Love in the wedding

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"Are you okay?" He asked me and I came out of my thoughts, and look at him "Yeah! I am fine, just trying to enjoy the food" I tell him and take a bite of my food. "mmmm.... It's really amazing you try yours" I look at him he just nod don't say anything and start eating his food, without glancing at me, he adjust himself I don't know what happened suddenly. "Ali Really!" Sara says that and I look at her. "what?" I say her back. "Where was you lost?" Georgia said to me with the smirk on her face, "This food is really good so I am lost in it." I tell her with mouthful of food. "So Sara what did you said?" I look at Sara with a question look. "Georgia tell me that you are the one who have designed her dress?" she says with amused look. "Oh! yes, I had she asked me and why wouldn't I will." I say her. "I am now more excited to see them, and my dress as Bridesmaid" she claps her hand together, "I hope you will like that, tomorrow is the trial and if there will be any problem we can do the alter" I say, "Can we just eat? Because if you guys will be go in the dress talking then it will be really longgg dinner." Rick says pointing to all of three, "I am agree with you man," Ben says and give a thumbs up to Rick and then both of them got the small punch on their arms. " But, I would love to know more about your dresses," Liam whisper in my ears,

and I look at him and find we were so close maybe just few inches apart, but when I heard my friends giggling I get away from him and he also straight himself I look at him with corner of my eyes and saw he was looking at me I look at my plate and my this childish action make him chuckle. I don't look back and continue eating my food till my food gets completely clean. Then take a big gulp of water and look at my friends, "Hey! guys, I am tired and I have to call Em too so I am saying night you guys enjoy". I say and get up from my chair, "What? It's just 10 you w that, we have planned to hit the club tonight" Georgia says with pouting. "I am really sorry, but you know I don't do clubbing at first and second I am tired. We can plan this for tomorrow after your dress fitting.?" I tell her in a pleading voice?" I tell her in a pleading voice

Liam's P. O. V

I look at her, when she get up and goes away, I wanted her to spend more time with me, but I can't do it, she is not even my friend and I try to convince her that I hadn't remember her, But this is the hard to forget this beautiful black hair beauty, I remember how she snatch the bag from my hand and I was shocked but when I saw her beautiful face my heart bit faster but to avoid them I don't even look at her there just pay and get away from her but when again when I saw her in lobby I wanted her to notice me and that's why I collide with her obviously sound like a creep, but I can't help us and it was amazing when she look at me with shock and surprise because that mean she remembered me, And maybe that was faith we meet again and not only meet I was able to talk her too, and got to know that she is the one whose designs I loved, It's really hard to impress me but when I saw the wedding gown of I feel it is really best designs I can see the feel in the dress designer wanted to add I wanted to see the designer but she was unavailable. But when I came to know it's her it justify the work, that she can be the only who can add the emotion in a dress.

"I am done" I said and put down my spoon and fork in the plate, and wipe my face with napkin. "You are coming with us. Right?" Geo said and look at me "Sorry Geo, I am not going you know that I don't go club and I also have a meeting tomorrow so sorry, I have to go" I get up and Kiss her on her forehead and then say good night to other and then go to room. Geo is always has been an important part of my life till I was here, Our mom's where best friends and that's how we became too but then my parents shift in Chicago we got a little apart but still connected And when I heard she is getting married it was must I have to be here for my best friend's wedding and I had no idea that I will meet her here, it is like a bonus for me. After coming in my room I go to washroom and then strip down and start the shower and When I close my eyes that beautiful golden hair beauty was in front of me with a shy smile on her face and just with her smile I feel I am getting hard I touch my dick and it was hard, "What are you dong to me?" And I rub my self in imagining how it would be if it was her hand and mouth around her and and I got faster and I cum really hard, it's really long that I had jerk off myself with thinking about some girl and my heart saying like she is not just some girl.... I take clean myself and came out wear a T-shirt and shorts.

I sit down on my hotel chair and take out my laptop and start reading the mails and also send them to the tomorrow meeting clients and see the documents and make points we have to discuss, suddenly my eyes go out of the glass door which was leading to the terrace which was shared by the next room and there was woman sitting on the chair and talking on the phone as I can see I can't saw her face because her back facing me and also dark there.

I don't know why I feel that I should go and check on her. I convince myself no but my heart didn't listen it, and so I close my laptop and files keep them in their orders and then get up and slide the glass door and go out it's mid-September but the cool breeze of air can make you feel shiver and when I go more close, I can hear her voice, "I love you too" I.. Know's her voice and she is saying I love you? She is taken? or married? or... whatever but not single at all.

hey guys if you like the story then please give it a love, I am not any professional but love to write :)

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