Love in the wedding

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I was still shock and he had a smirk on his face, "Oh! Hello Alison!" He said and come near me, "What are you doing her Mark?" I said more like I scream, "Wow! Is that way you talk to customers?" He said, "You are not my customer," I grind my teeth, "Oh! I am actually getting married to Julia Carter," he said and I rolled my eyes, "Oh! You are," I said "Oh! Come on don't be said that you are not the one who is getting married to me," He said and it make my blood boil, "No I am pity her that she didn't see the real you," I huff, "Did you know she is one of the leading business woman on the country?" He said yes I know that she is and I know this is the only reason that this scumbag marrying her, "Oh! I know that and that's good she have done great work in her life, what about you? Are you still the same who live on others money? Like you use to be on mine? And yeah! Did you sold the house I had bought for you?" I said and this make his face priceless. "You..Oh! I heard you are dating The Liam Robertson fashion king, Is it true?" He said "Yes it's very true that I am dating him and you know even he is a billionaire he don't have attitude like you have without a penny," I said and he clenches his jaw, "So now you know how to speak," he said with smirk, "Well I think you already can hear me so yes I know how to speak, and know better how to speak man like you," I said.

Suddenly he started reducing distance between us, "Well then I have plan for you," he said and try to touch my hand, "Don't dare to touch me," I said and move away, "Don't worry I am not going do anything to you right now," he said, "You can't do anything to me anytime" I said and try to go out of the room, But he hold my hand "At least listen my plan," he said, "Leave my hand Mark, "You know we can make a deal that we will pretend to love both the billionaires and in their back we can have ours," he said and he run his hand on my arm I remove it vigorously, "Don't think everyone is like you Mark I love Liam don't pretend like you, and he is nothing like you," I said "I know darling you love him and I can bet that too you guys didn't have done sex yet, because after having you no man can stand with you, you don't know how to satisfy a man first you say you need time you need time, And I feel really great that I wasn't faithful to you ever or I would have regret it," he said "Shut up and get out before I call the security," I shout, "Oh! It's hurt? But don't you think it's true? You are beautiful, independent and also a wife material but you are not good on bed and I can bet after having you Liam or any man will be never satisfy and will cheat you," he said which make me really off guard I can't help and tears start following through my eyes, "Aw.. don't cry, I am telling you I will be here so accept my plan and will be beneficial for both of us," he said close distance between us, and hold me by waist tightly and with another hand he wipe my tears, I was mentally unstable for that minute that I don't push him away but as I feel his hand on my cheek I move my head , "Leave me you.." I said but it come as Wishper, "Shh.. whatever will happen here will be only between us," he said and try to move my head "I try to get out of his grip but he was more stronger than me, "There is no benefit for this Alison," he said and start closing distance between our faces "Leave me I said,"

I can't help but Start crying I wanted to scream but word wasn't coming out of my mouth. I close my eyes But suddenly I feel his grip lighter and more footsteps. I open my eyes and saw Mark on the floor holding his nose and when I look in my left I saw Liam he was standing there with anger on his face, "You are a scumbag that I was thinking to marry, don't you dare to me your face and you are fired this marriage is off," a woman which was Julia Carter said and throw a ring on his face kick Mark with her high pointed heels and without giving any glance to me leave the room, I was still processing things when Liam go near Mark who was trying to get up and lift him by his collar, "Hey! Leave me," Mark shout, but Liam just give punch in his face, I run to them and hold Liam's hand. "Please leave him he don't worth it," I said but like he didn't heard what I said and punch Mark again and again till he throw blood from his mouth and leave him and he fell on the floor and without even looking at me he turn to leave.

"Liam!" I said and run behind him but he was really fast and before I can reach to him he go out sit in his car and drive, I fell on the ground at the door of boutique and try to process what just happened, why he left me like this? Did he think I was doing something with Mark? He misunderstood me? Or he heard him that I can't Satisfy him so he cheat me so he left me? Whatever it is he left me without saying a word, did I really don't deserve any happiness? "Alison are you ok?" I heard a voice I didn't said anything and get up and go to my cabin I feel someone saying something but it all are blur to me, I didn't said anything take my bag and come out from the cabin I feel someone touch me which make me jerk that person away I was feeling dirty and terrible because of Mark's touch,

"Liam!" I said and run behind him but he was really fast and before I can reach to him he go out sit in his car and drive, I fell on the ground at the door of boutique and try to process what just happened, why he left me like this? Did he think I...
"Do..don't touch me" I shutter, "Alison,.." I look at that person and saw it was Cara, "Are you okay?" She asked and I don't know I just hug her and cry I know she is not the person who I can think will help me or shoot me she is not my friend she is a woman who need only money and man, and because of me she just lost one big deal. But I was wrong she rub my back," It's ok I heard what happened and we have Camera here so we will file case against him to harsh you, I am sorry that you had to face it," she said and it make me cry more harder, for the first time she is not manipulative, she is talking with heart she is not blaming me she is taking my side and the one who I thought love me without a word leave me. "I am booking cab for you as you aren't in the state of driving, you go home and have some rest," she said and separate from me and take me to her cabin, make me sit on the chair, "here have some water," she said and I take it, She book the cab, "Your cab will be here in few minutes," she said and I just nod.

