Love in the wedding

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Flashback 7 years ago...

I was in the backstage with my models which are Georgia and Sara giving them some final touches, my college held a fashion show in which second-year was modeling student have to take part the one who is having designing course have to design the dresses and the one who is doing modeling and acting courses have to wear them and to do a wramp walk.

"This is really beautiful Ali I bet you are going to win this," Geo said and I nod too, most of the students and teachers have faith I am going to own and my best supporters are my family but they are not here yet, I heard an announcement that designers and the models should be ready now, our models will walk first and then I will go in last. So the competition started. I had the 6th number and all three were nervous but happy too. "We will kill it," Sara says who was more nervous than me and Geo. So this made me and Geo chuckled finally our turn came they walk perfectly and then it was my turn to stand there, when I go out I feel judges are looking impressed with the designs as well people but I saw the three chairs allotted for my family was empty which take my happiness back, it had never happened in last 9 years that my dad had ever missed any important day of my life it is one of the most important days, so I am not feeling bad, I am feeling like something is wrong, it is not my dad who will miss it. As our change got over we get backstage I run to take my phone and dial dad's number but it goes off I dial mom's number it was off too, I dial our home telephone number but no one picks it up, it makes me more worried, "Something is wrong," I muttered, "What happened Ali?" Geo asked, "I don't know no one is here and not even picking my calls," I said "Maybe they would be on way," Sara says, "I don't Sara but I am feeling off, like .." suddenly my phone starts ringing, I saw it is an unknown number I pick it

Call conversation...

Alison: hello

Unknown: Am I talking to Alison Jackson?

Alison: Yes! I am, but who are you?

Unknown: I am Officer Harold. I am calling you.. to say that your parents met an accident

I can't believe what he said,

Alison: Don't joke Mr. Nothing can happen to my parents.

I said and tried to convince myself he was joking.

Officer: sorry Ms but I am not joking you can come and see I am sending you an address.

He said and cut the call, I fall on the floor.

End of the conversation

"Ali, what happened?" Geo asked, "Geo you stay with her u l am going to take our parents," Sara said and go out, "Ali tell me what happened?" Geo asks again, "A.. kat.." I just manage to take out these words. "Accident? Uncle Simon and your mom's?" Geo said and I nod. Then I feel people around me. "What happened Ali? What happened Geo?" I feel Geo's father's voice, "Dad Uncle Simon and Aunt, Victoria had an accident on the way," Geo said, "What where?" Her dad asked and her mom hugged me, " the address," I said by giving my mobile to him. "let's go," her father says and they help me to get up.

Geo's parents left while they stayed there to change their dresses. We reached the location after 15 minutes. As the car stopped I rushed out to the police Van, "Where are my dad and mom?" I asked the officer in front of me. "Are you Alison Jackson?" He asked and I nod, "I am sorry to say that miss their car fall Chasm but we found out their bodies our team is taking it out." He said and his word was enough to make my world collapse and throw me into darkness. " it.. can't be true," I said, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I saw it was uncle Philip ( Grace's father) I buried my head in his chest, "Uncle, have you heard what he said?" He is not right? They are okay?" I asked him between my cries he didn't say anything just rub my back. Officers said it will take time so we should go they will inform us but I am not going anywhere till I will saw them, finally, they take their body out the condition I saw I just cry and cry no one can soothe me because who had the power to soothe me was laying there without life

. But I didn't see Kate, I look around, "Where is Kate?" I asked the officer standing beside me, Uncle Philip also look around, "Is she okay?" Uncle Philip asked, "Sorry Who's that?" Officer said, "my little sister she was in the car too," I said, "Sorry Ms but we find only these two," he said "What do you mean by only these two? Then where is she?" I said in anger, "Ms the place their car had fallen was dangerous it has human-sized holes all around so maybe your sister.." I caught his collar. How dare you say that? She is just 9 years old and she didn't even see the world yet nothing can happen to her," I shout, "Ali leaves him," uncle Philip untangled my hands from his collar and next everything goes black.

I woke up in my room, I feel like everything was a dream, "What worst dream I ever saw," I said and get off the bed and then got out of my room, I heard a noise in the kitchen "Mom!" I said and entered but aunt Amy was there "Aunt Amy? What are you doing here early in the morning? And where is mom?" I said and she looked confused, I went to the fridge and opened it and took out a water bottle and when I turned and saw uncle Philip and water bottle fall out from my hand he was in the same clothes, " wasn't a bad dream?'s true" I said I stumbled that my back hit the wall and I fell, "Ali," Aunt Amy says and tried to hold me but I didn't let her, "It's true? an orphan now?" I said and started crying hard and this time I didn't protest when she took me in my hands, the whole day I spent crying, they tried to feed me which didn't get successful, I just saw their faces all around me. Tomorrow is their funeral and the police said they didn't find any trace of Kate and they are sure that no one can be alive after falling from there. Aunt Amy was here with me but she was in the garden talking to someone on call. I was in the living room. I saw Kate's camera with which she always shoots. I picked it up and the first video in it was the video she was shooting yesterday. It brings a small smile and then sadness on my face.

