Love in the wedding

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He was staring at me and I was too but suddenly we heard the doorbell buzzer and we snapped out and made some distance between us. "I..I should check it," he says and gets up, yeah! "Maybe it's our hot chocolate." I say I am trying to look normal which obviously I am not. He nods and goes inside.

This is the first time I have felt this way with someone, as if I am being pulled towards him.

Suddenly a voice distracted me and I saw that he was coming towards me.

There was a smile on his face, seeing that I could probably forget all my problems, but I had never felt that before. "What happened there is something on my face?" He said and sat beside me.

"No it's not that, it's something that is pulling me towards you" I said and then I realised what the hell I said, I looked at him with wide eyes. He put the hot chocolate tray at the side table. "I..I don't mean that..I.." I don't know what to say I was caught up. I hide my face in my hands ''God this is so embarrassing" I whisper. " He came near me and removed my hands from his face and looked me in my eyes. I look down.

He raised my face "Hey! Look at me" and I do as he says. I looked at him and he had now a really different spark in his eyes.

"I am glad that it's not only me who think like this." He said with a smile and I was confused. Next he scooted and closed the distance between us and cupped my face. "I was drowning towards you from the time I had seen you in the mall but I kept myself composed" He says and creases my cheeks. I look at him and then it's hit me mall? He remembered me? "You remembered me that I was the girl from the mall?" I say him with excitement. He chuckled that "how can I forget this beautiful face and golden hair girl who's just one look makes my heart beat 100 times faster than normal?" He says to me. I was blushing and my cheeks were burning. They must have turned red. "You look more beautiful when you blush." He says and creases my cheeks again. Then I remembered the hot chocolate is getting cold. "Hot chocolate" I said.

And he look at me with confusion and It will not be wrong if I say that I am an enemy of my own romance moment. He remove his hands from my face and I was cursing myself from inside, "I am sorry" he says to me, " No, no don't be sorry I was enjoying it," he look at me with big eyes and Again I said stupid things and my eyes became big too, god how I can be so stupid I am feeling like I don't have any sense left in my head. "I mean to say I am enjoying your company here and we should drink our hot chocolate before it becomes cold chocolate," I said and take the cup of hot chocolate and drink it and look at him with corner of my eyes and he had a smile on his face he must be thinking I am an idiot.

He just chuckle take his hot chocolate cup, "Cheers" He says and raise his cup and "Cheers" I say and raise too, we take the sip and it was really soothing, "How's it?" He asked me "Really good" I replied to him,

"Tell me something about you well how do you know Rick and Georgia?" He asked me, I looked at him , "I know Rick my whole life our parents were best friends till they died, And to Georgia in college we became friends then they both dated and now we are here" I say and shrug my shoulders. "I am sorry for your parents" he says in an apologetic way, "It's ok it really long ago, when I lost them, but thanks to Rick's family I am completely fine, and doing my job" I say and smile.

We do some more little talk I found out he have his both parents and a little sister. I finally finished my drink. " I think I need to go to sleep, it's getting late tomorrow. I have a lot to do," I say and place the cup on the table and get up. He also put the cup on the table and got up. "yeah! Can I ask you something?" He says with running his hand to back of his neck, "yeah" I says that, "Would you like to go on dinner tomorrow me?" He says and I was looking at him with amazed look, "I..I am sorry but it'..." I was saying but he cut me in the middle, "Oh! It's not a big deal, I am fine with your answer," he says and tries to smile, "Could you listen to me? I says no because tomorrow Georgia had planned whole day, And if you want to go on dinner you have do it after marriage, if you have time," I says that and now he was looking at me with amazed look.

"That mean you will go on dinner with me?" He says and from, "Yeah! I don't have any problem." I say and smile. "Okay then good night we will meet tomorrow," I say but I didn't move, he was also just looking at me, I feel like something is stopping me to go away from him. But no I have to go, "good night" and finally he says and I nod and we both go into our rooms.

Next day......

It's 8 in the morning I had got bath and now getting ready for we have to go for dress fitting I check there was no call from office and anything which was really relaxing. I am thinking about two things right now, first to finally quit my job and start to work with big designers who can understand my fashion. And second I am thinking about is Liam, that Is he really want to go for dinner with me? How I mean he can have any woman around him but he choose me.

I came out of room, I and decided to take coffee from the hotel restaurant so I go to the ground floor and go to the restaurant and then have my coffee and a burger, I saw my phone is ringing I take it out from my bag, saw it was Georgia, I receive the call...

Call conversation....

Alison: Hey!

Georgia: where are you? I came to your room and find you are not here.

Alison: sorry! I am at ground floor restaurant for some food.

Georgia: ohh! Ok then after completing your food please came to my room so we can checkout the dress fitting.

Alison: ok girl

She hung up and I finished my burger and coffee and then go to my room and take the dress with me yes! Dress is still with me and then knock on the Georgia door.

"Come in" Georgia says from inside. "Rick is there too?" I ask her, "No it's only me and Sara. " She replied to me and then I go inside and they both look at me.

" She replied to me and then I go inside and they both look at me.

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