happens, "Ali we know you're not fine so don't pretend and also please don't hide what is in happening with you too," Emma said and sit beside Alison, "I..I am not hiding anything guys I wa..was just a little upset with all that bitch said, but now I am fine, " she said and try to smile which was obviously wasn't coming on her face, We heard knock, I look and saw my maid was standing at the door, "Sorry to disturb you all but the food is ready," Maid said, "Okay we are coming," I said she look down and leave, "Okay guys let's first have dinner then will talk," I said "I don't want to eat you guys go and have dinner," Alison said and we all look at her, "What? Why you all are staring at me?" She said and then Emma look at me and I pick Alison in my arms, "Hey! Leave me I.." she was saying but I didn't listen and take her to the dining area and make her sit on of the chair. "You are going to eat your dinner," I said and take a plate and put some food in that, Emma and Alex sit on the table and also take out food in the plates for them, "But.." she was saying but I give her a glare so she shut up and then I feed her by my hand, she eats but with pouting like kids when they have to eat without a will, finally after feeding her I place the plate back in the sink,

"And what about you? Don't you feel hungry?" Alison said by folding her hands around her chest and try to look Strict which make her look more beautiful, and sexy at the same time, "Okay I will eat too you was my first priority I said and give her a kiss on her forehead and she smiles and then I eat there was silent all around Emma and Alex was also silent, "Ali why you never told us about your panic attack?" Alex said which made Alison a little bit uncomfortable, "I..don't have any panic attack was a one-time thing," she said and shrugged her shoulder like it was nothing, "Ali maybe you forgot I am a doctor so I know what that was," Alex says in a stern voice and Alison was now looking like her lie caught, "I...I don't like to talk about that, it's... painful," she said and like she was about to cry, "I put my spoon on the plate and take her hand in mine, "Okay you don't need to say anything if you don't want too," she just nods, "I want to sleep," she said "Okay you can go and sleep in the room, that you were sleeping ago," I said, "What about you? I mean isn't that's your room?" Alison said, "I will sleep in another room there is plenty of rooms and how do you know that's mine?" I asked, "I feel that," she said and look down, "Awww... Isn't they look so cute together?" Emma said with making faces, "And you look so weird when you make faces," Alison said and Emma shows her tongue to Alison which make all of us laugh, "I know Alison is doing all to change the topic and we can't force her to talk about us that too but without knowing we can't help her too, I hope she will open up soon because I can feel there is more to comes.

Isn't they look so cute together?" Emma said with making faces, "And you look so weird when you make faces," Alison said and Emma shows her tongue to Alison which make all of us laugh, "I know Alison is doing all to change the topic and we can't ...

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You will come to know about Alison's past and about her parents too.

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