A day later...

Yesterday in the funeral my real father shows up and he said he was genuinely sorry for my loss as well he wanted live with me to fill the gap he had made between these years, well he had come back in our life a few months ago he came and ask my mom to forgive him for his mistake he wants to be civil with her and want to be a part of our life not as a father but at least want to be in our lives, my parents didn't say no to him so he uses to show up at our house sometime, but I never forgive him but as dad asked me to be polite so I never said anything to him. And now he wanted to live, he was now my only legal guardian. Now I am of an age where I can decide what I want to do. I don't need any guardian but according to my parents, my legal guardian will have to look after me till I will turn 21 which I will next year. So I can't deny uncle Phil said he will be visiting to see if I am ok or not. I was okay with that.

2 months later...

I finally started going back to college a week ago. It wasn't easy, everyone was looking at me with Sympathy in their eyes which made me feel bad. I am staying with my real father but I call him by his name and I don't think it's a problem for him. Well, we don't see each other most of the time because I stay in my room or at my friend's house alone. This house feels different, it doesn't give me a homely feeling anymore.

I just came back from college. I opened the door and got into the house. I heard a noise in the kitchen. When I went there I saw a woman may be in her late 30s cooking. "Excuse me? Who are you?" I said " that woman looks at me and smiles, "Oh! Alison welcome back," she said in a fake happy voice, "Who are you I asked? I said again, "I am Violet," that woman says, "And Ms. Violet what are you doing at my house?" I asked, "Oh! Alison, you are home, and already meet Violet," Denial ( Alison's real father) said and came downstairs, "Who is she? And what is she doing here?" I asked but I got my answer when he kissed her, "She is my girlfriend," he said and held her by her waist, "Oh! But why is she now in my house?" I asked, "Your house dear it ours," Violet said in a sweet voice, "Our? You have no right on this house," I said in a stern voice, "Yeah! I know we don't have one but you are my kid.." Denial was saying but I showed my hand to him to stop whatever he was going to say.

"Sorry Mr denial but I am not your kid, my parents was Victoria and Simon Jackson who are not in this world anymore," I said this made Denial clench his jaw, "What's a shameless girl she is," the woman says and I glare at her, "What did you say? Shameless? If you know that word meaning then you know who is that, you are standing in my house and saying me shamelessly," I said, "Yes I said you, how can you be so happy after killing your parents?" That woman says, I can't help myself I launched into the kitchen and give her punch into her face that make her and her boyfriend stubble, "Get out of my house," I said "Whatch your move girl," Denial threaten me, "Ahh! She is really brutal," that violet says by holding her face, "Yes I am if you will take out shits like that from your mouth you will get more like that," I shout, " she is not saying shits she is saying truth you are the reason for their death if they wouldn't be in hurry to go to see your stupid competition they would at home as well as alive," Denial said which made me freeze, "No this is not true," I said, "Oh! The truth hurt you?" That bitch said, "no it's not true that was an accident," I shout, "Yes it happens because they were in hurry to see you," violet says, I run out of there to my room and close the door, no it is not true, I don't kill them. I repeat these words to me, but then I stop, what if that true? Did I kill them?

Few weeks pass and they continued mocking me by saying nasty things about me which made me believe at some level I was the reason of my parents' death I start cutting me from my friends start living in my room crying started having panic attacks and nightmares in which my parents and kate were asking why I kill them. I didn't share that with anyone, but Rick had planned camp night and taken a promise from me that I have attended that and I wasn't able to deny but on the way, I started getting panic attacks so instead of camp we go to the hospital where after check up doctor gives medicine and told me don't take the stress and have rest so all of decided to go to my house, As we were on the door we heard the noise of argument, well my friends know who is Violet but don't know how they treat me because I didn't share that I feel like maybe I deserved that treatment.

We get in and yes they both argued in their room but we ignore it and decided to go to my room but we stop when we heard my mom's name,

Conversation between Denial and Violet...

Violet: What I haven't done for you Denial? And you are doing this to me?

Denial: So I hadn't asked for that you did it yourself and don't tell me I also saved you,

Violet: yes only because you were scared I will take your name too.

Denial: And who is going to believe that?

Violet: I can't believe that I fall for a man like you, and admitted crime too.

When she says that we look at each other but didn't utter a word Rick takes out his mobile and starts video recording their conversation.

