Love in the wedding

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Ch- 43 ( epilogue)

Anna and Alice if you both don't wake up I am going to throw chilled water over you both and then don't blame me." I shout "No no we are woke up mom," Alice said and remove her blanket Anna also sit beside her. "That's good go and brush your teeth as well have bath I am going to prepare breakfast," I said they nod and go to their bathroom, I went to their wardrobe take our their school dresses and place it on the bed, I came downstairs "Good morning Mama," my boy said and kiss me on cheeks, "Good morning handsome, ready?" I ask and he nod, "Okay come and have your breakfast," I said "Mama I have to go I have my football practice," he said in his most charming voice, "Why are you trying max don't you know your mama will never going to let you go without having breakfast?" My dear husband says and put his news paper on the table, "Good morning Dad," Max says to my dear husband, "Good morning son, have a seat I heard you guys are going to have your tournament next month?" He said to Max, "Yes dad we are and as Captain of the team I am really nervous because it's my first time I am leading our team," Max says "Don't worry boy you are going to do really great" I said and out this breakfast in front of him, "you say this because you are my mother, Max says "No Max your coach your teammates have faith on you that you can lead them that's why they choose you as Captain so first thing you need to do is believe on yourself that you can do it and also remember the faces which will be happy with your victory and then no one can stop you by winning," my darling husband says, "You are right dad I can do it," Max says "First have your breakfast you have to go," I said and he nod and start eating, "Okay I am done I am going now," My dead husband says and get up from the chair, "Okay here your file and also I had already gave the driver your bag," I said he take it, "You always take care for my everything," He said and kiss me.

"That's good go and brush your teeth as well have bath I am going to prepare breakfast," I said they nod and go to their bathroom, I went to their wardrobe take our their school dresses and place it on the bed, I came downstairs "Good morning Mam...
Maxwell/ Max Robertson
Age: 17

Anna and Alice Robertson (twins)Age: 9 years
Anna and Alice Robertson (twins)
Age: 9 years

"Eww.." I heard the sound from the stairs, "Mom dad now we are grown up you guys should think before doing these," Anna says, "my princesses come here," He says and both run to him, "However old we became we should never stop showing our love," My dear husband says and kiss both Anna and Alice, "Dad don't forget today is Anna's ballet performance," Alice says, "How can I? And that's good that you take care of your sister," My husband says, "Dad do you know Alice got A+ again?" Anna says my all kids are really brilliant Max is good in football as well as academics Anna is good in ballet and fine in academics while Alice is a bookworm, "We proud of you all because you all are best in your own" I said and they smile, "Girls now have your breakfast or you all will be late." Max says and they sit on their chairs and I put breakfast for them, "Okay see you later," he said and kiss me once more before going towards outside, "Kids I am going to get ready, till you guys should complete your breakfast without any argument or fight," I said and they nod, my kids love each other but yet like other siblings never leave a chance to fight, Anna is the most Rebel while Alice is silent Max is eldest understanding but never like to loose, I think how much happiness I got how did my life became and the credit is goes to my dear husband Liam Robertson he is the key of my love and success. It has been 11 years that I had met him. Our relationship was like roller coaster ride we got ups and down but in last we got a happy Ending.

"Mom we are done," Max shout, "I am coming," I said take my bag and go towards the kitchen, "Let's go you girls have packed everything?" I asked and they nod, I drive them to their school and then goes to my Boutique well the same boutique but the difference is I don't work here I own it, yes Cara had sold me this, because she came to realise this is not her work, and most important the man she had met in Liam's office they both fell in love and she is happily married now, I came out from my car and goes inside, I saw Em was talking to one of the staff, well she is the co-owner of this Boutique and not only this we have chains of the boutique around the city, "Hey!" I said she look at me, "Hello! She said and hug me, "So today Ms Ellen is coming with her sister you remember that?" I said "Yeah! I have but I am going to have some rest in my office, "What Venus did this time?" I asked Venus is Em's and Alex daughter yes the same with she was pregnant and if it will be not wrong if I said her.."Venus? I think I should change it as troublemaker," she said, Yes the same I was about say Venus is a total trouble maker well most of the credit goes to "All this because you give her too much love" she said and yes credit goes to me, why wouldn't I will save her I am her godmother after all.

"At the 11 pm she got hungry and think to cook and while cooking she slept and burn the whole food and that cause smoke alert and awake us and our neighbors too," she said and I can't help but laugh, "Yeah! Laugh as much as you can in future she will be your daughter in law and then I will laugh," she said "You know I will be really happy if she will," I said she roll her eyes. She is right Max never says that but I know he likes Venus and she like him too, Alex always says it's Max that he only trust with his girl and he don't like Cherry's boyfriend but that boy is also good she is now 19 and turn out Alex's Xerox copy have all the habits of Alex and also studying to be a doctor.

While our others friend Sara and Ben have a boy, and Rick and Geo have twin Sons who are same age of Anna and Alice, Kate also got married two years ago with her boyfriend Hudson, and now living in Boston because Hudson is in Boston police force, Ethan is still single he was in love with an woman but she cheated on him and run away with his money from the time he don't wanted to marry, He just focus on his work which make me worried for him, Liam's parents live near our house they wanted to give us a privacy so after our marriage they buy a new Mansion near ours. I got my happiness as Liam and he give me everything a new family, help to me met my sister, give me chance to show my work, make me his wife, and mother of three beautiful kids even Max is adopted we never let him feel less than Anna and Alice.

This is something I had never thought I would have but now I have I got my love in the wedding.
So here our story got a happy ending.

This story is really connected to my heart. this was the first story, I had ever written, on any public platform. I hope you you like this story.


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