Love in the wedding

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Ch - 36

Em was tired so she and Alex leave and after that bob and Maria said goodbye leave with the all kids, then staff pack all the gifts then put in the Car and left too, it was only me and Liam now, I had no idea where he is, I haven't seen him after he got the call. Did he leave without telling me? I think I should call him, I saw my bag was one on of the table, I went there and pick the bag, As I turn collide with a big wall like structure, "Ahh! What the.." I was saying and look forward saw Liam was standing there, "You scared me," I said, "Sorry I don't wanted to scared you, so everyone Left?" He look around, "Can you see anyone other than me?" I said in sarcastic tone. I don't see anyone except you ever" he said and pull me to him, "Aren't you cheesy sometimes?" I said and run my fingers to his jaw, "Is that so?" He asked playfully, "Yeah! I feel I should have a taste of this Cheese," I said I don't know from where this boldness come inside me.

"So I think you should," he said and kiss me and it was more like a sensual kiss then our usual kiss. We got separated, and he look at me, "As much as I want to continue this I have planned things for you," he said "What plans?" I asked, "Let's go," he said take my hand went to Elevator, he click the button for terrace, "Tell me at least what you have planned?" I asked again but he just look at me and smile, finally with ping elevator door open and we came out, I look around, I was speechless, there was candles and fairly lights all around, also there was colour full decoration, Liam place a hand on my back I look at him, "You did this all for me?" I asked and he nod, "This is so beautiful," I said and kiss him, he kiss me back it was small kiss.

he lead me to the table help me sit and then sit in front of me, there was already dishes on the table he open their lids and serve me and then to himself, it was really delicious, "It's really tasty," I said, "Yeah! It is the dishes my dad had made for my on their first date," he said "Wow! Really?" I asked, "Yeah! Their marriage was arranged by my both side grand parents, but my mom was always in love with my dad he was her crush but my dad wasn't happy he thought his freedom was snatched. Liam said, "Wow! Then?" I asked curiously, "But my grandfather said if he will try to break his wedding he have to face consequence for that, then my dad made a plan he told my mom that he will let her work which she was wanted but hadn't allowed by her family, but only if she will agree to divorce him after six months," Liam said which made me stop eating and listen him carefully, "So my mom understand that dad don't wanted this wedding so she agreed, Because she knows there was no any benefit to be in a meaningless marriage," Liam said, "Then how the love happened?" I ask, "But as they had to live together and also to show my grandparents they were happy this made then to come close more and more, my dad start falling for her, but he had no idea, but when six months completed as agreement mom signed the divorce papers and left the house without telling my dad," Liam says and I gasp, "Wow! Your parents are divorced?" I ask him, "No because when my dad came to know that he first tear those paper he called my mom and ask to meet her, when she goes back to the home to meet him he had cooked all these dishes by himself and he confess her feelings to her and told her he never want to divorce her." Liam said, "Wow! Your parents have really wonderful love story," I said,

The whole dinner he talk about his family which I had a little Idea about he told me he have two siblings one younger brother and one younger sister. He said he had already told his family about us even they had seen things in the news. They are happy for him as well want to meet me. We both finally finish our food and he get up, "Will you have a dance with me?" He said by extending his hand I accept it and he pull me up, and again as last time there was music from unknown place, we start moving and the view from there was mesmerising because this resort is in hight and away from city From here we can see whole city which was looking beautiful, I look at Liam who was already has eyes on me, our lips meet it was a sweet kiss like always but slowly-slowly it turn into heated kiss I was kissing Liam like my life was depending on that kiss, I close the all distance between us his hand reach to my ass and he grab it and which make me moan, our tongues was playing together, I cling to him and he lift me I can feel his hardness on my stomach he took me to the small cough bed and put me there without breaking our kiss.