Denial: you should be thankful to me I let you stay here after doing crime.

Violet: I killed both of them so you can get their property,

Denial: yes you did but I didn't get anything yet you know that we are yet to get Alison's sign and only it can happen when she will turn 21.

Violet: I know that too. And till that, we have to keep telling her that she killed them.

End of the conversation...

I got everything they are talking about. Does that mean they kill my parents? For the property, I know my friends get some hints too. We immediately leave their door and run out of the house. "God, they kill your parents?" Sara says and puts her hand on her mouth, "But that was an accident?" Ben said, "I don't know what they did and how they did but they are my parents' killer and I will not spare them," I said, "Yes! Ali we will not and here we have proof too," Rick said and showed me his mobile, "Let's go to the police station and also I will call to our parents on the way," Georgia said, we nod and sit in the car Rick drives us to the police station. And till we reach their parents first we show that video to their parents, "Don't worry Ali we are going to make sure they got their punishment for their crimes," Rick's dad said by putting his hand on my head and I nod. We got in the station and as all of them were big business personalities no one dared to stop them by going directly to the head official's cabin they showed the video and they immediately agreed to take action.

So they arrested both of them it wasn't easy to make them accept their crimes but finally, they did, that was there plan to come back in my parent's life and then steal from them, but Violet wanted everything fastly which she thinks by killing my parents so she cut their brake wire which made the car fall in the Chasm. And they had also planned to make me mentally unstable which they were doing verbally as well they were adding some chemicals in my food which used to cause my panic attacks and Nightmares. They got the life sentence for the triple murder and trying to make someone mentally unstable.

I didn't get back to my parent's house because I wasn't able to stay their anymore and the chemical they use to give was so strong that even after stopped eating that I got its side effects which cause the depression and anxiety attacks but I came out from that soon with help of my friends and their families In the middle of all that I meet my first boyfriend Mark he cheated me which made an another disappointed and finally we all graduated everyone had their career chosen just I was left but I decided to leave that city and but my parent's company was there but I wasn't interested in running it so I give it to someone to run and all profits from that company go for charity on the name of my parents and Kate.

End of flashback...

I said and everyone looked at me like they didn't know what to say, but then Em came and hugged me even when I was already in Liam's arms, "Oh! God Ali you have gone through really difficult times," she said and I can feel she is sobbing, "Em but now I am fine, because they paid for their crimes my parents would be happy now," I said but she didn't move away, "I know.. don't know why I am feeling like a horrible friend," She said Liam somehow take his hands away from me and made some distance between us so Em can sit there and she sits but still hugging me,

"Why she is behaving like she is having mood swings," Rick said and which make me also think about that, "It just her love for Ali," Alex said, but feel something different, finally she separate from me and I look at her body to see that it can be possible what I am thinking, And I feel her body is looking a little bit...I am not saying fat but different, Is she? But she can't be? "Em can you come with me in the kitchen?'' I said she gave me a confused look, "What happened?" She said I stand up and she stands with me too all was still confused but I don't want to say anything yet, I take her in the kitchen but she opens the fridge first, and look for something, "This man has no ice-cream in his fridge," She said and pout, "Em I want to ask something to you," she looks at me, "When did you last got your periods?" I said she gave me a confused look, "Period? I got my period..." She was shocked, "I haven't had my period for the last 2 months," she said " can be possible? Because you are showing symptoms," I said by gesturing her body "Ali I..I..can be?" She said "I think we need an appointment," I said and she nodded, and ran to the living room, and hugged Alex, and he didn't say anything just hold her, "What happened to her?" Geo said, and all looked at me, "Alex can you arrange a test?" I said and he looked at me, "What test?" He asked with confusion, "Pregnancy," I said which made all of them look at me with shock, "Are you already pregnant?" Rick said of course this idiot had too other than him looking at Em, "You mean to say?" Alex said and looked at Em, she nodded as he got up with Em in his arms and swung her, "Oh god! Alex put her down," Geo said and Alex did, "Let's go we can have a test now," Alex said and took Em's hand and went toward the door, "Why do they seem to like it's something that can't be possible?" Liam said, "Because it is something that can't be possible, Em wasn't able to conceive from the last 5 years." I said and it made Liam's eyes wide open. "So you are saying it can be some Maricel?" He asked and I nod.

So the truth is out now and also they got punishment too.

But here is a good news coming? Or it just a falsh alarm?


HELLO! Readers I hope you guys like this chapter this is first time I had written this type of chapter ever in my 2 year of writing, I am more a sweet kind of writer not good with sad and tough things. So please tell me it's good or not. I will try to make myself more better.

As well as I am trying to do new experiments with my writing and trying new things.

This is the 3.5k+ word chapter which is longest yet I ever write ever.

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