The slave

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The sound of chains rattling woke me as a large shadow made its way in front of me “M-master I’m s-sorry it w-won’t happen again!” I barely stuttered out before the pain began. “Never let this mistake as foolish as this be made again or next time you won’t be able to walk out of this room ” his cruelly seductive voice commanded before he left me in the dark

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Chapter 1

I woke with a start, the execution had crept in and the fear that had once consumed me wasn’t enough to keep me from the mistake of falling asleep, a stupid, stupid mistake.
“She’s alive!” the sarcastic voice of Kaitlyn muttered from the dark cell next to hers,
“how long was I out?” I ground rubbing my eyes, as l whipped the last of the sleep from my foggy mind,
” two hours” Kaitlyn’s bitter strained voice rang out.
It had been a while from our last meal, four days maybe, they were pushing it didn’t they know we need food to survive, it’s not like they haven’t already almost lost us to dehydration, but to be frank I’d rather die that way than from what they had in store for us later.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 11, I had gotten into an argument with my father so I was to be punished, he had locked me away in the icebox and I wasn’t to be fed for the night and then the following day all because I didn’t find him his beer fast enough, he was holding it! And I was 11!

I know what you’re thinking why I didn’t get help well let’s just say last time mama cried for help things didn’t end well for her, she’ll never be able to walk right again. I’ve asked her ‘why? Why don’t we just leave?’ and she had the audacity to say to me
“silly girl I could never love another Man more than your father”. ‘What about me mama? Can’t you love me more?’ I’d ask myself, but here we are stuck again.

I can hear them, father and his friends, harassing mama again. Later that night it got quiet, too quiet, until I heard the lock on the icebox struggle then click, my heart stilled, was it mama? Had she come to me out? Where we finally going to leave this hellhole? But then the lid opened to reveal fathers best friend Johnathon. He was nice he gave me food when father wouldn’t/forgot. But what was he doing didn’t he know not to talk to me when I’m being punished?

“Come, Hailey I’m getting you out of here” he reached in and took my hand lifting me out of my own personal torture. We left that night never to return, if only I know what horrors were awaiting me in the cruel outside world.

I was watching cartoons on the hotel room tv whilst eating my cereal we’d stopped for the night after hours of driving, we were going to cross the border and John was going to hide me with his friend in the police force up in Canada.

John had left the room to get some ice when there was a knock at the door. As I stood to answer it a cold shiver ran down my spine making me pause as the knocking continued, I hesitated as I opened the door only for it to reveal a monster much, much worse than my father.

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