Love in the wedding

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Alex and Em had gone for test an hour ago they haven't had came back yet, I am feeling really worried they haven't even called yet, Liam got some call from his office so he go his office at house to deal with that, Geo was feeling tired so she and Rick decided to have rest and I am still sitting waiting for Em and Alex, I heard doorbell I run to open the door I saw Em and before I can say anything she hug me tightly and started crying, don't tell me I was assuming wrong? She is not? "Em control please," I said and rub her back, she stop and look at me, "I.. I am.." she was saying in between her Sob I look at Alex who had no emotion on his face, "Em First came inside," I said and take her to the couch she sit, And I go to kitchen grab a glass of water, comeback to the living room give that to her, she drink and I sit beside her, "It's ok Em.. I am sorry that." I was saying, "No.. Ali I was saying.. I am pregnant," she said I look at her with big eyes I don't know what to say, "You? Are?" I said, "Yes I am actually we are," Em said and hold Alex who was still in shock, "Omg omg you are pregnant, I am going to be an aunt," I said "What happened to this man?" I said by pointing Alex, "He is still processing,"
She said, I poke his shoulder he look at me, and then, "Oh My God! I am going to be a dad," he said and start jumping.
"Alex calm down," Em said but he hold her tightly, "We are going to be parents," he said and she nod, "Ali you are going to be aunt," he said and I nod too, The way he was shouting I saw Liam came running out as well Rick and Geo, "What happened Everything is okay?" Liam asked me, "Yeah! Just to be dad is over excited," I said and Liam look at Alex and Em "Wow! Guys congratulations," Liam said and hug to both of them, "Thanks," Em said, "Congratulations!" Geo said and hug them too as well as Rick, "We should plan for one too?" Rick said, "Wow! You guys are too," I said, Geo just roll her eyes, "Yeah! We will think about it," Geo said

"I will be happy to have lots of kids to spoil," I said, "I feel how will Ali look if she will be a mother?" Rick said which put me off guard, I saw Liam was looking at me with smile at that, "Well there is a long time for me, I am not settled with my dreams yet as well I already have plans to adopt Max," I said Shit! Me and Em look at each other, "We both forgot this time," She said and I nod, "What happened?" Liam asked, "Max's birthday it is in 3 days and we haven't planned anything yet or not we did the cake order oh! God he is going to hate me," I said and put my face in my hand, but I feel some pull it away, "Don't worry max will have a blast birthday the day you had told Alex his punishment didn't I had told we will plan everything," Liam said, "Do you mean you have already?" I asked to him and he nod, I hug him tightly, "Yes I have booked one of my resort and we are going to take kids there," Liam said "It's too much Liam," I said,

"Nothing is too much when it comes to your happiness and I know all the kids are reason of your happiness. I had no idea what to say because this is really heartwarming as well as show how much he care about me. I was Just look him, "Girl what are you waiting? Already kiss him," Em said and I did as she said and Liam kissed me back and had and a smile on his lips. We got apart Em and Geo was looking at us with awe but Alex and Rick with disgusting look, "Why you two are making faces?" I asked them, "I don't know it feel weird to see you kissing someone in front of me," Alex says and I chuckle, "Yeah! Me too," Rick said, "This is Big brother instinct I can say," Geo said. Both of them roll their eyes. We spend the day by seeing movie and gossips only Liam and Rick got the calls from their business. Alex was free.

3 days later (Max's birthday party)

We just reached to the venue Liam had selected for Max's birthday, he even send the vehicles to pick all the kids, staffs as well Bob and Maria. They both was overwhelmed by Liam's gesture, Me and Em look around to give final thums up that all things are good, Rick and Geo is also here for the party I can bet kids are going to be super happy about this after all Geo is their favourite star. Alex had to attend some surgery today so he is going to be late as well Rick had to go back Boston because of his work but he is coming today for party. We heard noises from the outside we both goes towards the entrance, I saw kids came in and look around, "Wow! This is really beautiful," One of kid says, I saw Max who was also mesmerized. "Happy birthday boy," I said and hug him, he hug me back "Thank you, you did this all for me?" He asked "Not only me my friends too," I said and then show him all arrangements Em was also entraining all others "Ali came here," Em says I saw all of our frequently friends came so we goes to them, we introduce each kids to Geo they all wanted to have hugs and pictures with her and she did that willingly, I saw Liam was looking at me and smiling, I smile back at him he came closer.

