Love in the wedding

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Ch- 33


I tried to change the topic talking about random things but they way three of them looking at me I can say that they still have all many questions in their mind whose answer they want to, But Am I ready to share that all? I can't see them worried for me so I should tell them, they all are part of my life so they have right to know everything. I know it's not easy for me to go through those memory again but if I will Bury then into me I will be always like this maybe sharing would help me to get over the whole panic things.

We talk and then I start yawning so Liam asked me to sleep and she lead me to the bedroom and then stop there, "So good night and I will we in this room so if you need anything don't hesitate to call me or shout my name," he said I don't know how I get this amazing man, who care for me about this much, "I will" I said and turn to get inside but he caught my elbow so I turn, "Without good night kiss?" He said in playful manner, I just chuckle, then he give a peak on my lips and on my forehead and cup my face, "Never think you are alone I am here for you always so you can talk or relay on me," he said and I nod, "I know that Liam you all are the my family now, I know you all love me," I said he smile. "You two should carry these all inside," we heard and saw Alex and Em standing and smirking, we got apart, "Shut up you prevert people, you two are the horny not me," I said and they laugh, "Okay good night and we will be in the guest room two door next to you so don't hesitate to call us," Alex said and I nod, Em was just making kissing faces, which make me laugh, "What?" I ask her, "only kissing nothing else," she said in a serious tone which wasn't serious, it makes me blush, "Go you are become idiot because of sleepiness," I said and then Alex drag her with him and she blow a kiss to us. "she got mad," I said and look at Liam whose eyes was already on me.

"What happened?" I asked he just shook his head and smile, "nothing just thinking how I got so lucky to get a woman like you as mine,?" He said and lock my curls behind my hair which make me blush and look down, he simply pull my face up to meet his, "You look beautiful when you feel shy and blush," he said and kiss me and I kiss him back, it was small and sweet kiss, after separating he smile again, "We should go to our rooms or we will stand all night here which I really don't mind," he said "Okay good night," I said he nod I get into the room and he goes to his I close the door and lay on the bed. I close my eyes, " you can't catch me..." She said and giggle, "Kate stop!" I said and sit up I look around and remember where I am Kate is no more with me. I control my emotions beacause Kate will never want me to cry, she would have said, Silly you cry on every moment, She was a free spirit I had ever seen. Her happy face bring a smile on my face, This is better look of yours, She use to say that.I tried to sleep which didn't come easily.

Next day.....

I woke up with sunlight coming on my face, I tried to cover but that not help me I can't sleep with this much light, I sit down and then remember I am at Liam's house and I feel with the brightness I sleep really late I saw the clock on the side table and it had written 11 wow! I slept that late, I got up from bed go to bath room and get fresh, and I remember Liam's closest had woman dresses to I don't know why they are there, but I can say they all are new and of my sizes, so I wear one of the top and jeans tie up my hair and come out of the room. His room is all white and the living room is also vibrant I feel good that he is not of the guys who like black colour. I can hear noises from the kitchen area, I start moving toward that, “Good morning Ali!” someone said from behind, It was a familiar voice “Good morning Rick,” I said but I stopped in the track, Rick? I turn and he hugs me and lifts me up, “Heyyyy! Put me down.” I said but he didn’t listen and swing me like he use to do in childhood, “You are grown up but you still didn’t get any weight,” Rick said and again swing me, “Rick I swear if you will not put me down right now, I will tell Geo about your and An..” before I can complete He put me down and cover my mouth, “Okay, okay but don’t even takeout her name out of your mouth,” he said and take his hand away, “You jerk I am feeling like world is moving, I said try to keep me steady, “Here the kid is,” Geo came and give a playful slap to Rick on his head, “Hey!” he says, but we ignore him and Geo hugged me, and then we seperate, “When you guys came here?” I asked, which changed the look on Rick and Geo’s face, “Liam had called me yesterday,” Rick said and now I know why he is here, “Tell me are you again having those attacks and Nightmares?” Geo asks, “No I am not having any nightmare, it was just once and that because of that Grace talks about things,” I said and tried to remove their worried look which obviously didn’t work. “I am sorry that Grace did all things, I should haven’t let mom invite her for the wedding I know if she will be there she will do something to hurt you, she made it in her mind that you cause all the problems for her,” Rick said “Rick I got it now things her parents did wasn’t correct to discourage her but I hadn’t done anything, that she blamed me” I said Geo and Rick both nod, “All are in Kitchen and you know Liam is making breakfast today specially for you,” Geo said and I smile, “Yeah! Let’s go I want to taste the food made by Liam let see he did better than me or not,” Rick said which make me and Geo roll our eyes because he don’t even know how to on the stove, “What you guys have doubt on my cooking skill,” he said by putting his hand on his heart, “No not a bit for doubt you need any believe,” I said in serious tone, and then me and Geo start laughing loudly, “You two are making team against me huh!” Rick said pout and turn and go toward the kitchen and Geo follows him too still laughing, “Wow! Girls you two are laughing without me?” Em said who was sipping her coffee and sitting on the dining chair, “Just some facts about Rick,” I said,

