Love in the wedding

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I go inside the room and then take out her wedding dress from the bag. "Wow! I am in love with this dress" Sara says, I chuckle and hand the dress to Georgia, "Here your dress let's try it, " I said and she took the dress and then with the help she got inside it, "Wow! It's fitting is perfect not an inch of tight or loose, " Georgia said abs run her hands to the dress, "look at you you are looking beautiful" Sara says and I nod at her too "you are looking most beautiful bride in the world." I said and clap my hands together, "it's just because I have the best designer friend, who has designed the best dress for me" she says and wipes her tears me and Sara hug her, "Where is your mom? She was the one who has selected this for you because it has similarity to her wedding dress" I say "She would be here in a few minutes she had few things to do." Georgia said and then we heard the knock, " Girls are you there?" We heard Georgia 's mother's voice from the other side of the door, "I am going to take it" Sara says and go to open the door.

" Welcome to the dress trial," Sara says and bend to do a bow ,Georgia mom followed by Rick's mom and his cousin came inside Rick's cousin Grace well we never go along, we have an on and off relationship from the time I know her she hates me with her all guts and I don't have any idea why? Well now I don't care too, I look at all of them and smile, "Where is geo? I am dying to see my baby girl first time in her wedding dress" Georgia's mom ask and clap her hands, "I am here mom" Georgia says and came out from the room and all eyes followed her voice And now have tears in her eyes, "OMG, look at you, you are looking absolutely gorgeous" Her mom was now about to cry, Ricks mom tries to console her "Mom! Please don't cry," Georgia said and hug her mother and her mother hug her too.

"Let me capture the moment," Sara says and click a picture of both by her phone, "You know I had full trust on Ali that's why I suggested you to ask her design your dress look at you it just feels it's only made for you," Rick's mom says and Georgia and her mother get a part, "Thanks mom and yes no one other than Ali can make it the way it is," Georgia said and look at me, "Come on don't make me flatter guys" I was saying but "yeah! She is right it's her work, to design dresses, she doesn't do it in free and isn't it looks like little old design?" Of course this bitch had to open her dirty mouth to pull out trash, "Yeah! It's her work Grace but she did it really well and the things she had to use it not come in free so why wouldn't she charge? And this design is not old this is precious because it is same as my mom's dress," Georgia says to the Grace because she doesn't like Grace too she knows her and my history but she never did anything because she is Rick's cousin, And hearing this Ms bitch scoff, "Oh! That's why it was looking so similar to me? You make the same dress like mine," Georgia's mother says and look at dress properly, "Yes! Mom from the childhood whenever I had seen your and Dad's wedding photos I had a dream to wear the same dress but when I had asked you about your dress you had told me you had donated it, So I asked Ali to design the same dress for me" Georgia said and her mother hug her again, and she was crying, it was a really emotional moment and I can't help myself from missing my mom and tears start forming in my eyes, I wipe them and then Rick's mom put her hand on my shoulder, "I know you are missing her but she must be happy to see how much amazing designer you are turned into," She says and hug me, I hug her tightly.

"Thanks Amy mom would be also happy to see that how betterly you had taken care of me in her absence," I saw Sara was clicking our pictures, "It too many emotions in pictures so ladies smile," Sara says in a dramatic manner and we all chuckle and she again click the picture, "If dress trial is done we can go now?" Grace says well I don't know who invited her? maybe Amy because in front of adults she always show her goody image, "Yeah! we are but I hadn't seen my dress yet, You had bring mine too, Right?" Sara says and look at me and I give her a shocking look, "Your dress? Why would I bring your dress?" I says in a confused way "What do you mean by why?" Sara says and look at me "I mean I am maid of honour that's why"Sara says again and she was worried now, Georgia had sensed I am joking "Oh! shit! Sara I forgot to mention that to her," Georgia also now playing along, "What do you mean you hadn't?" Sara now panicked and I think that's it and I start laughing All other than Sara and Grace of course laugh too,

"Don't worry miss maid of honour I was just messing with you there is your dress beneath that cover," I say and point to the dress, "You bitches I will, leave it I am dying to wear my dress, so I am leaving it for now," She says and pick her dress, 'Omg it's really beautiful,'She take dress and show to all, "Well yes it's really beautiful, Go and try" Georgia said without any minutes Sara goes into the bathroom and after few minutes came out, "How do I look?" She say and move in a circle, "perfect maid of honor" Georgia's mom says and "Ali take my pictures" Sara says, "Girl we have a pre wedding shoot tomorrow you can got clicked tomorrow," Rick's mom says, "No I want some picks in my mobile, Amy" Sara says and I take her phone and she start giving some poses and I click some picture of her and Georgia,

"Well! Georgia why did you asked for two dresses? I mean do you any one else to be your bride's maid?" I asked to Georgia, "Well yes, I have," Georgia say and smile, "Who?" I asked again, "of course, you,' she says and smile at me, "Me?" I asked in confusion, "Why are you so shocked? I mean you both are friends from College time and then of course she wanted you, Rick's mom says, I don't know how to reply that "But?" I wanted to say something but "No buts you are my bridesmaids that's all" Georgia says in stren voice, " ok, I can't say no to the most beautiful bride to be" I say and chuckle, she came and hug me, and Sara join us this time, Amy click our pictures. We all three get apart. "Ok, I am going to change it, now I don't want ruin my dress," Sara says and go to the room back "Geo you should change too," Georgia's mom says.

"yes mom but Li was Wanted to see my dress I had called him but he didn't came yet," Georgia says and hearing his name I remember the last night how did we spend. "Oh! Wait I will go to his room and ask him to came" Grace says and the only thing which can ruin my mood in a second her and Liam together I can't stand with that, "No! Need to go I am here," voice came from the door and we all look at him. He was in a casual shirt and trouser his hair was perfect. "Thank god you came I thought you forgot," Georgia Says to Liam. "sorry I had few things to settle so I was little busy," He says and then his eyes fall on me and he smile and so I smile back.

"So how's the dress?" Georgia move 360° and show him, "it's really perfect it seems like that designer had put some soul in your dress more than the designs" he says and admire my work, and I was really flattered with his words, I mean he is the called as king of the fashion industry and he is admiring my work so it's a huge compliment for me. "It's good but isn't it old?" Again Grace, she goes near him touch his shoulder and look at him innocently, "He make a distance between them," No grace designs never got old they repeat after sometimes and this design have it's own uniqueness like others have" he says and look at me and I just smile and I can see the bitterness on that Bitch:'s. face but did they know each other? Because it's feel they know. Did I am missing something? " Thanks Liam for your compliments it's mean alot from you." I said and look at him and he nod,

"Ok then I am going to change because we don't need any altering so we can go out today, let me change then we can discuss" Georgia says and goes inside, I am going to go I have some things to do, Georgia's mom says and then she and Amy left the room Sara finally came out and pack her dress delicately Liam saw her dress and also like that one "Liam are you free today?" Grace says to him and I can see she is up to something, "yeah! Why?" He says "nothing just wanted to go out and need some company so I asked" she says innocently, "good then why don't we all plan something together?" Sara says who had already understand her motives. "Yeah! It will be fun to go with all," Liam says and look at me "yeah! With all" Grace says sarcastically. I wanted to laugh but it would be too rude. Georgia came out "I have a plan why don't we all go club tonight? There is a new club opened it is own by my friend so it will be fun?" She says in excitement.

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