"Hii! You looking beautiful," he said, "Thanks, you look Hansome too" I said back, we both were looking at each other, "Hello!" A cute Voice interrupt us, we look down and see Max was glaring at Liam, "Oh! Birthday boy, happy birthday," Liam said by giving his hand to Max for shake, he take it, "Thank you, I am max Ali's boyfriend," he said and hold my hand, it was really cute act of his, "Oh! I already knows that Alison your girlfriend had told me alot about you," Liam said "Really?" Max says and his eyes lit up, "Yeah! Man she had why don't we both goes and talk about that?" Liam says max look at me, I nod "Okay," he said Max leave mine hand hold Liam's he take him to on the of chairs and help him to sit and don't know what they were talking about but they were looking cool, so I decided to go and ask helpers to arrange snacks and drinks as well now it's cake time too.

"All come here it's cake time," I shout they all came running then Max cut the cake feed me then to Maria and Bob and others, I was helping to give cake to all kids when Liam come beside me, I turn to saw what he wants but then suddenly he take the cake cream and put on my cheeks, "Hey!" I said "You look cute with that on your face," he said which make me blush then he takes wipe it with his fingertips and lick it, "It taste more sweeter after touching you," he whisper it in my ears his lips was touching my ears. he whispered it in my ears and his lips were touching my earlobe, it sends a chill to my whole body, this man have a really bad effect on me I hoped his sleeves and he kisses my earlobe, his one hand hold my waist and another was playing with the loose hair in front.

"Ali! Can you feed me?" Max said by coming toward us, "I think he didn't like I am having your attention," Liam said and leave me, "Of course come here," I said and pick Max and make him sit on the table he give his plate to me and I take it and start feeding him small bites, but then I feel a hand on my back making circles, I look at Liam but he wasn't showing any reaction he was showing like his all focus was on Max who was talking about his favourite cartoon which was some car cartoon show, "You three look here," Alex says we did and he clicks mine Liam and Max photo together, "What a beautiful family," Alex said and I smile because I already had decided that to adopt Max after I will open my own Fashion brand but now there is no doubt I want Liam to be part of my life forever. "Man cherry and other's kid wanted to see the gifts you got," Alex said to Max, "OH! I forgot Ali! I am full," he said by rubbing his tummy I smile and put him down and he run to his friends, "Okay guys I am talking to Marry and Bob about adoption paper work we are doing adoption fastly so we can go on our vacation," Alex said and without listening us he goes away, I shook my head.

Liam chuckle too, which remind me he was there too I turn and look at him, "What happened why you are giving me glares?" Liam said "Really? you are trying to be innocent?" I asked by folding my hands, "I haven't done anything," he said innocently and try to hold me but I move a little away, "Alison!" he said, "Don't Alison me this is your punishment for misbehaving I said, but he hold me with and pull me to his body, "Sorry what I can do it's hard to control when I am around you," He said by putting his face on my neck, his hot breath was tickling me and giving goosebumps, then I feel his lips on my neck, "What are you doing kids are around?" I said, "Well they all are busy in seeing gifts so it's hard that they will notice us," He said, But then his phone start ringing and he growl and finally separate from me, "It's from office I have to see it," he says give me a peak and then goes away from the music, I saw Geo and Em coming towards me with a smile, "What happened?" I asked, "Just like what we saw, you and him happy, I had never seen Li showing affection to anyone in the past," Geo said, "What do you mean?" I asked, "I mean to see I am seeing Liam from childhood, I had seen him with his past girlfriends but he was never like this happy and expressive as he is with you, he is really wiped" Geo said that made me blush.

"And what you think about Ali? did you had ever seen this happy?" Em said "I am so happy that two of my best friends are happy together," Geo said with squeal. "You are right I had never felt anything with anyone else which I do with Liam in just small term," I said they both smile, "We can see that you guys are made for each other," Em said, "I had told him that it's long that I have dated someone so I had asked him to take things slow but now I want to take our relationship next level now, but don't know how to say it," I said "So what's the big deal? Don't say do it directly," Geo said and wink "I think you are absolutely right," Em said and they both hi fi with each other, "You both are my friends?" I said with pout, "Aww.. okay okay sorry but that's not a bad Idea that you show Liam that you are ready," Em said and I think she is right because he had promised that he will not make any moves till I will say and I know myself that I am not going say this word so I should show him by doing that I am ready.

okay okay sorry but that's not a bad Idea that you show Liam that you are ready," Em said and I think she is right because he had promised that he will not make any moves till I will say and I know myself that I am not going say this word so I should show him by doing that I am ready.

So things got really good and maybe Liam and Alison is going to take there relationship to the next level,

Or there is someone who will try to come between them again?

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