“Good morning” sweet voice come behind me, I turn and saw my sexy and handsome boyfriend in the kitchen appron had a tray of dishes in his hand, “Good morning let me help you,” I said and try to take tray from his hand, “No! I have my help” he said and I saw Alex coming behind him with another Tray, “Wow! My husband look sexy in this outfit,” Alex just smile and wink at her, "I am multi talented." he said, and put the tray on the dining table and sit beside Em and give peak to her, "So what is in the menu?" Rick ask, "Well I was the sue-chef so ask the head chef," Alex says by pointing Liam who also sat beside me, "Nothing special, it is basic waffles, Bacon, egg, and muffins," he said and I was shocked because all of them are my favourite breakfast, "Aww.. how cute he made everything which is Ali's favourite," Geo said and this make Liam blush, "Is The Liam Robertson blush?" Geo said, "Shut up Geo," Liam said, "Now everyone eat and tell how it is," Liam said, "Why don't you feed when you cooked?" I whisper to him and that make his eyes lit up, he slide his chair more close to me and take plate and put a little bit of everything in that, then he take a little piece of waffle and take it to my mouth, I take it in my mouth and I heard camera sound and we both turn and saw Rick was clicking our pictures, "aww.. my baby finally got old," Rick said and wipe his fake tears, 'Drama queen," I says. The whole Breakfast we comment on eachother and laugh, after breakfast we made Rick to clean dishes and he did but with lots of drama.

The whole Breakfast we comment on eachother and laugh, after breakfast we made Rick to clean dishes and he did but with lots of drama.

As today was Sunday none of us had gone to work so we all sat in Liam's living room beside our partners, I think this is the time I should tell the truth to all Rick and Geo knows that already Because they were with me all the time. I take deep breath, "Guys I want to tell you all about something," Everyone look at me "The question you three ask to me, so I want you three to know what is the reason of my attacks I had and also what I was talking yesterday," I said, "Ali we are not going to force you for saying anything, so don't think we," Em was saying but I cut her in the middle, "I know Em but I want to," I said and they nod.

"So why did you have attacks?" Em asked "Because someone had made me believe for a very long time that I was the reason for my parents death," I said other than Rick and Geo all three were looking at me with wide eyes, "Who?" Alex said,

"My so called father," I said which made them more confused. "Well I had two fathers one who was not more than a sperm donor and other the one who loved me like his," I said, and maybe they got a little, "When I was just 11 years old my mother come to know my so called father was not faithful to her and we came to that's why because his mistress show up at our door with pregnant belly and says she is having his son his hair which my mom was unable to give, because from her he had got a daughter which was me, and then my mom's belly also had a daughter in that so he didn't hesitate to throw out me and mom out of his house, he didn't even thought my mom had his child in her belly.

my mom had her own self-respect; she didn't beg him too and left him. She don't had family she only had a best friend that was Rick's mom whom she can rely on and aunt Amy, My mom had no job because she had left working after having me, but mom wanted to work now for me and her upcoming kid, when uncle Victor Aunt Amy's brother cake to know about her he wanted beat shit out of my dad but my stopped him, for uncle Victor my mom was another sister he said he have no problem by taking responsibilities of us but my mom said she don't want to be a charity case then my dad for the world he was my step dad but for me he was world, shown up as uncle Victor's best friend who was searching for helper in his new perfume business and my mom had degree in it so he asked if she can help him and my mom willingly accept that, well according to my dad he had called for mom when he had seen her for the first time even she was pregnant. But he didn't show that because he was aware of my mom's situation." I said with a smile, and everyone was silently looking at me.