An hour later...

I am laying on my bed and don't know I should cry or do what, I have tried to call Liam but he didn't pick my call, I am feeling like it's Karma as I hadn't give him chance to explain after Grace trying to manipulate me same thing is happening with me. I even message him and explained everything, it wasn't even seen like he just cut me from his life, few hours ago he was saying he will die if I will not talk to him for day, and now I he is avoiding me. I throw my phone away from it collide with wall I dug my face into my bed and start crying, I don't know how the life change in just hours and how did he came soon? Didn't he messaged me he will be at here at 1? So it was 1pm I guess. I don't know how long I cried and I feel my eyelids started getting heavy and I slept.

I woke up with hassle around me I open my eyes which was burning maybe because of crying, I look at my bed and table so I can see if there is any message from Liam but then I saw it near the wall broken into few pieces, but sound was coming from my right side but because my eyes was burning it was little blurry but I open and shut and then saw in my right, I saw a woman,..wait it's Em. "Em?" I said, "Yeah!" She replied, I got of the bed and run to her and hug her tightly, "Wow! Relax don't forget that I have your niece or nephew in my belly," she said with smile, "Oh! Sorry I forgot, but when I saw you I can't help myself," I said she finally look at me, "This will be perfect," she said by playing a Green floral print sundress in her hand, "What are you doing?" I asked "Oh! Did I forgot to tell you?," Actually me and Alex come home yesterday in night and you know Cherry don't have toys and clothes at home yet we had bought only few but now as we back we need many so we are going on shopping," she said, "Isn't too early for shopping?" I said, "I don't think because it's already 10 so it's not early for sure and also why you was sleeping so late? I called you but it was coming switch off when I called Cara she just said you are not in office so I came here," she said "I..I was working on a design for a client it was really tough one so I was working late so I didn't woke up soon," I said.

She just came from vacation so I don't wanted her to make her angry and worried by talking everything happened. "Okay give me the dress, I will get ready, But where is cherry?" I asked, "She is your living room watching some cartoon, I am going to check her till you get ready," she said I nod and get into the bathroom, I strip down and then my eyes go on the mark Liam had given me they are still on me haven't faded but is our love was that weak he didn't even give me chance to explain? I think and little droplets fall from my eyes,

"Okay give me the dress, I will get ready, But where is cherry?" I asked, "She is your living room watching some cartoon, I am going to check her till you get ready," she said I nod and get into the bathroom, I strip down and then my eyes go on t...
but I wipe them if he didn't want to talk then go to hell, I don't care too, it too much to cry on the men they all are same, I bath and wear my dress and just brush hair I don't feel like putting make come out from room.

I saw Em was talking on phone but when she saw me cut it. "Ready? She asks, I nod and "Hey cherry did you missed me?" I said and she look at me, nod come near me and hug me, I hug her back, "yes I did and you know we did so many things there Mom and dad even take me to amusement park they have promised they will take others too," she said and I smile, "Girls let's go we have to do lots of shopping," Em said, me and Cherry got apart then I drive us to the mall. In mall we did lots of shopping, for Cherry and also we bought things like cloths, books and toys for the other kids of orphanage too, then we have pizza, at our favourite pizza shop when we were walking through the streets, Em stopped and look at dress, in the shop,"Ali look at that dress how beautiful it is," she said, and yes it was beautiful for sure, I really love that colour it was ocean green and also design was really beautiful as well as the material was good too I can say it without touching it, "I want to buy it" Em said, "You want to buy that? See it's look like expensive shop and we already have spend so much money today,"

I said and read the name of the shop, and it was written *The Roberson* yeah it was his shop, "Wow it's Liam's shop let's get inside we can get some offer afterall I am here with his girlfriend," she said and look at me I gave her tight smile, Girlfriend not anymore he broke up with me I mean he didn't said that but his actions are clearly saying but I can't say that to Em yet so she drag me inside and Cherry follow us, "You both wait here I am going to talk to anyone of the sell person to say to take out that dress from display she said me and Cherry stand there she goes and talk to the sell girl she take out the dress from display give it to Em she look at the dress and said something to the sell girl and she nod and then they both come to pay counter she paid and that cashier give her packed dress with bill.
"Girls let's go I am done," Em said "I can feel Alex is going to be bank corrupt today," I said playfully Em roll her eyes "Like I do shopping daily," she said "Mom, Ali can we go to Orphanage? I want to meet my all friends," Cherry says, "Of course dear we can," I said and so now I am driving us to the orphanage and now it was little dark outside because we have spend our whole day in shopping.

All the way Cherry was telling about her trip and what she did I was nodding while her mother was taking a nap at the backseat.

Wow! So Now Liam is angry, Is that Karma.

what will Em do if she will came to know about these all?

And Will Liam and Alison will talk again or their ways will be different now?

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