Love in the wedding

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Finally we were at the hotel and the whole day I was tired after getting the key to my room. I go to my room, take shower and then flopped of the bed after messaging Emma that I reached. I was so tired that I slept so fastly.

I heard my phone is ringing. "Uhh! What now?" I say and look at the phone screen it was Rick.

"Hey! What happened?" I say in a groggy voice. " Are you still sleeping?" He asked, " yeah! I was so tired the whole day today so I decided to sleep". I say with my head inside the pillow.

" Ali, I had told you today is dinner with family and friends, and it's already 7 and you are not even ready...." He says . I sit down on the bed and look out of the window. " Shit I don't realise that, don't worry I will be there in a few minutes." I say and get up from the bed.

I go to the bathroom, take shower first so I can come out from sleep then wear a simple dress, and do a little make up.

And then I came out of my room, I was busy looking at my phone to texting Rick to tell me the direction of the hotel restaurant, And then I collided with the wall.

"Shit, Where I am going" I say and look and find I wasn't struck with a wall. It was a handsome man none other than Liam Robertson. I can't believe I meet him twice in a row, but every time in a really different situation.

"You are alright?" He says in his thick and sexy voice with concern. "Miss'' he says and waves his hand in front of me.I snapped out from my thoughts " Yeah' I am, and I am sorry for colliding with you." I said to him, He chuckled and it was the best chuckle I had ever heard with this much sexiness in it. "No, It's not your fault I was also looking at my phone, And I.." he says and then like he realizes something. " Sorry I have to go, nice to meet you." He says and then starts walking away and in the opposite direction of me. " Bye," I whisper, which he doesn't hear of course. " hey! let's go, " Rick says coming towards me, I look at him. " I know you don't know the way of dinner area do I came to take you." He says, "Yeah! let's go, I say with glancing at my back. " what happened? Are you looking for someone?" Rick ask me, " No, Let's go, I have to meet your parents too." I took his hand and then he led us to the dinner area.

There were many people, some of our old friends, Rick's relatives, And Georgia's family and relatives. I go and greet Rick's parents. They have always treated me like their daughter, and are also my god parents. We talked about lots of things from our old times, new goals, Georgia's dress. Well I am the one who has designed Georgia's wedding and reception dresses. And this may be a little career boost for me. She is quite famous and if any of her friends would like it, It will be a big deal for me.

Now it was finally time for dinner. Parents of both Georgia and Rick sit on one table. Me, Georgia, Rick, Sara, Bennet sit on one, on our table beside me was empty, like someone else is also coming or maybe it's just like this. Waiter came to take our drink order, I opted for water only because I don't want to be drunk here. "Someone else is coming too, so you have to come back to take the order," Georgia says to the waiter. "Who else is coming?" Sara asked Georgia. " My old friend... oh see there he is" She waved her hand and we looked in that direction. No! Tell me, I am dreaming. It's him once again, he was smiling and as his eyes fell on me he was a little shocked too. That means he had remembered me too.

"Isn't he is too handsome?" Sara whisper in my ears, I look at her, "Aren't you engaged?" I ask her with raising my brows. "Yeah! I know I was asking for you." she whispered again, "good that you were asking for her" Ben whispered to us, and we both looked at him. " What?" He says to us. I was okay, but Sara was little shocked. "you was listening us?" She asked him, "Of course, I wanted to know what my fiance is talking about" he says her with shrugging. She huff I tried to manage my laugh but failed and start giggling, " Hey! guys meet Liam my friend" Georgia says and we all three look at her and saw Liam was now standing beside her, " Hello! It's nice to meet you all" He says and directly look at me, But I avert my gaze, but as a good mannered person, I also greet him, and as the only empty chair was beside me Georgia asked him to seat there, And he done that but again he look at me and I was already looking at him, he smile and I can feel my cheeks are burning and getting reddish. I look down at my empty plate. As he seat our hands brush and I feel a different kind of sensation. But I remove and put my hand in lap. "Li you know Ali also live in Chicago, ?" Georgia says to Liam and he look at me and says" Oh! really?" I look back at him, and wanted to see it's genuine and yes it was and it break my heart little that he don't remember our interaction of the mall, I compose myself "Yeah, I live there too, Mr Robertson." I says him in firm voice and I feel like I sound little rude.

"How do you know his last name is Robertson?"Rick asked me with his dumbness as always. "Rick, he is the most famous person in the Chicago's Fashion industry so why wouldn't. I ? " I tell him with a chuckle. "Rick, why do you always want to show that you are moron? Even though I know him he is not only famous in Chicago he is famous in the whole county as one of the most eligible bachelors who is Billionaire too?" Ben asked him, " We all chuckle at that, " Hey! shut up do you forgot you are in my wedding you can't make fun of me" Rick says. "And who says that?" I asked him "I said that it's my wedding first rule for the guest" Rick replied to me in a serious tone and then we all can't control our laugh and start laughing Loudly even he too and then my eyes fall on the person whose eyes was on me, He was smiling like an idiot. Then our food comes and we start eating and both couples fall in their own talking, "So what you do? I mean as a profession?" Liam asked me, " I am a designer, I mean a fashion designer," I say in a low voice. "You have your own brand?" He asked me and I was feeling embarrassed saying that because we are not famous enough to come in eyes of this famous person of our industry. "Umm! No, I work in a fashion house, Cara fashion house , it's not even famous at all." I said that and took a sip of water, because my throat was getting dry. "Wait! You mean as Cara fashion house you were the one who had designed Andy's wedding dress?" He says with excitement, I look at him "Andy?" I asked him "I mean Andrea Hills" he says to me and yes I remembered her she was really good client and even she was really nice woman, " yeah, if her wedding was in last November" I tell him and take a bite of my food, "yeah! that's her I liked your design, I mean it was really perfect and with no flaws in any part, I had asked her to contact with your boss but your boss had said she was busy too have any meeting," he says to me and my mouth was open widely he liked my design?And that bitch Cara had refused to meet him? She got mad or what? Now I have to talk to her. It's too much now, she is trying to hinder my work, and I can't tolerate this.

It's too much now, she is trying to hinder my work, and I can't tolerate this
So the things between Liam and Alison is finally start. 😊

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