"How your mom fall for your dad?" Em ask and I smile, "Well for my mom it wasn't easy to fall again in love after getting betray, but he always treated me as his daughter which made my mom to think about him even he was the person who was with me in the room when my mom give birth to my sister Kate," I said "You have sister?" Em asked with a shocked expression, "No! I...I..had she..was in the car when my parents," I can't bring the word for that. "I am sorry," she says "It's ok you have nothing to be sorry about," I said "So where I was yes, all the small things my dad use to do for both of us made my mom fall in love with him, and once we sisters were playing chasing with my dad, mom came held my dad's hand and pull him into a kiss without any warning which put my outspoken dad into shock, but he kiss her back and they say I love you to each other from where our Story as family begans." I said and all had an Aww..expression. "Uncle Siamon was the most romantic man I had ever seen in my life he was the one who had given me confidence for proposing Geo to be my girlfriend,” Rick said, “Yes, I still remember when our parents use to say us no for anything we had our lifeline uncle Siamon who use to make our parents agree, he had a magic,” Geo said, this all make me remind my dad how he was, “I am wishing we could see him,” Em said, “You can I have his video in my mobile still,” I said and take my mobile from table and start his video,

Flashback 7 year ago….. ( In video)

“Hello! This is repoter kate and welcome to my news channel today’s headline is about our dad,” She said and show the dad’s face who was trying to fix mom’s broken vash, “So the headline is dad broke mom’s favourite vash which was dad’s gift but we came to know mom love that vash more than dad,” Kate said, “Katy shut up and let me concentrate,” dad shout, which made me laugh but mom was still sitting frown on her face, “come on mom it was a vash,” I said and she throw a glare to me, I raise my hand in surrender, “I am more angry on this man, because he was playing baseball in house, and he is not a kid,” Mom said, “He was playing baseball in the house?” I said and look at dad, he give me a toothy smile, “I was just practicing for mine upcoming match with my friends,” He said and I shook my head “So here our player got scolded by his lovely wife and also his lawyer Alison wasn’t able to save him this time,” Katy said again and shoot all the conversation between us with her reporting, “Mom Dad I am going I have my competition today, and you all have to come there to see or I will not talk to you guys,” I said kiss my dad on his cheeks “Of course my Princess is having her competition and I will be there to cheer her,” dad said “My princess” Katy mimck his words, “And you jeleous girl,” I said and kiss her and tickle her, “Ali..leave me,” she said in between her laugh, “You can come too, bye guys I will see you later,” I said take my bag and leave the house. “Katy if you want to go to see Ali’s competition then go and finish your homework,” Mom said to Kate, “Uhh.. so here we have to say bye for the day we will meet again on the same channel and same time, till keep missing me,” kate said blow a kiss and off the camera.

End of flashback (End of video).

Em and others had smiles on their faces, “ you had a really beautiful family Ali.” Alex says “Yeah! But this was..the last time I had seen them,” I said and tears start forming in my eyes Liam hold me and I put my head on his chest, “I had no idea when I was saying bye to them that it was realy a goodbye to them,” I said and start sobbing. “Ali please don’t cry, you know none of them will like seeing you like this,” Geo said and I nod, “What had happened to them?” Em asked in a low voice, “They had an accident when they were coming to my college for seeing my competition, their car’s brake fails and they fall into the chasm.” I said and Em gasped, “Oh god, how god can be this cruel,” Em said more like whisper, “I sit down and wipe my tears, “It wasn’t god act it was man act, their brake wires was cut by someone,” I said all look at me with wide eyes, “What? Who had done that?” Liam said, “Yes it was planned murder,”

” I said and Em gasped, “Oh god, how god can be this cruel,” Em said more like whisper, “I sit down and wipe my tears, “It wasn’t god act it was man act, their brake wires was cut by someone,” I said all look at me with wide eyes, “What? Who had d...
Alison's parents were murdered?
Why did Alison's father blame her for her parents death? Who killed them?

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