Love in the wedding

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Ch- 39

Liam look at me, "Alison her name is Blossom not Kate," he said, "No! She is Kate," I claims which makes everyone in her family confused, "Dear what happened? who is Kate?" Liam's mother ask me "My little sister, who..who was lost in an accident," I said and she look at me with big eyes, "Alison your sister was not lost she..was" Liam didn't complete his sentence because he know it is going to hit me, "I know Liam but she is exactly look like my Katy her hair her eyes and.." I go near her as I was about to hold her she got faint, "Princess, Blossom," Liam said and hold her in his arms, "Oh my god what happened to my baby?" Liam's mom run to her as well as her dad, "I think we should take her to hospital," Liam said and carry her his arms and run towards outside his family go behind him, "What happened?" Em ask and come running toward me, I tell her what happened, "You think I am the reason she fainted?" I asked Em "No dear you don't did anything to her she.." Em didn't complete her word because she don't know what to say, "I think I should go there too," I said "Let's go I will drive you, Mom dad I think you guys should stay here I will update you guys," Rick said and his father nod, "Rick did you ever had met Liam's sister?" I asked to Rick, "No I hadn't I had met only Liam from his family but Geo had told me once he have a sister, but what happened exactly?" Rick asked "I feel like his sister is Kate," I said and he look at me, "Katy but .." he also didn't complete his sentence, "I know Katy had accident but when you will see her than tell me what you feel," I said and he nod.

Finally we reach to the hospital, he park the car we came out, and go to reception, "Hello can you tell me where is K.. Blossom Robertson?" I asked she look at me, "Sorry mam we don't give information to anyone about our patients," she said "See I am her would be sister in law," I tell her and show my ring, "Umm.. okay let me check," she said look into her computer, "Room number 8 go right and first turn second room," she said we thanks her and go to the direction she said and I saw Liam and his family outside, Liam look at me but then look toward the hospital room, I go near them his brother look look at me, "How is she?" I asked his parents also look at me but didn't says anything, "Doctors are still examine her haven't said anything yet," his brother said I go near Liam and put my hand on his shoulder he look at me, "I..I am sorry but" I was saying but he take my hand from his shoulder and hold it, "I love you Alison I love you alot but I love my family most so if.. something will happen to her I.. don't think I will ever can forgive.." before he can complete his sentence room's door open and doctor came out Liam leave my hand and goes to doctor.

" How is she? She is okay? Did she awake?" Liam asked to doctor, "Relax Mr Robertson she is okay she is just got some shock, Can I ask you guys Something?" Doctor said and all of them nod, "Did she ever had memory loss?" Doctor asked and which made Liam and his brother confused but his mom look at his dad and he give some signs to her by closing his eyes, "Yes doctor she had," she said which makes Liam and his brother to look at his parents, "oh! I see I think the part of her brain which have her lost memory got some signals today which made have shock and cause her faint, did she seen something that's related to the time before her memory loss?" Doctor asked.

"Yes! She meet her sister, after 7 years Liam's dad said and look at me, and everyone even Liam stare to his dad, "Okay then, I will tell you that give her some time she will regain her memory if she will live with her sister," doctor said and go away, "What are you talking dad? Blossom is?" Ethan said, "Yes blossom is Kate, we had no idea about her family before because we had heard she lost them in an accident," Liam's mom says, I can't explain how happy I am it is like I got new life, I am not alone my sister is in this world, someone put hand on my shoulder, I look and saw it was Rick, "Rick did you hear? Kate our Katy is alive,?" I said and he nod, I hug him tightly he hug me back, "Yes, Ali I heard that," he said

"But Alison had told me she had fallen into chasm so how she can be alive?" Liam said I don't know why I am feeling like Liam don't want to accept that she is my sister, "What is your problem Liam your parents are accepting it that she is my sister then why don't you?" I said harshly "I.. don't mean that I .. just" Liam stopped in the middle, "I know Liam you love Blossom more than any of us from the time we had taken her home, but it's true that we had found Blossom 6 and half years ago in a Forster care she wasn't happy there, they use to beat her, because she use to be silent there," Liam's mother said. "Forster care?" I said, "yes I am a social worker I help kids in getting a good family and that's time I found Blossom she had lost her memory because of accident and was found by someone on road they have admitted her in hospital but there was no claims on her not even police had any idea mostly because she had no idea who she is so they put her into the Forster care, I decided to adopt her immediately as I saw her and from that time she is our daughter and princess of the family," Liam's mother said.

I can't help but cry again, "In all these years when I was mourning over my sister she was alive, I am bad sister, I don't deserve her love," I said and cover my face with my hand, "No dear don't say things like this you are a really great sister you know Blossom had forgot everything but the only thing she remember was that she had a elder sister," Liam's dad said, I look at him and he nod and it made me cry harder," Rick help me to sit on the chair and rub my back, I put my head on his chest and cry, I don't know maybe it's an hour we are here and Kate hadn't woke up yet, "Dad mom why don't you guys go home I will inform you when princess will be wake up," Liam said "No I can't leave," Liam's mom said, "No Sam I think Liam is correct we should you haven't taken your medicine yet," Liam's dad said, "Ethan you take then home you also need rest from tomorrow is your final are starting," Liam said and his brother nod, "Okay take care and give a call as she woke up," Liam's mom said to Liam, "I will mom" Liam said to her mom and kiss on her forehead, "Dear you should take care of yourself too," her mom said to me and I hug her, "I will and you should too," I said and he nod his father smile and said bye I said back and then leave now it was only me Rick and Liam, Liam look at me but didn't said anything.

"Rick you should go and tell everyone that things are fine here, and also that they should go and have rest I will talk to them tomorrow before they leave," I said, "I can't go by leaving you alone here," Rick said "I am not alone Rick and they all must be worried for Katy and me," I said, "Okay I am going but don't hesitate to call me if you need anything," Rick said hug me kiss my forehead and get up, "Liam take care of both as well yourself and call if need something," Rick said to Liam, He nod and then Rick look at me smile and I smile back at him then he leave. Now it was only us, I didn't said anything to Liam from the time doctor
interrupted us, And I have a feeling this new twist is going to make grudge in our relationship, I know he is connected to Kate that he can't think about that she someone else sister but not that mean he will behave like this to that person specially when that person is her fiance whom he just proposed few hours ago,
I am thinking how many things happened in these past 2 days first Mark reappear in my life and said shits to me Liam beat him and run away, then today he propose me I accept it them I found my Katy is alive and she is living with none other than Liam's family.

So Blossom Liam's sister is actually Alison's sister Kate.

Will she bring differences between Liam and Alison? or will bring happiness for them?

Kate will regain her memory and will she accept Alison has her sister?

Be connected to know the answer to every Question.
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