He started kissing my neck and came down to my collerbone and to expose area of my cleavage, I grab his hair, he continued kissing me "Mm.." I moan when he suck my skin harder, one of his hand reach to the hem of my top and look at me, "Do you want me to continue?" He said by taking his face near to mine, "I want you," I said and it was enough for him he didn't waste time to put his hand inside me top and creases my body with his warm hand, he get up little don't know what he click or did the standing part of the couch also became flats like a bed he get up take me little up. Our body was completely tangled together, now my top was off and his shirt was down too, He was kissing each inches of my body, my hand was roaming on his back. Suddenly we heard ring, but non of us care but it keep ringing, "M..Liam give a look maybe that's important?" I whisper "what I am doing doing is more important than that," he said and kiss me on my lips, but again his mobile started ringing, Liam growl. "please check it," I said and he finally got up and I take the blanket near me and cover myself,

Call conversation...

Liam: What happened that you are calling me continually?

Unknown: ................

Liam: What the hell?

I can feel whoever is on the call give some new that making him tensed


I don't know what he was talking about it was making him more and more angry I got up from bed and still covering me with blanket because we were on the terrace afterall and stand beside him he look at me and hold me from my waist I put my head on his chest.

Liam: Okay, I am coming.

He said in frustration. Look at him he cut the call,

End of call conversation...

"What happened?" I asked by putting my hand on his cheek and he close his eyes, "I have to go," he said, "Everything is okay?" I asked "New designs for the next store is messed by my team and now I have to go and check how much damage they have done," Liam said in frustration.

"Look at me," I said by cupping his face, "Relax I can say it's nothing new as you handle so many store must be happens before , so handle it like you use to," I said, he put his face on my head, "Why are you so understanding? I was thinking you are going to be angry that for the first time we are doing these and I have to go," he said, "Because this What I should do as your girlfriend, " I said. He kiss me on my forehead, "So let me drop you to your home, because I don't know how long it going to take me to complete the mess," He said and I nod and I hadn't taken my car I had drived Em's because mine is getting some problems, so we wear our cloths and then we go down and he open the door for me and then drive me to my house and after a little kiss he left, I get in close the door and go my bedroom, I put my things on the small table in my room and then takeout my night dress put in on the bed and go for bath when I was taking off my dress it's smell like Liam's cologne which was making me feel really happy, I take a smell of it and then put it in the laundry bag take a quick bath because I was feeling tired and then came out from room in towel as I was wearing my night dress I look into mirror I saw that in side of my neck there was mark, "I go more close to mirror, I finally see it wasn't only one mark there was more around and it was given by Liam, I take the photo of them and send it to him and write

"It was Max's birthday but something I got too,"

I wore my night dress and lay down on the bed. I heard notification on my mobile so I take it and saw it was from Liam. I read the message

"This is something I will give you again and again because I want to show the world you are mine and only mine, to love and you know I have a mark by you too"

I read the message and smile and write back
"What mark I had gave you?"

I send it to him and wait for his message but I was so tired that I slept.

2 week later...

"Alison your client is here," one of the worker in fashion house said to me, "Thanks," I said and take my I pad and left my cabin and I saw a message

"I am in my jet and will be in city at 1,"

It was the message from Liam and I smile, it was two week that we are just talking on calls and texts because he had to go out of country because of the mess created in his new store. And also I don't get a minute to relax also busy in handling clients, after Liam's collaboration we got lots of big clients who want me to design their function cloths and wedding dresses. Em had gone on her vacation so I am all alone I had decided to talk Cara that I want a assistant because it's all too much to handle everything alone. And Em is pregnant so I don't want that if she will come there should be burden of lots of work on her she need rest too, I have saved the customers for her already we both are little different style designing and that's the reason we are best friends we never have problem in working.

"So should I came to meet you at your apartment?"

I message back to him and put my phone back in my pocket. I get into the meeting room saw there was man looking at the designs kept in the back. Well I don't think I had my meeting with him, it was someone Julia Carter, so I decided to speak, "Excuse me!" I said and that man turn and I was shocked, "Wh..what are you doing here?" I able to take some words from my mouth.

So Liam and Alison got interrupted. By his work.

But who can be that in the meeting room? Liam? or someone else?

And it's Liam that's good but if it is someone else?

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