Love in the wedding

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I overslept, so now I am doing all the work very quickly so that I do not miss my plane. There is nothing that much to do just to check my everything that I have packed and see my locks.

And I did them all and ran to take a bath and then changed. I wore a simple t-shirt with a denim jacket and jeans.

I heard the doorbell and it must be Emma, I opened the door and she came inside. " Are you ready?" She says and eyes me from up to down.

"What do you think?" I say and go to my room to take my bag and luggage. " You look good, let me help you" she says and helps me to take out the luggage out of the house, I lock my door and then we both put the luggage in the car's back. She is the one who is going to drive today so I sit on the passenger. " Here take the keys if you need some client details or the files I have at home. " I say and hand her the keys. She put them in her bag and then started driving us to the airport.

We finally reached to the Airport park takeout the luggage and then go inside, "you know I am going to miss you a lot" Emma says and hug me tightly, She maybe look old but she is a kid from inside, And she is older than me, never say it in front of her but with her own she not grown up yet. " Em you know i am going there just for a week" i hug her back,"Ali it's not week it's a fucking whole weeek." she says and loses her grip on me and looks at me. "UHH! Okay it's not just a week it's a whole fucking weekk," I hug her and then we both get apart. " You seat here with the information the screen you have to wait more 30 minutes for boarding, till I will grab something for you with coffee." She says and goes towards the food area, I sit down on the empty chair and look at my phone. It has 20 messages from my friends,I mean Rick, Georgia, and Sara.

mostly are from Rick that where I am? when I will be there? How was my flight? seriously he hadn't changed a bit. I chuckle. Like he doesn't know what to ask. I message them back. I am at the airport waiting for my announcement. " Here eat this " Emma handed me a small travel size hamburger and sat beside me with coffee, drank her and handed me mine. I took a bite and I really feel alive because being late I wasn't able to have some breakfast. "You are the best best friend" I give a side hug to Emma. " I know I am". She says

"Don't flatter yourself, I think you know you need to go back, you have work too." I say after looking at my watch.

" Yeah! I think too" she says and removes herself away from me. "And call me after landing understand?" She says with a mom look.

"Yes mom" I say to her. She hugged me for the last time and then went towards the exit. I eat my sandwich and drink my coffee.

I finished the sandwich fastly and I felt like I needed another coffee so I decided to go and take it before the announcement.

But I heard the announcement so I decided to drop the idea of coffee and take my luggage and go towards the boarding area.

After a few hours......

So finally we landed in Boston and now we are out of the plane and I was calling my Rock because he had messaged me that he will pick me up from the airport but he is not receiving it. So I decided to go out and check some taxis.

As I came out I heard my name. " Ali bailey " this is none other than Rick because he is the only one who calls me this. I looked and saw he was coming toward me.

" Why the hell didn't you pick my call? " I shouted at him. " I.. " he says and checks his pocket " I think I forgot my phone at the hotel, I was so excited to receive you." He says with a shrug. " God! You will never change" I say with a frown. " Hey! Come on give me a hug" he came and hugged me, I hugged him back. " Hey! Where is my hug?" Georgia came there too and she wasn't alone; she was with Sara and Bennett.

" Wow! You guys are already here?" with a surprise tone. " No! Our flight landed just before yours." Sara says. I hugged all my friends and then we all settled in the car and Rick drove us to the Hotel they were staying at.

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